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maybe neutralize the acidity frequently by swishing baking soda.
hydrogen peroxide is another good mouthwash

it wouldn’t be too bad to live off the land and not build shit

an offline version of the internet would be cool. and i think it’s very possible for like-minded people to create a quality subset.
but to duplicate the whole trash dump of mostly spam… yeah that’s gonna require more storage capacity than most people have. [except maybe on the cloud]
so, to conclude:
i think it’s totally possible!
it just needs to be highly selective for community curated quality content.

this is huge.
i figure this will accelerate maintenance and development of the linux kernel and related software.
other countries would be forced to pay attention and likely adopt linux to benefit from a growing community of support.

keepassdx app for android supports the use of a keyfile. you could keep the keyfile on a usb. but if the usb drive breaks or usb port breaks… then you may have a problem.

vpn or searx [and sometimes]… Tor, are all not 100% perfect but they make identification more difficult and less certain.

one solution is to double down on Tor.
more usage means that every user needs to conserve bandwidth and also needs to run a relay. this assumes we might also be talking about ultra-light filesharing.
we could also see growth in migration to privacy-conscious internet overlay networks.



you could index the videos in a self hosted independant search engine. intelligent ranking (without rich relevant metadata) is a more involved project. if you mean personalized recommendations… then i dont really know. it has a nasty stigma attached to it.

if people would host topic specialized instances of yacy then we’d be all set.
unfortunately, reliability and resource demands are problems that casual yacy hosters would suffer from.
something like tantivy would be much more reliable for topic specialized instances but it doesn’t make use of peer2peer resource sharing. what if we just had a lem community where people request quality information from a query/question/subject?

based on financial urgency and desire to start working again. i would say 1 . 10 max.

scientists looking at a petri dish: “yup, this one’s infected with a cancer.”

An environmental group has been created to get Bitcoin to switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. “The campaign, called Change the Code Not the Climate and coordinated by Environmental Working Group, Greenpeace USA and several groups…

i can taste this picture

what are firefox setting that often breaks websites?

frequently, users configure their about:config for privacy or minimalism
settings such as disabling dom storage can cause websites to stop working. …

firefox darkmode

why doesnt firefox (or tor browser) support dark mode? bromite (chromium) has several versions of darkmode built in…

assembly of teepee from tarp and fire…


with bottle, can, and knife. survival…





An aerospace engineer claims to have found Malaysia Airlines flight 370 using revolutionary new tracking technology. …

“All of us know that graduate scholarship levels can be a barrier to study, and conversations with colleagues showed us that senior academics were often not aware of how low they had fallen compared to living costs and the minimum wage,” said Dr Lucy Stewart, a senior scientist at Toha NZ. …

axe/hammer, and saw…

Sci-Hub: Researchers Fight ISP Blocking

Sci-Hub: Researchers File Intervention Application To Fight ISP Blocking …