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it might be branded as “leak”, but it is actually a carefully produced publicity stunt and probably even a case study, allowing microsoft to get a lot of feedback about what people think of the new direction that Windows is going.

why are you posting thia now? The event is already over.

works well as audio player for me as well. The home-screen widget that it provides is very useful.

mod development is much easier if you don’t have to reverse engineer the whole game engine

OpenMW 0.47 Release Candidate

The development of OpenMW version 0.47 has progressed to the Release Candidate stage. We are now providing Release Candidates for Windows, Linux and Mac for the public to play around with and see if there are any obvious regressions…

heh, that renezuke moment was fun

New tracks from Firestorm Soundtrack

New tracks were released from the soundtrack of the upcoming Renegade X Firestorm …

Logging | Mycroft Sound Bytes

How can you log information to the Mycroft logs? What gets logged? What are the different types or levels of logging? And most importantly - how can I see my Skills logs, in the middle of everything else that’s going on? …

looks interesting I wish you good luck with this

sup dawg, I heard you like communities

that would be the most dank way to run Windows applications

“If you think we can’t change the world, it just means you’re not one of those who will."

  • Jacque Fresco

edit: lol I thought that you posted a link to the main site, not to the Libreplanet talk itself :D

all users? or just well known creators?

ooof, that’s some brain melting paradox. good one

use it as a name of your FOSS project

well, as dude who wrote this post figured out, you could add any letter in front of the name and it would still work.

Explain spaghetti knot of GNU Hurd to me

is there anything that has even more complicated name? …

Sounds sus

It shuts down right when mainstream platforms are heavily censoring content and therr is new leaked footage of some thing every week?

Hopefully various PeerTube instances and other decentralised platforms will be able to take up the role that LiveLeak was fulfilling.

Yep, it works again. Thank you very much 👍

very noice 👍

revive LemmyDev Mastodon account and post it there as well.