OpenBSD Operating System
Stéphane HUC :: IT Log :: OpenBSD: Manage DNS, DNSSEC (to automate TLSA records)
How to manage DNSSEC, TLSA records, to validate TLS certificates on OpenBSD with nsd, ldns and others…
A new challenger to…

Rymdport (formerly wormhole-gui) is a cross-platform application that lets you easily and safely share files, folders, and text between devices. The data is sent securely with end-to-end encryption using the same protocol as magic-wormhole. This means that Rymdport can talk not only to itself, but also to other wormhole clients. The major highlights here are tab completion and support for both NetBSD and OpenBSD. There are also many smaller improvements that improve the usability of the application.

OpenBSD Operating System
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