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Some free and open Jitsi instances are actually marked red. The reason is that the contractual situation is not clear enough to ensure data protection. This does not mean that the provider cannot be trusted, it’s just as there is no strong relationship with the provider, it’s free after all, that a institution would have to rely on the T&C rather than having assurances from the provider in contractual form which can be enforced in court. Actually an interesting thought, although mostly relevant for organisations public or private who are obliged to adhere to privacy laws.

Video conference supplier review by Berlin state

The data protection officer of the federal state Berlin has issued an updated report in German which Video Conference supplier are recommended to be used from a legal perspective. …

Does anyone have an idea why the US has a different title ? The book is set in London and the rivers of London play a role. The UK title seems all right. Is there some cultural background between US and UK that could explain this ? Does it happen more often that nooks have different names in the US and UK?

Spacemacs has a hybrid mode where you use vim commands in normal mode and Emacs shortcuts in insert mode. I use that. Or you can turn it completely to Emacs shortcuts.

I use Firefox on Android, iOS, Laptop (Linux, Windows) and the sync feature works really good

Here is the link where you can buy it, 36 USD https://www.makerfabs.com/open-smartwatch.html

I have only played around a tiny bit with the GCC Modula 2 compiler but in general there are several versions based on different editions of Wirths book Programming in Modula 2 (PIM)

I think gcc m2 supports several versions of PIM but you have to tell it which one you use, so which book version you use, basically.

Also there are many Modula 2 examples in the Rosetta code project for common algorithm, if you want to try that. http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Category:Modula-2

I think the most important bit of that article is the response of Civil Rights Activist Nadine Strossen. I don’t know her but her credentials are listed sound believable.

Some people using the Internet might be surprised but it’s not their job to judge in a liberal society. They of course can raise their opinion in the same way as someone can raise their opinion in a pub after a few beer, and their opinion weights the same, nothing more but a chat.

For a more serious discussion certain rules and assumptions should apply in a society and these are well explained and argued in Nadines response.

I find this interesting but I think a standard is at least as valuable as a more ergonomic keyboard layout. Now if you move away from qwerty to any of the advanced layout then you probably would have an advantage in English. For other languages it probably would be a bit hit and miss. You could also create a new layout for other languages, I fact that’s what people have done. With that you would face quite different layout depending on in which country you are in. And that is if really everyone switches to only one new layout. Otherwise work, home, friends would all have different keyboard layouts.

Anyway this thought always stopped me

Well in the article it says License pricing for new customers is available on request.

It’s a bit of an old habit of the Ada compiler builders to always make you contact sales first. Feels like from a different time… 🙄

Hmm, I can’t see how businesses have to take the risk to close again because one of their customers was infected. I guess that by the of pubs, theatres, cinemas, restaurants etc. demanding that their customers have taken precautions and don’t bring their business into danger (again) kind of through the back door a vaccination becomes if not mandatory then necessary to participate in more normal social life. And quite frankly I can relate to that. Individuals have rights and that’s ok, but other individuals also have rights and can react to how you act. Sounds ok to me. In practice there would be a lot of difficult individual cases but as a train of thought I don’t see why institutions should risk their existence because some people don’t want to get vaccinated (for whatever reasons).

Great game 😀 I usually follow your lead exactly and end up 1 against 30, just the rescue in the last second doesn’t work out quite as well…

The PineTime is available as dev.kit. https://pine64.com/product/pinetime-dev-kit/?v=0446c16e2e66

Means the open source support is not a polished end-user product. Be prepared to at least install the InfiniTime image yourself. This in it’s own is slightly more complex than copying an image somewhere and ready. I would say that in this moment the PineTime makes most sense if you are interested in exploring embedded technology.

Support with tools to develop is available now, but if you don’t want that then I would currently look elsewhere. That said, the PineTime is great to explore embedded programming and has a lively community.

I have the PineTime and it’s great, although at first open source software support was almost zero it has developed nicely in the past year. For ease of use the USB connector alone can make things so much easier though.

edit: To clarify: The PineTime does not have an USB connector. You have to use the SWD interface What I mean is that Watchy has an USB connector and that can make things easier.

Your phone is listed as unofficial build for /e/ OS. /e/ is based on Lineage OS and pretty much de-googled https://e.foundation

In this list you can find your phone: https://community.e.foundation/t/list-of-unofficial-e-builds-part-2/18956 An unofficial build is essentially a build from a member of the community I have no experience with this build, so check before you use it

The note 5 and the note 5 pro are technically different (different SOC/CPU). I would say that unless you have explicit and trusted confirmation that it works I would never try an image from a different phone, for any OS.

It is worth mentioning that the current state of the experiment is that it does not work yet. The question how to use the cross compiler or wich one is not solved.

Giving Ada a chance

An in-depth look at the Ada programming language, its history, and what it has to offer developers today. As well as a fistful of my humble opinions…

Genode OS with new support for Pine A64

Genode OS is adding Pine Allwinner A64 with the intention to eventually support the PinePhone by end of 2021. …

Modula 2 reloaded in 64K virtual machine

Based on the CM/P Turbo Modula 2 this implements a re-engineered version to run in a 64K virtual machine on any platform. Small enough to fit on almost every micro-controller like AVR…

Modula 2 reloaded in 64K virtual machine

Based on the CM/P Turbo Modula 2 this implements a re-engineered version to run in a 64K virtual machine on any platform. It combines compiler, editor and operations system…

Happy dog faces

To use Ada (or any other programming language for that matter) on a new embedded device you often need quite a lot of technical bit fiddling. …

All about the building and programming of embedded devices, micro controllers, robots etc…

Ada is memory safe and readable general purpose programming language also often used in critical environments like airplanes or medical devices. …