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While the rat-lickers in the western world continue to hold sway over politicians and policy, there will be more variants and more re-infections.

Given your behaviour here, I suspect the reason has nothing to do with xenophobia but rather can be found within.

There are always shops closed, even in normal times. There are always economic sectors that are in shit, even in normal times. Are there a few more now than before? Sure. I fucking said that. So … uh … maybe read “walls” of text (for comprehension, I mean, not … whatever reason you pretended to “read” it) and you’ll note “almost” features before “back to normal” and other such phrases.

You know what “almost” means, right Sparky? Good boy. Have a cookie.

And none of this makes up for the absolutely totally fucking idiotic thing you put out in your futile attempt to sound like you know what you’re talking about:

In 2021 entire cities were put into hotels to slow the spread.

This is just such a fucking idiotic sentence to write that even someone who isn’t in China would be embarrassed to type those words. Someone who claims to be in China typing them is just so funny it’s better than listening to politicians claim to be honest.

Other cities had outbreaks.

Keep in mind that an “outbreak” here (since I don’t believe for even a half-second that you’re in China) is “twelve” or, in extreme cases, “a hundred”.

As opposed to the thousands of daily cases that are the norm in Europe and the Americas.

Currently China’s “outbreaks” amount to a daily new case rate of 0.07 per million (as of January 22nd) compared to the world’s 415, Europe’s 1800, and North America’s 1350. A daily new case rate of 0.07 per million means on average, were the disease evenly spread over the country (protip: it’s nowhere near that), that Wuhan would have had one new case on the 22nd.

To me, that 0.07 per million is “almost back to normal”.

Now let’s address another piece of bullshit:

… not to mention the outrageous xenophobia China is experiencing due to the governments blaming the virus on other countries …

This right here convinces me you’re nowhere near the continent, not to mention inside China proper. I’m the whitest motherfucker that ever whited. Going back as far as records can go, there’s no hint of anything but white in my blood. Further, I tower over people here and I’m built like a brick shithouse. I look as 老外 as I can possibly look in this country.

I haven’t experienced anything even mildly xenophobic at any point since January 23rd, 2020 (when the Great Wuhan Lockdown began). Zero people have given me shit for my nationality and/or ethnicity. When I overstayed my visa (because of a ridiculously stupid thing I did), the cops just asked me to get the paperwork started within 48 hours. People who know me and what country I’m from express concern for my family in Canada given just how fucked Canada is right now (by a combination of American politics infecting it from the south and general ineptness of the current milquetoast PM).

NOT EVEN ONCE has my ethnicity nor my nationality (despite Canada now being the least popular western nation in China!) been commented upon in a negative way.

Stop watching Faux News (or its even worse replacements) and stop pretending to be in China, jackass.

Personally the only thing I’m stressed about is the number of people who a) aren’t boots on the ground, and b) are ignoring reports from boots on the ground who loudly proclaim utter bullshit about China.

Not just about COVID-19 either.

I am a person in China. China is for the most part back to normal. Xi’an was a clusterfuck, yes, but you are deliberately reaching for the worst incident since the outbreak, one that was badly managed at that, and asserting this is the norm across the country.

Not to put too fine a point on this, you’re full of shit. Not least of which because “entire cities were put into hotels” makes no sense at any cognitive level and makes anybody who uses that clause look like he’s putting on clown makeup and dancing a jig.

Other cities had outbreaks that didn’t get as fucked-up as Xi’an did. Wuhan had a Delta outbreak in August 2021 that involved one neighbourhood getting quarantined and the rest of the city tested (twice, 100% of the populace, inside of two weeks!) and contact tracing reasserted for about a month. An outbreak of a dozen people total.

Shenzhen has been managed even better than Wuhan, having been hit with “outbreaks” in the single digits and neighbourhoods being clamped down and tested while the rest of the city had life as usual.

The overwhelming majority of Chinese citizens are living an almost normal life. The only signs of abnormality are the masks people still have to wear in things like public transit and other locales where large number of peoples gather. And if you know in which nooks and crannies to peer you’ll find a few economic sectors that are in deep shit. (In Wuhan tourism took a beating and KTV joints are almost all out of business. Cinemas were also in trouble, but they’ve made a recovery recently.)

So, voice from China here. Life is almost back to normal for most people in most cities in the country.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration. After the Great Wuhan Lockdown ended the city was badly wounded. (I actually thought it would take a decade to recover, it looked so bad.) Fewer than a third of businesses (small or large both) were open. Shopping plazas were death zones. Most restaurants were closed. It was like someone shivved Wuhan straight in a lung.

A combination of factors (including Wuhan’s “FUCK COVID-19!” spirit) brought most of this back. The government held a “conference call” (read: net.delivered speech) that told major employers if they laid off people they would find themselves nationalized. (This I heard from my boss who was in the conference call.) There was also the freeze on all economic activity during the lockdown: no rent to be paid, mortgages were frozen, etc. (This I saw with our own mortgage here.) All of this (and more) worked together to bring the city back from the brink. Relative normalcy started to return by … call it June. (Local) schools opening in Mid-September (a bit late) was another sign of normalcy’s return. But it wasn’t until universities re-opened in early 2021, after Spring Festival, that something approaching full normalcy was restored.

