Good service to host a Lemmy instance?

I was interested in hosting a Lemmy instance, but im not sure what company offers a good server (price/quality), do you have any suggestions? Thanks…

Request of the New York attorney general to transfer a lawsuit against Amazon back to New York state court has finally been granted by a federal judge…

The concept of implantable sensors that continuously transmit data on concentrations of substances or drugs and essential values in the body has attracted scientists and physicians for a long time. Such sensors allow the continuous monitoring of therapeutic success and disease progression…

In the 1960s, there were serious plans to open a luxury hotel on the moon. Humanity was so close to taking vacations in space, but history shows that it never happened… until now! …

In a strange twist of fate, Nvidia quietly patched its RTX Voice app at an unknown time to support all GeForce GTX graphics cards supported under Nvidia’s 410.18 driver or newer. This means RTX Voice works with all products from the best graphics cards in the RTX 30-series down to the GTX 600-series…

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