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Stéphane HUC :: IT Log :: V'Ger Voyager / Gemini (OpenBSD)
[Stéphane HUC :: IT Log] nous offre un article à-propos de l'installation du serveur V'Ger sur OpenBSD pour délivrer du contenu sur le protocole Gemini.

Do an install with the netinstall.iso, without any DE, and after install only xfwm.

I dont known. It’s run with fluxbox or i3m, and set to use it with shortcuts keyboard.

Today. I’m really very sad. I really hope this will never be integrated into OpenBSD.

That it is feasible, so be it!

but let it be just a proof, and that’s it!


1/ write a shell script with this content:

/usr/local/bin/curl -s -q -N $5

2/ change the FETCH_CMD to the shell script!


Hi Where are you found my article? on Hacker News? or directly on my website?