How Gemtext improved my writing style
I used to write articles with very heavy use of bulleted lists and often complex structure inside them, such as multiple paragraphs, sublists, or code or quote blocks inside list items. Sometimes I had entire articles that consisted almost entirely of a giant list with each argument I wanted to make as an item. When I translated all my stuff to Gemini I was frustrated at the lack of nested block structure in gemtext. However, having to write within these limitations taught me that if a list has too complex a structure for gemtext lists, it shouldn't be a bulleted list. It should be headings. After editing all of those articles to use multiple headings instead of a single giant list, I think they're better this way.

Any old gopher users care to share their earliest experiences?
cross-posted from: > I've been delving into Gemini protocol and gopher quite a bit lately and came across a good historical dig about gopher by ~szczezuja and wanted to find more. Love to hear what it was used for and the community it had, especially in the 90s. I feel the community is different these days. Source on gopher: > gopher://

Another video by tomasino that covers basic setup with client cert authentication. I had to modify a bit for SCGI usage but generally works the same.

Tomasino posted a couple more videos. This one helped me understand basic user inputs.

Circumlunar down?
Anyone else not able to get to circumlunar?

It took me a while but I figured out SCGI for molly-brown. This page helped quite a bit: // Now to implement something. Side note, I've been spending quite a bit of time's nice.

Anyone know of an RSS-feed generator with timestamps?
I have files marked with a line like this: `date: 2021-01-01` I've been usinng Solderpunk's RSS feed generator so far. => Link But it only does date by file creation date, which doesn't work for me. Any gemini RSS feed generators where the date can be drawn from a variable?

Markdown to Gemini Workflow
Just wanted to share my workflow. I got a Markdown to Gemini translator at [idiomdrottning](gemini:// A script then uses `git subtree` to pull those commits in from repos which just have writing. The main bonus is that the Markdown can have a paragraph split into different lines, which works easier with git. The end result is I can write in plain markdow, and it'll automatically be presented both in the Gemini capsule, and then on the website, which uses Hugo to render markdown into html. Since Hugo already uses tags for topics, I got Gemini to recognize those tags. It's made the capsule a little cleaner, since the posts are no longer jumping between Ayer's Logical Positivism and Terminal APIs. I've ended up adding writing pieces Gemini that I wouldn't put on the web. I'm not entirely sure why - I guess it just feels like it's public, but not *too* public. [=> Bash script]( [=> Site](gemini://

Lagrange prerelease for Android on Fdroid
Pre-release for Lagrange on fdroid. Just got it and looks slick.

Deedum client certificate
I saw a guide on making a client certificate but I'm not sure how to get this to deedum. Simply copy paste the text of the generated keys? Can this be done on android?

This one limitation of preformatted text really annoys me
Most criticism of Gemini or Gemtext I read seems to boil down to "I oppose Gemini's entire concept, there is no revision of it that would satisfy me without fundamentally abandoning what it is". But one qualm I had about Gemtext isn't like this; it is easily addressable, and although obscure, really intensely bothers me because there isn't like, a decent workaround. It's not like, statically typed languages not having generics, oh well at least I can just copy the function definition for each type I need to use it with, but for this Gemtext issue, there's literally no workaround that would allow me to represent what I want. A preformatted text line beginning with ```` ``` ````. My proposed solution was to change the definition of a preformatted text toggle line so that it can start with more than 3 backticks, and a line that would turn preformatted text *off* only does so if it has the same number off backticks as the line that turned it on, otherwise it's part of the preformatted text. The amount of protocol complexity this would add is minimal, and to me it's significant because this is more like completing an existing feature than adding a new feature. I tried discussing this on the mailing list, and while there was some reasonable discussion and counter-suggestions, the conversation was ultimately shot down with "fuck off gemini is perfect" (paraphrase) and I gave up on convincing anyone. Also I hate mailing lists they have terrible UX so I didn't want to stick around any longer.

antenna gemini aggregator
> A common feed aggregator polls all its known feeds at least once a day... > Antenna works differently... [gemini://](gemini://

should gemini support markdown?
"skyjake had a suggestion: > I’ve been wondering how inextricably linked Gemtext is to Geminispace. Sure, the protocol can serve any other type of content as well, but does it make sense to serve pages in a format that virtually no client supports? Really disagree with the idea to put Markdown out there. It’s even harder to parse and emit correctly than XML."

"why gemini?"
Tomasino talks about gemini in video

Samhällsonanin is now gemini-exclusive and it feels good. There will be image and photo content coming soon I hope (because my writing is really uninteresting, like an open diary/notepad with little excitement). Next weekend with the arrival of new proofing baskets there will be bread content, also some photos, some linux-rice and such. I'm looking for other folks on gemini to follow, please do feel free to share your own capsule. tags: music, linux, life, fatherhood, photos, bread, coffee.

For a little while now I've been putting out a gemini zine every other week. It's kind of a mix of cool finds, sometimes some opinion pieces and whatever else gets submitted or I feel like writing about.

Nightfall City
Home of the Midnight Pub, discover Gemini's virtual city and its people

I made a chatroom in gemini
I made a chatroom in gemini, if you guys want to take a look. Any feedback in appreciated!

Made it
I was so anxious to test Gemini. Finally made it, through a server of a friend, this is "El espacio Haro" (in Spanish) gemini://

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

Is heavier than gopher
Is lighter than the web
Will not replace either
Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
Takes user privacy very seriously
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