What if each Fediverse app (Mastodon, PeerTube, etc) would use the same design as default look?

It would be very cool imo to have similar aesthetic guidelines for all these fronts. Material design is the stardard in this era but Fediverse has the occasion to be more attractive with something new and more organized…

Hat die Moderation im Fediverse ein Problem mit den Ebenen der Verantwortung?

In letzter Zeit passiert es immer häufiger, das ein Admin / Moderator eine ganze Instanz blockiert, weil es ein Problem mit einem einzelnen Account auf einem anderen Server gibt. Das führt dann natürlich dazu, das alle Accounts der beiden Instanzen nicht mehr miteinander kommunizieren können. …

Is fediverse safe, or should I use tor with it?

I can understand using tor on random websites, since you can’t tell which is tracking you. …

Hello everyone, I know that there is already a symbol to represent the fediverse (the small star that symbolizes the network) but as a graphic designer I wanted to try to make a proposal, it was a good exercise ^^ I hope the community likes it…

My logo proposal for the fediverse

What's your bests fediverse social media?

ı think Lemmy and Mastodon…


GROGGS was a university bulletin board system which existed between 1986 and 2020. I am in the process of building its replacement. The threading format is in a style I haven’t seen elsewhere, so I am considering ideas about how to federate it. I am posting here in case other people have suggestions…


Fediventure - The Federated Work Adventure for *Spaces

We’re a group of people who are interested in extending the Work Adventure and the rC3 World experience as a fully federated network of Worlds from (hacker)spaces all around the world. …

Dear, Lemmy...

Hi, Lemmy! So I made two mistakes. But I’d like to inform Lemmy, that there is a free speech version of the Lemmy code being used to throw racial slurs around. That instance is called goatpen.co I advise you not to go there, as you will come across racial slurs on the front page. …


It’s kind of sad to see a network that you’ve been a part of from the beginning of its creation fall into the Twitter mentality of hate speech and cancel culture.
For example this #Fediblock, where anybody just can post something and many non thinking just believe what was posted there, without ge…

Hate-Speech at the Fediverse

We must find a way to empower this community or in some years, sooner or later, the Fediverse as we know it now will be replaced with the next-shiny-thing, and the cycle starts all over again. There is a “Tragedy of the Commons” that applies to Fediverse just as well, that we must overcome. …

How Can I Talk to a Live Person at Facebook If Can't Edit Personal Information?

Is it accurate to say that you are not ready to alter the persona data from your Facebook account? Would you likewise like to realize how Can I talk to a Live Person at Facebook without lifting a finger? Here, you will actually wan…

Short video review of Lemmy that I just made. First of (hopefully) a series about FLOSS and federated social networks. I got inspired after I reading the post from @nutomic@lemmy.ml about promoting Lemmy. I rewrote an earlier review on my blog and turned it into a video…

The point is so many open source alternatives already exist to Facebook and WhatsApp, all of which can be locally hosted and can federate where required. Local rules can also be set and managed for these networks, and they can be easily branded to suite Ethiopia. Open source means you can see how th…

Ramble has been overrun

Hi. Okay, maybe “overrun” isn’t the right word, but I went to check Ramble out and some user by the name of H*tler_was_right has been posting a lot. Not sure if this is because Ruqqus has changed their stance on free speech, but it’s gross, and disheartening to see sites like Ramble or any site, rea…


An overview of a new federated GoodReads alternative, powered by ActivityPub. It’s awesome, and I’m really excited about it!..

Reddit alternatives

Hi. I just heard about Ruqqus and all I can say is, I’m pretty sure poal.co will be the next to fall. I went and checked it out and someone posted a homophobic slur on the front page as the title of a post. I was like “fuck this shit” I do support free speech, but there should be a line somewhere, r…


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Fediverse is a portmanteau of “federation” and “universe”. It is a common, informal name for a federation of social network servers whose main purpose is microblogging, the sharing of short, public messages.

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