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Here are a list of nearly all search engines, with the needed script to use them in the browser


A man dressed in yogi clothing and sitting on the floor is asked what his secret is to being so happy, to which he replies: ‘Don’t argue with idiots.’

Surprised, the person who had asked him the question cannot resist letting out a resounding ‘Well, I don’t agree.’ The other man, with a Gandhian aura, replies: ‘You’re right.’

@ZerushtoMemesThis exists

And surely there are people who buy this book, they are usually the same ones who buy books after measuring their bookshelf, to fill it. But regarding books, there are worse

Much worse

Mojeek is fine, but it use the image search from Bing, wich is pretty bad, it don’t have a own image search engine. I add also a very good privacy focused search engine, if you have young childs which use your PC: Swisscows, a Swiss search engine and 100% family save, no options to change this. anonym, no tracking or logging. To show the most images of the search results, use Groot, for reverse image search the best and most complete with distance is Yandex (if you want to use it). it shows not only more relevant coincidences as any other, also shows in a sidebar, similar and related images, all also optional in a slide show. I use it in a OpenSource Image search extension.

Startpage is a good search engine, but it use the same ads like Google whose search engine use. Whoogle also use the Google engine, but without this crap (FOSS, self hosted or several public instances)

There are a lot of better alternatives to Google, Bing, Yahoo…

As first search I use Andi, its a privacy anonymous AI search assistant, Mojeek, Metager and Groot (Part of the online SSuite) with own search index and some others. Apart of some specific searches in social networks, Wiki, CC images in Pixabay, music, etc. I find what I search, without clutters and ads.

I think on the contrary we are closer to the future we fear. Governments are becoming more and more radical, taking away one basic right after another, we are on the verge of a world war with a huge amount of money invested in weapons and science in products that are used for military use. Regarding climate change, yes, we are almost at the point of no return and this means future catastrophes that are going to cost very many lives, that is, a warming of more than 2º of the average temperature in the coming decades. That is, if we continue down this path, we would not even experience the consequences of global warming, we will have Mad Max much sooner.

I know that we still need to fully understand the human brain, but in view of the exponential scientific progress in recent decades, I prefer to refer to Clarke’s first law

How good when the employees take him at his word and everyone goes, without exception

Naturally, also a non-stick pan can serve to sink someone’s skull. But I think that the risk in an invention that allows access to people’s thoughts runs much more risk of being abused, for this it is too succulent for certain groups.

Yes, but it is a difference of having the product on a host, which naturally has to be kept in compliance with the legislation of a country like the product itself, this is not very different in the EU, than hosting it directly on a government server, where simple political and even party interests can change the regulations.

Naturally they require a calibration, currently still quite complicated, but in a few years this will surely be unnecessary with the advancement of AI and quantum computers. Not so long ago a 1 Mb hard drive weighed half a ton. Apart from all this calibration it sure isn’t that big of a deal, if you use this in interrogations, also a current lie detector requires a calibration of around half an hour. Current technological advances are exponential

Agree, I’m just against making it even easier for them. If this technology exists, it won’t be long before government forces will also use it ‘to fight crime’. Although this technique can be a blessing for people with disabilities, it will not take away from the other. It is in most of the good inventions like this, that they also led to abuses. and this can also be a blessing for the secret services, according to them, also to do good, avoiding waterboarding and electroshocks.

Near future ?

You are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent, since everything you think can be used against you in court…

GitLab! Hosted by GEOINT Services (U) You are accessing a U.S. Government (USG) Information System


Anyway it’s a good idea to look in AlternativeTo first. 26 OpenSource alternatives to GitHub

If the house burned down, the laptop and mobile would be the least problem. In short, each with their priorities. The data would not be a problem for me, a few months ago my old PC said goodbye definitively after 12 years, between sparks and noise from an old tractor. In the new one, it was enough to enter in my browser account and in a few seconds I had all my settings, bookmarks, passwords, Notes and extensions again as if nothing had happened. Good if you have the synchronization function.

> Plastic batteries, $62/kW/h (Lithium battery $130/kWh), full loading 5 minutes, no toxic, no inflamable, 95% to recycle, higher energy potential,. > > Lightweight, but 2-5 times bigger (yet), because of this in the moment no usefull for cars or smartphones, but for energy storage in buildings with solar cells or similar use. > > See also > > > >


Which one?




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