Rant + negative comments, but perhaps still good to share here, as food for thought or for your information…

as much as dopamine reward loops are toxic…
sometimes likes make people feel seen or recognized. …


Geminids - My Gemini capsule

When I first discovered Gemini I was freaking lost. I didn’t even know how to view a capsule. …

Just a collection of my bookmarks

When I started with Gemini about a week ago, I was in a state of confusion. Here is a small curated list of my bookmarks, that hopefully someone will get use of… …


Smol Pub: Your journal on the small net

A tiny blogging service with a web interface, available on Web, Gemini and Gopher…

addon assists in connecting to a proxy …


Praise for alpine linux

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Station: gemini social network

write posts in your station log and others can reply.
found this on diaspora

Gemini Link Aggregator? (Hypothetical)

I was wondering today - would it hypothetically be possible to create a Lemmy/Reddit-style link aggregator completely in Geminispace? It seems like it would be an interesting project!..

Writing Process for Gemini

Gemini link : gemini:// …

Blindness and Technology

Gemini link : gemini://…

Gemini Clients that I like (Amforma and Lagrange) - YouTube

Here a video I found featuring Lagrange, a Gemini client…

ebook format for gemini

A new eBook format based on Gemini Protocol’s Gemtext. Gempub can also serve as a Gemini capsule archive format.
**found this on mastodon…

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

Is heavier than gopher
Is lighter than the web
Will not replace either
Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
Takes user privacy very seriously
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