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If you were to buy a new phone today, which one would you choose and with which rom?

And why? Name budget phones also :-)…


This might be obscure, but I liked playing cribbage on my phone before I started using fdroid. Is there an ad-free version somewhere?..


Is there some app that allows me to convert markdown to PDF on the go?

Hi. I use Joplin and quillnote to make notes on the go. But many times I need then as PDF. On the computer there in no problem but none of these allow me to export as PDF on my phone. …

Is Telegram FOSS legit?

I feel like someone tooling with a secure messaging app makes it less…reliable that its secure, despite yanking google play parts out of the code. Thoughts?..

Which are your most useful apps?

And also why? Some recommendations? Some app that you think that is not as famous as it should be? Etc etc …

What launcher you recommend the most on fdroid?

Hi. Im very happy right now with smart launcher. But I would like something fully open source. I want something minimal, but that allows me to have desktop pictures, because I make my own wallpapers…

Snapdrop server can be self-hosted if you like : https://github.com/RobinLinus/snapdrop

Till July 31, six days from now. 435 people voted already…

In this simple app, there is no goal but to see how many sheep you can count before you fall asleep. Recommended for small children or bored adults…

Get notified every time an app or a service uses camera or microphone …

Setter - A multi-purpose search app for Android

Setter is a meta-search tool, reverse image search tool and translator tool all packed in the same package. …

Hikar | F-Droid

Hikar is an augmented reality app for Android (4.2+) which overlays footpaths from OpenStreetMap on the device’s camera feed and shows virtual signposts. …

Hey, I just bought an android phone recently. Can you recommend me some apps?

I’m kind of new to android. F-droid is kind of hard to navigate. some apps doesn’t load their thumbnails and some doesn’t even have them at all. It’s hard to decide which ones are good other than how recent It’s updated. …

K-9 Mail

The K-9 Mail application was not updated for a long time in the Google Play Store (when I last checked), so I was surprised to find an updated version in FDroid after I made the switch from Google to non Google services. …

Since months I have a difficult time to install the app easily. Its name keeps changing in the F-Droid repository (I think I’ve installed the French kbd app just to get the main kdb app downloaded), and it looks like easiest is to download the apk from the F-Droid website. Today this surprise with a…

F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

    F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.

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