Embedded programming and micro controllers

When last I wrote about COROS I explored the EVQ component of it with a focus on the API and some of its underlying construction. In this post I will expand on that underlying construction giving reasons for some of the design decisions, as well as providing some example use cases for this…

With coroutines and their use cases at least reasonably well established, the event queue mechanism of COROS is introduced to tie them up into a convenient architecture…

The first piece of COROS explored was the coroutine system, but coroutines are not a well-understood facility in programming circles for some reason. This article builds up some use cases for coroutines and their application in preparation for the next major component of COROS…

The first in a series of articles that builds up a coroutine-based RTOS for use primarily in memory-constrained embedded systems. Future articles will expound on other pieces of the RTOS after which the full, production-ready source will be published under my usual choice of the WTFPL2 license…

Dynamic SRAM allocation is the device-killer … …

What are the dev boards in the sublemmy's picture?

This is probably meta, but I’d like to know what are the boards in the picture in the banner of the sublemmy?..


RT-Thread | An Open Source Embedded Real-time Operating System

Following-up to my post about LuatOS yesterday, this is the underlying RTOS that LuatOS builds upon. The English language site is not as complete and all-encompassing as the Chinese site, but it’s more than enough to get a taste of the sy…

LuatOS: an interesting Chinese embedded RTOS based on Lua and RT-Thread

eLua as a project died. But from its ashes, and paired with the Chinese RT-Thread project, LuatOS has arisen. …

Building an 8-Bit Breadboard Computer - Austin Morlan

Build your own 8-bit computer on a breadboard. 3 times Picture

Modula 2 reloaded in 64K virtual machine

Based on the CM/P Turbo Modula 2 this implements a re-engineered version to run in a 64K virtual machine on any platform. Small enough to fit on almost every micro-controller like AVR…

To use Ada (or any other programming language for that matter) on a new embedded device you often need quite a lot of technical bit fiddling. …

Embedded COVID mask quality assurance on an Arm Cortex-M7 processor using PyTorch

A prototype system based on a ARM Cortex-M7 to inspect the quality of COVID-19 masks…

Embedded programming and micro controllers

    About embedded programming, micro controllers, ARM Cortex M, RISC-V, Arduino, Micro:Bit, etc.

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