Samhällsonanin is now gemini-exclusive and it feels good. There will be image and photo content coming soon I hope (because my writing is really uninteresting, like an open diary/notepad with little excitement). Next weekend with the arrival of new proofing baskets there will be bread content, also …



For a little while now I’ve been putting out a gemini zine every other week. It’s kind of a mix of cool finds, sometimes some opinion pieces and whatever else gets submitted or I feel like writing about. …

Nightfall City

Home of the Midnight Pub, discover Gemini’s virtual city and its people…

I made a chatroom in gemini

I made a chatroom in gemini, if you guys want to take a look. Any feedback in appreciated!..

Made it

I was so anxious to test Gemini. Finally made it, through a server of a friend, this is “El espacio Haro” (in Spanish) …


This is not about Gemini exclusively but maybe some of the comments are useful in regards to Gemini and its future ?..


ÖLAB Gemini Roadmap


How to add a Gemini filetype to Gnome

I put together a short guide to telling Gnome what a .gmi file is so it can recognize gemtext on a network share where it’s not checking the file contents. Bonus: I could now tell it to open them directly in Lagrange…

local gemini

you could use gemget to schedule a download of mirrors on gemini to create a local mirror of the mirror and view content locally with low latency and offline.


Gemini is Useless

Very Taoist ;) Probably a response to this:

Rant + negative comments, but perhaps still good to share here, as food for thought or for your information…

as much as dopamine reward loops are toxic…
sometimes likes make people feel seen or recognized. …


Geminids - My Gemini capsule

When I first discovered Gemini I was freaking lost. I didn’t even know how to view a capsule. …

Just a collection of my bookmarks

When I started with Gemini about a week ago, I was in a state of confusion. Here is a small curated list of my bookmarks, that hopefully someone will get use of… …


Smol Pub: Your journal on the small net

A tiny blogging service with a web interface, available on Web, Gemini and Gopher…

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

Is heavier than gopher
Is lighter than the web
Will not replace either
Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
Takes user privacy very seriously
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