I have been gaming since 1992 and building PCs since 2003. I enjoy Linux, supporting FOSS projects and am a tinfoil hat connoisseur.

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PostmarketOS would be my choice of those options. They support full disk encryption which the others don’t.

I actually have four phones if i’m counting although two of them don’t get a ton of use these days. The full disk encryption and the hardening work done to the OS are my main draws. I don’t really care about the Titan M chip as it isn’t open source so I don’t trust it much. PostmarketOS and Mobian both have full disk encryption but aren’t daily driver ready. /e/ OS on my Teracube 2E has been losing my trust of late as the last two updates both caused issues including forcing a wipe/reinstall and my wifi not working.

I have moved on from Signal to XMPP and Matrix but if it gets more people using mobile Linux and developing for it then I won’t complain.

I would say the bigger risk is law enforcement can compel you to unlock the phone depending on where you live. Can always say you forget a password, can’t say you forgot your finger.

“Pixel 5 battery is replaceable via a technician’s help, right ?”

I don’t count that. If I can’t take the back off and pop the battery out then it’s not removable to me. Makes for much cheaper and easier replacements. Take the Pinephone for instance: I can get a replacement battery for it off Amazon for $25-30 and install it in 30 seconds. What would a tech charge me for the Pixel 5 ?

Privacy vs Longer Lifespan

I have given thought recently to getting a Pixel 5 in a few months and putting Graphene OS on it. I have a Pinephone CE that I am waiting for things to mature and use a Teracube 2E that has /E/ OS on it. I already only use open source, non Google, apps. Would it be a waste of resources to go for th…

Trying to See if Graphene is a Good Fit For Me

I currently have a Pinephone Braveheart and CE; and a Teracube 2E. I am waiting for the distros to mature for the Pinephones and use /e/ on the Teracube 2E for my daily driver. …

Visual novel “Sharp Dreams” has released with day 1 Linux support and is made with the open source Ren’Py engine…

Strategy RPG “Loop Hero” has released with a day 1 Linux version and is available DRM free…

I just downloaded and played through the first level. Will be playing more soon. So far so good. Thanks for making it open source. I’ll be donating when I have a chance. Best of luck !

Kudos to you for not only making the game with open source tools but releasing the source code as well.

I’m conflicted here. I applaud him for standing up for his rights and donating the bulk of it to the FSF but the other part of me wonders why, when there are several laptops that ship with Linux these days, one would buy a laptop that comes with Windows and then spend the time and effort to get a refund for Windows. System76; Star Labs; Purism; Vikings; Retro Freedom; Pine64; Think Penguin; I could go on. The amount of options we have for laptops with Linux in mind are plentiful. It is much easier, and better for the Linux community to spend your money and be supporting those who support you out of the gate.

I wasn’t a fan of, what I felt was, the pandering to SJW type of sentiments that she did. That being said it’s not like any of the other possible candididates one could have voted for would have been better in that regard or more in line with the Libertarian policies. My wife’s aunt who typically votes for Democrats was so disgusted by Biden that she voted for Jorgensen so there’s that. In fact that is the biggest shift I have noticed. When I first started dating my wife back in 2013 my political views were labelled by her and her family to be “anarchy”. Fast forward to 2021 and they’re all siding with me on things now because what was “anarchy” now just seems like common sense.