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Presumably the first game Godot toolset jam…


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A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot game engine and a fully FOSS toolchain…


I am not the author of this video and project, but from what I see, these observations were already relayed to author by other people, so maybe they will get addressed in the future.

And yes, I agree, Libblast is an amazing project that Godot community should keep an eye on. I am eager to participate in another test session.

Actually, from what I see, there have been no posts about Liblast on Lemmy yet. Time to make some.

Are there any projects that are aiming to do something about this issue?

If advocacy of Linux is left to the community alone, you get the “Linux cultists” who do not have the most positive effect on geneal public’s perception of Linux.

I just got into E-Z Rollers about a year ago.

Well, GTA 2 did introduce me to Short Change many many years ago. But that is a slow, chill track. And also I was not that into drum&bass at that time.

But a bit more than a year ago I realised that if dudes at Rockstar put MSX FM into GTA 3, then surely they were into D&B / Jungle enough to consider it a significant enough genre. So I went to explore what were some other tracks of the artists that got included in GTA 2 and 3.

And I found out that E-Z Rollers is a goldmine of good music.

How would you say this compares to Mycroft?

speaking of layouts, would it be possible to figure out something that uses the whole screen width on PC?

O wait, my bad, I noticed too late that this is !lemmur ,

wait, by what logic are cryptocurrencies not decentralised?

Also, the projects that you sorted here are not even comparable, each side serves a very different function.


can we use this opportunity to get more subreddits to choose Lemmy as a “fallback”?

there is no system in place that would prevent this be the case here as well


I always used AsciiFlow for this kind of thing

OpenVoice-Tech Wiki

some dude is making an encyclopedia of open source voice interface technologies…

I am having trouble imagining how that would work with Lemmy architecture.

Wouldn’t you want Matrix to be the protocol for a chat app?

Also, wouldn’t this concept be better implemented as an alternative interface for Lemmur instead of a whole new app?

why name in all caps?

Also Lemmy is many things, so people would not have a good idea what you are talking about if you do not clarify.

Actually, Wikipedia article for this platform is not even finished yet. You could help with that.

Isn’t PeerTube basically “torrents with at least one guaranteed seeder”?

I would assume that most AI and even AGI stuff runs primarily on Linux, so we are already seeing next part(s) of this chain

Ah yes, nice. I like the new direction they are taking.
Maybe @gary_host_laptop@lemmy.ml, who moderates this community, could update the description and links in the sidebar.

last time I checked, their repo is deprecated

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