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fixed. thanks for the tip.

vibe catplus-square

10 kb…


gemini micro-blogging

small client for subscribing and posting soundbytes .
seen on mastodon…

reddit advanced search

reddit allows you to combine their special search fields.
see: https://www.reddit.com/wiki/search

wifi manager

i wish there was a foss app that allowed you to prioritize some AP over others.
also thresholds:…

it says it’s open source.
but it doesnt strike me as having richardstallman energy.

Ambar - Document Search Engine

An “open-source” document search engine with automated crawling, OCR, tagging and instant full-text search…

no stick baking

when baking wet dough… it often sticks to the pan.
you can avoid this by placing it on top of a piece of sandwich bread. cook til toast (7-9 min). then remove the toast and enjoy. the dough can then sit on the pan and continue to cook without sticking. …

docker hub

Docker Hub is a service provided by Docker for finding and sharing container images with your team. It is the world’s largest repository of container images with an array of content sources including container community developers, open source projects and ind…


youtube saucestache impossible…

This Interactive Media Bias Chart® is a data visualization that displays measures, generated by analysts and staff of Ad Fontes Media, of news (and “news-like”) articles and sources. It reflects our most up-to-date ratings of all our rated articles and shows over time…

similar to yacy or searx.
although i think it just supports other infinity instances right now.

"brave" questions

brave claims to have Better privacy by default than Firefox.
is this true? …

MERCER ISLAND, Wash. (AP) — The Mercer Island City Council is considering an ordinance that would prohibit camping on all public property, and direct homeless people to shelters in other cities…

blink fast


i3wm, sanders, meshnet, publictransit, regex, wikipedia, wireshark, opendata, is nsfw allowed?, automation, openwrt, linuxtips, networking

A command line application to convert HTML to GMI (Gemini text/gemini). Turns HTML into text/gemini to be served over gemini, or incorporated into a client.

i recently discovered the OAuth 2.0 RFC.

The Faraday cage (or shield), named after Michael Faraday, is a device that is used to protect from electromagnetic radiation. A Faraday cage may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or a mesh of such materials. This creates a shielding effect for any item inside the cage and p…

i should have read the side bar.
i thought community_requests was for requesting for someone to create new communities.

It makes use of a leaked engineering bootloader, which requires you to force the target device to boot to the Qualcomm SoC’s Emergency Download Mode (EDL) and perform several low-level flashing jobs.

if you are registered on lemmy.ml then you should be able to just enter your username and password.
lemmur is still being developed so it might not work perfectly.
you can also use a regular browser to access the site.

strict moderation dissuades fascists.
but sometimes strict moderation leads to sacrifices i guess…

off topic: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-WebCam-Cover-Magnet-Slider-Plastic-Camera-Cover-for-Laptop-iPad-Mac/174483616745
small things like that can almost always be found cheaper somewhere else. (mostly ebay afaik)
that’s why i created c/ebaycheap
not a perfect solution… but paying relatively more money to businesses for items is almost never beneficial.

cia or fbi can also read anything posted here.
there are many things that are better discussed in a more closed environment. imo

great article.
it’s astronomically rare to see an underdog success story like this.
it should not be viewed as proof that resistance can be achieved using wallstreet.

it’s pseudo-anonymous.
anonymous mainly to other users.
don’t confess your crimes there. lol

yeah, you can browse all the lemmy communities… but it’s time consuming and tedious to go through all of them.

mostly because being a moderator to many communities may eventually become alot of work.
i think it’s noteworthy that communities should ideally be kept alive and active. maintained on an ocassional basis. and perhaps some outside advocacy/publicity on the net.
more will be created in time. it’s also about what might be popular with the existing community.
it’s hard to think of good possible replicas off the top of my head. if anyone does… go ahead and make it. totally unique communities could be interesting too because they don’t suffer from brain drain to one or two giant forums.
i’d like to see a community dedicated to shoutouts for discovering new, interesting, or obscure communities. pretty much c/announcements.