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K-9 Mail

The K-9 Mail application was not updated for a long time in the Google Play Store (when I last checked), so I was surprised to find an updated version in FDroid after I made the switch from Google to non Google services. …


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Since months I have a difficult time to install the app easily. Its name keeps changing in the F-Droid repository (I think I’ve installed the French kbd app just to get the main kdb app downloaded), and it looks like easiest is to download the apk from the F-Droid website. Today this surprise with a…


Organic Maps | F-Droid

Offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation Organic Maps offers fast offline maps of all the cities, all countries of the world. Travel with full confidence: wherever you are, Organic Maps helps to locate yourself on the map, find the nearest restaurant, hotel, bank, gas station etc. It doesn’t requi…


FingerList | F-Droid

FingerList displays the finger results of your friends and their servers in a list. Just add their finger addresses and see their status. Add a server address and see who’s online. …

How do you clone apps?

There’s a lot of proprietary apps to make unlimited clones of any app you want, but is there a FOSS method? …

How do you save your bookmarks?

Do you put them in a notes app somewhere, in a browser, or something else? I’m hoping there’s an app where you can put them in privately, organize them by tags, and search with those…

Unarchiver tool on Fdroid? (untar, unzip,..)

Maybe my search-fu is abandoning me here but every once a while I need to unextract an archive, do you have recommendations ? Don’t want to install stuff from Aurora just for this…

The Cesium and Ğchange applications are available on F-droid

The Cesium (wallet) and Ğchange (classifieds) applications are available via a third-party repository…

a list of some f-droid apps I installed to get you started

Might be helpful to f-droid users to know what others are installing so here’s some of mine. …

Known Repositories - F-Droid

List of known repos that can be used with F-Droid. Might help anyone getting started who wants to see more software. IzzyOnDroid is highly recommended to really flesh out F-Droid…

F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

    F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.

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