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This video just made the front page of HN which is quite an accomplishment for a video. I rarely see videos there.

The fediverse was a term that started colloquially between users before the space had a name for itself. There were a handful of servers running the Laconica software about 13 years ago, the servers were federating with a protocol called OStatus. Laconica morphed into StatusNet which became GNU Social (who only recently added support for ActivityPub)

Things that are not part of the fediverse and never have been but are federated (and could be called universes of their own): XMPP, Email, Matrix, Pump, Tent and Diaspora but this one has some edge cases that make the situation more complicated.

Look into Plume! That has a bit more of the expectation you would have for a blog with fediverse comments. Also there is a wordpress plugin that works much the same way.

I want to see more fediverse projects apply to this! its great to see how many friends now have gotten NLnet grants!

this was a really sweet doc thanks for sharing. I have only played with the Yi characters cause I found them in Unicode years ago and had thought they were beautiful. Didn’t know anything about the people who use them

Thanks for making this post @humanetech@lemmy.ml, I really love the work of dogfooding our own infrastructure while we figure all this out. It is something that I have seen other web communities do very poorly and I think it is something we should be proud of.