Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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Of course, the well-being of the population itself is more important, but for this reason such news about warlike intentions by a country that lacks the means to do so is absurd, no matter how much Mordor USA demands it from its subordinated NATO allied.

Germany? they dont even have ammo, only for two days. Due to lack of investment in the military (1.5% of the state budget) they only have old and deficient weapons and equipment. Until now, the German arms industry has only manufactured for export but not for the Bundeswehr itself. If they invade Russia the Russians will die by laughing.


In German Harald Lesch, TerraX, Profesor Leshemko, Galileo, Physikalischer Verein In Spanisch Aldo Bartra (El Robot de Platón, Robotitus), Future Unity, Viaje a lo desconocido In English Interplanetary, National Geographic, Michio Kaku

There are systems for this by means of sleeves, to evacuate the urine that I suppose will glow in the dark by then.

In the near future our children will laugh about how in 2021-2022 we had enough with a simple mask and not a full pressurized anti-pollution suit, while they piss on our graves.


…or offering

The first to die in a war is the truth. In any case, iodine pills are sold out in Finnish pharmacies.

Maybe? Twitter is violating the whole European labor law and of all countries which had abolished slavery (not shure of US laws in this point)


I think so too, the expression on his face shows it.


In the near future
--Hello, Pizza Hut? --No sir. Google pizzeria. --Ah, excuse me... I dialed wrong... --No sir, he scored well. Google bought the Pizza Hut chain. --Ah, well... then write down my request, please... --As usual? --And how do you know what I ask for? --According to your street and your apartment number and the last 12 times you ordered a large Neapolitan with ham. Yes, I want that... --May I suggest a pizza without salt, with ricotta, broccoli and dried tomato? --Nope! I hate vegetables. --Your cholesterol is not good, sir. --And how do you know? --We crossed data with the IMSS and we have the results of his last 7 blood tests. Here it comes to me that your triglycerides have a value of 180 mg/DL and your LDL is... --Enough, enough! I want the Neapolitan! I take my medicine! --Sorry, sir, but according to our database you don't take it regularly. The last box of Lipitor of 30 tablets that you bought at Farmacias Similares was last December 2 at 3:26 p.m. --But I bought more in another pharmacy! --The data of your credit card purchases do not prove it. --I paid in cash, I have another source of income! --Your last income statement does not prove it. We don't want you to have problems with the SAT, sir... --I do not want anything now! --Sorry, sir, we just want to help you. --Help me? I'm sick of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram! I'm going to an island without internet, cable or cell phone! --I understand, sir, but here it appears that your passport has expired 5 months ago.

Impressive soft catalogue.

With Reggeton and the summer hits I have fully assumed it.

The current situation is going to be a turning point, but it is still not very clear which way it is going. Normal people are very stupid and capitalism has almost all of its media on its side, unfortunately. I’m afraid they’d rather do a reset with a world war than admit that the system is a failure, as it has happened multiple times in the past, going from bubble to bubble.

Best basketball match ever
Green against Yellow

You have said it yourself, the advance did not last long and we do not live in a better world, but in a world in the hands of an elite, for whom a briefcase with money is worth more than the life and well-being of the population. To quote G.Orwell in Animal Farm, when pigs learned to walk on 2 legs.

Never was an circle, power has never left the hands of the elites, more than on short occasions after a revolution, only to be seized again immediately. The population never had real sovereignty.

The difference is that landlords and kings have been exchanged for large corporations and banks, with spokespersons we call politicians.

Capitalism has never come out of feudalism, it has simply put a label of “democracy” on it.

Artificial insemination by nanobot
A nanobot picks up a sperm by the tail and inseminates an egg with it, by the German Institute for Integrative Nanoscience.