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joke is on you, I already know that video ID by heart

I suggest you steal acquire as many features from rtv (and other terminal Reddit clients) as possible.

am I missing something, or is this very similar concept to Electron?

don’t tell me what to do

@testmantoLineage OShmmmmmm

The “Twitter for iPhone” part?

pretty sure that if they get enough support, they will also listen to community and make new models (or just motherboards) that will have some non-x86 CPU on them.

This should be standard for how laptops are made

!lemmy_suggestions community

would it make sense to make such community? …

are there any? all I know is that Odysee is just a nicer frontend for LBRY

it is not wednesday, my dudes :(

RTX on ARM on Arch Linux…

just steal acquire code from FunkWhale and PeerTube and put it into Lemmy

Wait this is real?

This looks like something that will be a huge setback in the fight for control of our own devices.

Let’s see if it appeals to normalfriends.

Why not contact spacebear and ask them to add lemmy? 🤔

There is a Lemmy Docker image, but that makes setting up instance just somewhat easier, it’s still not as easy and user friendly as what those hosts offer.

Absolutely metal 🤘

Yep, quick internet search for “Lemmy” does not show any articles about it. Is there any other way to get coverage besides asking people to write articles?

didn’t dollar get insanely inflated in last few years?

I agree, Stylish / custom CSS would be the best quick-fix for this issue. And of course OP should make developers aware of this problem.