Lumina and the Elementary OS pantheon are options to install. Basically as easy as changing one line in one configuration file. Amazing…

NixOS install success today

In the past I’ve tried NixOS a few times but I was too impatient during the install and got a bit stuck or maybe gave up too quickly. Now I see that the installer is not the most smooth part of NixOS and needs just more patience on my part ;) I also tried to install it on a computer where it made th…

Is there anything like nix for mobile devices?

I find myself reconfiguring my smartphone countless times; much more than my computer. Is there something that works like nix to define my config on a device, like apps, email, calendar accounts, etc.?..

Was browsing the NixOS discourse forum and saw that there were job offerings with little to no attention, so I’m boosting here…

a new mod - test

testing - for adding new mod

First steps with Nix

Inspired by some comments on Lemmy I’ve installed VoidLinux on another computer to play with, and then started with Nix on it. Now find out more about the commands and see what home-manager is about…

All about NixOS -

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