Since then it’s been pretty much life as normal here in Wuhan, aside from a brief period of contact tracing, plus a city district being closed down, for a few weeks in August of 2021 because of a Delta outbreak. (They shut down a district and clamped down contact tracing because of 12 cases.)

Not for long.

The only area in which Australia is outdoing the USA at the moment is in vaccination proportions. But in behavioural terms, they lost their fucking minds in December and are reaping the expected results. All the work they put into keeping themselves safe (by western standards) blown in an orgy of selfish stupidity that shows no signs of ending.

Speak for your own society. Mine is filled with people who took this disease seriously, tolerated measures to stifle its spread, and continue to tolerate (mild) measures to keep it in check.

I think many of the people who’ve caught COVID-19 in the past few months had cognitive deficits before the disease (which led to them getting it in the first place).

Many, many times. I have rural family and I did a lot of camping in my youth.

Real camping. Not cosplay camping with mobile homes.

COVID-19 likely came from Sichuan, but nice (failed) troll, Sparky.

Australia is currently doing worse than the USA and has been for several weeks now, ever since January 4th. You might be thinking New Zealand.

It was two months of mounting terror, a few months of recovery as the city’s economy figured out how to get through the two month stop, and then … business as usual (almost).

There’s been no Omicron outbreak beyond a couple of small incidents in cities where foreign interactions occur. Delta caused a step-up of control procedures and a district shutdown in Wuhan for a couple of weeks in the summer of 2021, but that went away and the only impact on most people while it was on was a return of the QR scans for contact tracing. Which went away rapidly once the dozen (!) cases of Delta were brought under control.

Xi’an was a bit of a clusterfuck. (NOTHING in comparison to the Great North American clusterfuck or the Great European Clusterfuck, mind…) It seems, however, that lessons got learned and better handling is at hand for future outbreaks.

Basically, the NYT (and the western world in general) is intent on showing that China is living a Hellish life because they don’t want to admit that the vaunted forces of capitalist societies not only failed, they pratfalled while wearing clown pants. It’s China Misery Porn, only it’s even less plausible a portrayal of Chinese life than porn is a portrayal of positive human sexuality.

This morning, as I put on the mask before heading out, it dawned on me that this is the third year that we have worn masks. Showing our travel logs, health codes, and getting Covid tests have become the new normal of our daily life. No one knows how long it will last. Suddenly, it felt like going out on the sea at dusk. The sense of being alone on a massive ocean took over me.

This paragraph is mostly bullshit. Yes, we still wear masks here. It’s required for public transit and certain areas with lots of through-traffic. It’s not required in the streets at large, however, though most people still wear them (largely because … what do you do with them when you’re not wearing them?).

Travel logs? Where? Certainly not here in Wuhan at COVID-19 Ground Zero. Health code scans? Where? Again, certainly not here in Wuhan at COVID-19 Ground Zero. Regular COVID-19 tests? Where? Certainly not here in Wuhan at COVID-19 Ground Zero.

There has been some tightening up—some precautionary measures—taken in the run up to this year’s Spring Festival, yes. My residential compound, for example, closed all but its main gate so that traffic in and out can be more readily monitored. All the infrastructure for temperature measurements, traffic monitoring, contact tracing, etc. is up and ready to run at a moment’s notice. If you travel over Spring Festival you need a COVID-19 test with negative results both on departure (to get on the train/plane/bus/whatever) and on return. And I gather there’s increased monitoring of those who do travel upon their return. (This is all internal travel, of course. If you leave the country, you get hit with some of the strongest quarantine and isolation rules on the planet.)

But in day to day life, Wuhan (at COVID-19 Ground Zero) has almost, but not quite, returned to normal. Outside of a small number of economic spheres (tourism and, bizarrely, KTV joints, for example) things have recovered well and 武汉人 are their loud and rambunctious selves again.

NYT’s <insert anything of substance> coverage needs to acknowledge reality.

This is something that has changed dramatically in the 21 years I’ve lived here.

When I came here, my Canadian citizenship was almost a magic pass to good treatment.

Now … well, it’s not open hostility yet.


But that’s about as far as it goes.

Dynamic SRAM allocation is the device-killer … …

Software reliability is hard. …

And now the penny drops as to why the USA is bound and determined to start a war with China.

War is what you resort to when you’ve lost every other form of competition.

Oh look! A straw man communism “joke”! This is totally fresh and new and not at all tired and dated! Ha ha ha!..

Oh, look! A straw man communism “joke”! This is something that is fresh and new and totally not dated whatsoever! Ha ha ha!

It’s almost as if I said “walking” for a reason…

But it’s a mystery why I might.

Tech has no agency. As such technology makes us do nothing. We are the agents in the relationship.

If your tech is making you feel lonely, sit down and see what it is about the tech that does that. Then expunge the portions of the tech doing this to you. You are the one with agency, after all. You are the one picking up that phone, turning on that computer, firing up that video game, logging in to that social media site. If you feel compelled to do any of that, look closer at the source of that compulsion. You’ll find to your shock that it’s not the tech doing it. It’s people.

The cut the people out that are making you feel lonely. Foster relationships instead with people who don’t make you feel lonely.

I think this is one of the more disturbing snack food photos I’ve ever seen. Source:


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