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@ZerushtoMemesGood reasons

-Really agent, my husband died of heatstroke

-You can explain all this to the judge, ma’am, but now put the iron down and put your hands up where I can see them.


Old School Hack and Slash RPG for Desktop and also optimized for touch Screen in mobile. https://youtu.be/7bxX0uxnBFg

One more metastasis of the neo-liberal cancer

4chan and others since many years, nothing new. I think that the autor only knows Twitter and FB and little more, and think he has a idea for a gadged which can record music. In ignorance there can be neither freedom nor disobedience.

Good reasons

They mean the privacy of Apple, not user privacy

Blink is a fork of the WebCore component of WebKit, which was originally a fork of the KHTML and KJS libraries from KDE. It’s currently the engine which best adapt to new webstandarts. Even FF is going to have to say goodbye sooner or later to Gecko, whose development is already reaching its limit. The Safari WebKit engine is only maintained by Apple’s stubbornness and there are no more more valid alternatives. With using Blink, the similarities and relations with Chrome in Vivaldi are over. As I say, test Vivaldi and say that Vivaldi is the same as other Chromium.

Not weird (in the V community there are a lot of FOSS enthusiasts). Chrome and FF currently intends to imitate some functions from Vivaldi (with poor results), like Tree Tabs, tabstacking, note function, split screen view, web panel, etc. Google is dominating the market and also FF, his mascot. What do you think if they can make a browser like Vivaldi? Look at how many FF forks have existed, Mozilla is a great company that can afford it as it is also supported by Google, and how many different Chromium Browsers there were, and how many of these forks are currently abandoned and dead. The browser war is brutal and therefore messing with a new FOSS browser in this field is not always a good idea, not for the browser and not for the user, at least not, until it has become well established after many years Even less a browser that has a concept and philosophy completely different from the others, user centred and user colaboration ware, not company centred, or simples forks with other logos from Chromium or Mozilla, they are FOSS, but only this, same as using the original, or use Chrome, Edge or Opera, with features and UI decided by the company, you like or not. Not the same. With Vivaldi you can do what you want, if you like a feature, you propose it, and if this recibe upvotes, it is implemented in later updates. You have the liberty to degoogle Vivaldi completly in the settings, or not, if you have to use some Gservices, no other Chromium Browser can do this.

Not in F-Droid (for the moment), but from Up2Down, Huawai app store and from Vivaldi Site itself. No prfoblem with this and it’s the best browser you can have in Android. (The description in Up2Down is a little outdated, comenting that Vivaldi mobile is in beta, but this was the case some years ago, the download of the apk is for the last v.3.8).

I like Vivaldi, it dosn’t use a degoogled Chromium, but is the only Chromium Browser which permit the user to degoogle it himself in the settings if he like. No other browser permit this…

Read the Blogpost and you know why. Short answer, Vivaldi is OpenSource at the user level, but not for the use of other companies to be able tofork it, due to its functions and tools that no other browser has today. For a small cooperative like Vivaldi, making it completely OpenSource would be a suicide, at least for the moment. But is accepted include in the Linux communities for its great funcionality, privacy and features implemented in a democratic way by the user requests, for Exmpl., its the default browser in Feren OS and a lot of other distros have it in the repository. Try it and you know why Vivaldi is different from any other Browser.

I know that many reject Vivaldi, because he is not entirely FOSS and only listed as Free-Proprietary, although I think that it is not at all fair to compare it for this with others in this category. The small part, about 5% of the code is obfuscated for good reasons. However, it does not prevent the…

I use Vivaldi, great and nice community and a great and well known CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, who had created the Islandic cooperative Vivaldi. Privacy oriented and the most advanced Browser today

Although it is true that the law is made by old men who confuse the remote control with a mobile phone, this is not a technical issue, but a commercial abuse that puts people at risk and against this there are already laws since a long time. A company can’t put measures in place that can endanger the health of consumers, as well as they will not be able to sell a car where the airbag does not work or the seat belts cannot be used, even if the user has not paid their bills. I don’t think these people will be able to market this vest under these criminal conditions, at least not in the EC

I think that such practices should be prohibited, as is done with any other product that endangers the safety of the person. What will be next, if these practices are allowed? Companies have never had a problem claiming back fees from you, without resorting to such miserable practices.

I think it’s hard to be more miserable. Another of the ‘goodness’ of neo-liberalism, of prevailing some bucks over human life. That sucks, they’re no better than any poop that catches you with a knife in an alley. The future? I hope not Free way to be blocked airbags and seat belts in the car, if you don’t pay a fee, or that they block your computer files until you pay, ah no, the latter are criminal hackers who put you in a Root-Kit.


No, its a alternative. Invidious is death, and CloudTube is one of the few, apart of FreeTube, which work more or less well. The new Google implementations in YT are killing the front-ends which still exists. Fewer and fewer videos work on them, most of the latest ones or albumes only work on the FreeTube desktop client, but not on online front-ends. Sad thing

Great utility he has found for the Macbook

Yes, but Mac has money for this with economic user exploits


Browser extension, which send false data to Google Analytics. It replaces utm_* parameters in URLs with a string of random characters…


Although I am not going to detract from this excellent extension, I have been somewhat surprised that, although it has the source code available on github, it is proprietary soft with copyright. Specified in the license, see https://github.com/jake-cryptic/AbsoluteDoubleTrace/blob/master/LICENSE “Copyright AbsoluteDouble 2018 - 2020 - All rights reserved”

Which is a bit strange and does not justify the OpenSource designation as such. Anyway I’m not going to remove it from the browser for this.

I know, include Photoshop include functions which was developed from the creator of GIMP. (resampling), today include online editors, like Lunapic include this (Remove and inpaint). Whenever is possible I use OpenSource apps, but in first line I’m interested in the Privacy Policy and TOS of a soft (I think I am between the few which read this) and for this I know that not all OpenSource is sinonym of privacy, also proprietary soft can have better condicions, f.Exmpl. this one is faultless (Freeware-proprietary SaaS) https://www.ssuitesoft.com/privacypolicy.htm Highly recommended online tools, by the way (Html5)