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how are we winning? sounds like we have the lowest standards.
various sites like lemmy are sort of wins on an individual level.

Lucky patcher app has many more great features. Which are described below –

should work. you could try manually copying and paste the link into a gemini browser.

another i3 showcase from the same author. introduces basic concept before showing advanced functionality.

repurposed caps lock as a third mod key in i3

advanced but very detailed and transparent walkthrough
i3 config…

i don’t think we need to. and stocks assist corporations in accomplishing their goals often with an incentive to pressure the workers. take a look at crypto. its not the answer to all problems but it provides some gains on the short and long term.

maybe https://tinc-vpn.org/

“Colloquially, the term VPN may be used to refer, albeit improperly, to a proxy service that uses VPN technology (such as OpenVPN) as opposed to higher-level proxy server protocols (such as SOCKS) as it does not require configuration of individual applications to tunnel their traffic through the proxy server, instead employing routing to redirect traffic.”

“tinc is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon that uses tunnelling and encryption to create a secure private network between hosts on the Internet”

tinc probably won’t do what you want right out the box but you could possibly configure it to work like the vpn services if you have a network of addresses.

and they say that the computer chip shortage is hindering the supply of new cars.
they really refuse to just make ordinary cars without a micro chip. smh

whatever you want.
you could become a parent.
you could be a hedonist.
you could enrich your mind with knowledge and philosophy.
you could dedicate it to resisting capitalism if it’s something that you are good at.

Station: gemini social network

write posts in your station log and others can reply.
found this on diaspora

How do Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) work?
Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR) is a technology used to help prevent shellcode from being successful. It does this by randomly offsetting the location of modules and certain in-memory structures…

i take this back. twidere is way better.

i’m pretty sure that ddg indexed my yacy instance which was annoying but also funny because it was showing me my own broken links. good luck with that. lol

Lunr search lib

like solr… in-browser using js…

ebook format for gemini

A new eBook format based on Gemini Protocol’s Gemtext. Gempub can also serve as a Gemini capsule archive format.
**found this on mastodon…

i bought a lifetime vpn for cheap.
i’d rather use tor though.

gmisub aggregator for gemtext feeds

It takes a list of Gemini URLs and extracts the feed entries. These are output to a file in order of date in a similar style to CAPCOM…


peekier search engine

privacy conscious…

gemini protocol

wake on lan

kw: hardware, networking
wake on lan feature is common but not many people know how to use it…

i would like to see a market for home servers. i trust them more than companies.

i have seen this happen so many times.
for example driving yourself through a traffic jam to get to a hospital while having a heart attack.

wasted work



i don’t know if the server was your only problem.
relying on flounder isn’t the most ideal, but it might be a simple solution.

ipfs is permanent… which can be good and bad.
the p2p aspect of ipfs is good. but this also assumes that you have at least one peer.

Create, manage and switch between browser profiles seamlessly…

ha! yeah you’re probably right.
but seriously: i think that is the exact reason that it’s so important.

Portal: Full Text Search Web Service

full text search web service for any JSON client including JavaScript front-ends like React with fetch. Built on Sonic and Broker

share a username

this is a thread for connecting with peers on personal filesharing sites like retroshare, freenet, tribler, onion service, etc.
drop a username for a site. …

A large homeless encampment on the banks of the landmark Echo Park Lake has emerged as a flashpoint in Los Angeles’ crisis of how to treat the unhoused.

you cant have server problems if you own and run the server yourself 18kb…