China, 中国

Guangzhou subway trains to hit 160 kph by year end

This has already opened to the public by the way. The article is from March…

How is China's internet regarding net neutrality, privacy, and anonimity? Are some websites slowed down? Can I browse with Tor, chat with E2EE, and use other measures to achieve privacy and anonimity?

Given that the NSA and that surveillance capitalism is everywhere, and given that I really dislike that, would it make sense to seek what I like about the internet (the potential for openess, anonimity, and privacy) in China without worrying about technical or political pushback of any kind?..

Average height of Chinese men sees the biggest rise of nearly 9 cm over 35 years: report - Global Times

The report says the average height of 19-year-old Chinese males is 175.7 cm, and that of Chinese females is 163.5 cm…

China, 中国


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