Really looking forward to the future LoRaWan supporting stuff from Pine64…


Pinebook Pro ANSI (US-Keyboard) version apparently outsells ISO 10:1

Interesting comment by one of Pine64’s official community moderators. …

How do you feel about Pine64's use of Allwinner, which has a history of GPL violations and is generally not that eager to contribute to open source?

This is a point of conflict for me. On one hand, Pine64 does quite a bit for open source software development, but one of their staple chip vendors is Allwinner, whose processors are used in their most popular products like the Pinephone, Pinetab, Pinebook, SOPINE and many of their single board comp…

How do I diagnose a SOPINE module that has no display output?

I have a SOPINE module on the Model A baseboard, with the 7 inch touchscreen kit installed. However, when I try to boot an OS from the SD card, neither the touchscreen nor the HDMI port output anything (my monitor doesn’t even detect the connection). I have tried imaging the card with dd, vanilla et…

They are looking for suggestions…

If you really need one with ISO Keyboard and live in the EU, I might be willing to sell mine as it is currently not getting much use (not because I don’t like it)…

How well can the SOPINE module run postmarketOS?

How good is the experience of running postmarketOS the regular Pine64 SOPINE module with the carrier board and the official touchscreen attachment? It has the same processor as the PinePhone, so can I expect a similar level of performance, and will things like the touchscreen work plug and play?..

I really hope they will make a PineTab like device with an E-Ink screen next :)…

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