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leaving the terminal open but vim is loaded and nobody knows how to exit.

wand scanners are cheap. time consuming though.
you could unbind the book and feed it into a machine but the machines are expensive. i think kinkos can make bulk copies of stacks of papers. too bad you cant scan with their machines.

Open a blank dark or white tab rather than the default browser’s new tab page…

nationalism sucks. so does capitalism.

maybe you could do a live interview with a somewhat famous youtube streamer.

quickwit search engine

Quickwit is a distributed search engine built from the ground up to offer cost-efficiency and high reliability. By mere mortals for mere mortals, Quickwit’s architecture is as simple as possible 1. …

package.env are used for modifying Portage's environmental variables

/etc/portage/env and /etc/portage/package.env are used for modifying Portage’s environmental variables, such as those specified in the /etc/portage/make.conf file, on a per-package basis.

an optional directory that is used to create user defined package sets.

/etc/portage/sets is an optional directory that is used to create user defined package sets. For each file in /etc/portage/sets, a package set is created, defining a one-to-many relationship between a set name and an arbitrary group of package atoms. User-defined set names correspond to the name of …

did sombody speak?
i just heard this weird NNN sound.
what was that??

“Speaking with Liberation about their demands, a union leader named Diesel explained they want “Housing, bathrooms, showers, but most of all every man, every woman, and every child deserves a home.””
… …






we are all human underneath.
…er… well, not exactly

list of privacy conscious software…

pluja / awesome-privacy

you already know what i would say

i think capitalism is primitive. realistic but not idealistic.

@leanlefttoFediverseIs Diaspora good?

deleted by creator

local gemini

you could use gemget to schedule a download of mirrors on gemini to create a local mirror of the mirror and view content locally with low latency and offline.


bout time. the current mobile experience is almost unusable

i have to use yacy to feel secure about typing into the void.
searx is good metaseach engine if you trust the person whos running it on their own hardware. it’s not that much private but it deserves some credit.
there’s also tldr and zeal.
manpages don’t really teach you how to do things. it just tells you what different switches do. although sometimes that’s a significant part. it’s like reading the source code.

asking for a friend


as much as dopamine reward loops are toxic…
sometimes likes make people feel seen or recognized. …


addon assists in connecting to a proxy …

introducing the orchid coin

Orchid is a software that seeks to incentivize a network of computers to operate and maintain a decentralized virtual private network (VPN).

Lucky patcher app has many more great features. Which are described below –