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Giving Ada a chance

An in-depth look at the Ada programming language, its history, and what it has to offer developers today. As well as a fistful of my humble opinions…

Genode OS with new support for Pine A64

Genode OS is adding Pine Allwinner A64 with the intention to eventually support the PinePhone by end of 2021. …

I think that Conway’s law and most of the others are not necessary meant as a recommendation to do something different but are more an observation. It does not mean you need to change something if you are happy with how things are but you should be aware of the effect and make sure you are still happy in one year. For that these laws or effects can help.

This documentation is really excellent, for any software but especially in the open source world. Also compared to the docu of similar open source office packages

Modula 2 reloaded in 64K virtual machine

Based on the CM/P Turbo Modula 2 this implements a re-engineered version to run in a 64K virtual machine on any platform. Small enough to fit on almost every micro-controller like AVR…

Modula 2 reloaded in 64K virtual machine

Based on the CM/P Turbo Modula 2 this implements a re-engineered version to run in a 64K virtual machine on any platform. It combines compiler, editor and operations system…

Happy dog facesplus-square

Thanks. That was the helpful hint. Just confirm. Cross posting is the right approach if you want your post to be visible in more than one community, right ? Would the comments be aggregated, or would they be per community ?

And last question, how can this very helpful info be added to the docu ?

I think it is an excellent and very difficult to conclude question. In my personal opinion I would say that Rust is not a functional first language. That said, Rust has many, even high level functional programming features that are ready to use as core part of the language.

Following the view of the articles author it seems Haskell is definitely a great functional programming language to know. The tricky question is, is it worth the effort to learn ?

Personally I think that either Erlang or Elm are better languages to learn functional programming. Erlang is a simple yet powerful language/environment that after a long time of existence still has some relatively unique features like super support for parallelism with the actor model, a unique error handling feature: “let it crash” and hot swapping. Great tutorials as well.

Elm is on the one side quite simple but in the same area as Haskell a (mostly) pure functional strongly typed language. From a learners point of view you get a lot of functional programming advantages for a lot less hassle than Haskell. If you want it all, go for Haskell.

As a last thought, I think it is worth to learn a ‘functional first’ language like Haskell, Erlang, Elm, Ocaml, etc. to get a better understanding of the concept. Once that’s done, a lot of functional concepts can also be applied in Rust and other languages

Apart from the fancy headline I see no reason to agree with the proposed suggestion. The linked site gives no evidence for it’s very sparse info.

Until then I leave you with the thought of Betteridge’s law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge’s_law_of_headlines

Stupid question, because I was looking for it today. How do I cross post ?

Personally I find the effort to learn a new layout not justifiable as I often work with different devices, some of them not my own, so it would be difficult to modify them and there is no way I could use a new layout blind.

That said I find the approach to use only layer four and five on a qwerty keyboard interesting. How would I go about to try this ? For example on Linux Ubuntu or Archlinux?

In reply to my own comment I just noticed in this post that it seems to already be possible to cross-post. 🎉

I guess that leaves me with my second suggestion to add more docu or if it exists, make it more dicoverable.

Hi. Not sure if this is a small or a big feature, but is it possible to have a way to make a post visible in more than one community.

E.g. I sometimes post about embedded programming in Ada. Could it be posted in /c/ embedded_prog but also get linked to /c/ada_lang ? Some sort of reference to other relevant communities to avoid to have to post it double ?

And a second thing that jumps to mind is a bit more and easier to discover docu.

This is great. I have spend a good part of last weekend to install postmarketOS on some Motorola G4 Plus. It is really impressive how well that works with the pmbootstrap tool

Is there a view how Neo compares to other keyboard layout alternatives like Coleman or Workman or Dvorak ?

All about the building and programming of embedded devices, micro controllers, robots etc…

Ada is memory safe and readable general purpose programming language also often used in critical environments like airplanes or medical devices. …

This is a great tool. Thanks for sharing. It is simple but does what it does very well and creates beautiful results easily

I use LXQt with KWin as window manager. But in moments like this I wonder, why am I bothering. Plasma uses hardly more resources nowadays, it looks great and also feels more integrated.

Spacemacs and Micro for simpler tasks. Also recently I discovered lite-xl which seems to have great potential.


Ada grows fast in PYPL index

Ada moved to place 19 in PYPL programming language index, based on the number of searches for tutorials…