Issues with CGI scripts on molly-brown

Web hosting is my tech weakness, despite how easy gemini is. …

Gemini over IPFS? GeminIPFS?

My interest in Gemini peaked after downloading and using Lagrange. …

How to I run two Gemini sites on one server?

Port 1965 is only going to one place, so how can I make sure it’s going to the right place? …

Why does Gemini appeal to you? What are you using it for?

Way back in the 90s I discovered gopher. It was magical, like some difficult to navigate, decaying place hidden from a web going corporate even back then. The problem I had with it was I couldn’t find anything of use. …

Gus is out of date - post your site

The ‘gemini universal search’ hasn’t been updated since December. …



community gardening game using self-signed client certificates for authentication.

Very nice client written in go with binaries for a lot of architechtures available for easy download on the releases page. …


gemini micro-blogging

small client for subscribing and posting soundbytes .
seen on mastodon…

Lagrange Gemini client on flathub

This was previously posted at though I didn’t realize there was an official flathub version. This UX/UI is pretty nice. …


Gemini hosting now on Sourcehut

Marvelous news :)…

gemini page hosting on sourcehut

Free gemini hosting on sourcehut …

A command line application to convert HTML to GMI (Gemini text/gemini). Turns HTML into text/gemini to be served over gemini, or incorporated into a client.


A quick guide for getting your Gemini Capsule running on a Raspberry Pi

Just wanted to share this sloppy little guide on getting a gemini capsule running on a pi. …

bliz: server-side scripting for Gemini.

easy, interpolated server-side scripting for Gemini. Bliz is an extension to text files to allow interpolated shell scripting - in this case, the fish shell. Of course, the shell can call any other program to embed content from. …

creative Ideas on content or ways to use Gemini

what ideas can we come up with for hosting small sites, services, etc.

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