Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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A bad autopilot is even better than a lot of human drivers. It is not the question that an autopilot is perfect, although accidents do happen, they are much less frequent than with human drivers. The driver is to blame for this accident, because having an autopilot does not mean that he can go to sleep on the trip.

Do you think it’s desirable to have to modify the browser script to make it private, something that normally should be an option in the configuration for any user? Apart from this, also do without sync, or using a third-party server? Don’t make sense

M$ want to buy mcDonalds too?

Most user can’t, apart this change nothing if you sync in Mozilla, a advanced user can modify the script in FF, but not in Mozilla. Simply download FF from, Google profile you, also in the updates.

Agree, but limited and respectful advertisements given by Alphabet are a oximoron. FF don’t select the companies which recive the data from Alphabet, selected by user activity. That is the sense of surveillance advertisings, if you enter in a page to consult for a good Hotel, after this you’ll see advertisings of Hotels, travel agencies and other nearby to you, if you don’t block them. But all these companies know that you are searching a good Hotel. Do you know how these companies protect this data? You don’t, and this is the risk, in the worst case someone knows that you are planning a travel and you are out of your home a given day. In the past it had ocurred several times the filtering of user data, among them medical and banking data in this way. Surveilolance advertising is a crime, not a legitim manner to create incommings, less for a FOSS which claims with privacy.

Yes, this you can do, but not the analytics and other APIs

FF is a good browser without a doubt and one of those wich most respect privacy, but they must rethink their business model before the dependency of Google is a way without return.

You can make money online without surveillance advertising, it’s a very bad habit which put Google and his advertising companies (Alphabet, NEST, etc) in control of the network, making money with the privacy and security of the user. You can opt out of this surveillance, but only to request it directly in Alphabet Inc with your personal data, nice.

This has already happened since Mozilla sold its soul to the devil Google, part of the telemetry

Saint Google translate 😂

The right to privacy and security, and with this ad/trackerblocker, is a basic right and prevails over the particular economic interests of a few.


Social networks exists because of this.

Things that happen, just like the anxiety with the natural enemy of passwords: CapsLock

What will you do in a desert zone? It’s the best for solar energy but not for water

Nice, it’s also in the bookmarks of my browser, playing it sometimes in a break in between.

WTF, spartanic features and UI, without internet, for this I turn off the PC and done. You can customize EVERY OS to be as distraccion free as you like, even Windows if you want.

It’s very complicated to build a good translator, it’s not only that you need a rich diccionary for every language, also the rules, sintaxis and ortography of each of them. Because of this it needs many years of development. That is the reason because a lot of FOSS projects they just threw in the towel or they use Google or Bing APIs, and that only acceptable translators are found among proprietary apps, even paid ones (Deepl, which in it’s free version is pretty limitated in vocabulary)

Green energy…


Larry Tesler, inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74…


High Five


System D



Fabric of our Future ?

The German BlueYard invests in founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets and empower humanity…