China, 中国

“The first person who received the vaccine has been observed for more than eight months, and the result shows that it is still effective.”…

“When authorities found suspicious cases before they even showed symptoms, they mobilize those people to receive a test and quarantine at the same time. Authorities race ahead of the epidemic,” Wang said…

Archive of /r/Sino's debunk articles

In case the subreddit gets banned, I really don’t want to lose these pages: …

Helpful rundown of the Tiananmen Square incident I came across

There’s a lot of disinformation about this, so coming across this comment was a breath of fresh air. I thought to mirror it here in case the original is deleted. …

* RISC-V is an open source ISA, but there is no word of whether the chips themselves will be open source, which makes me think that they unfortunately won’t be…

China, 中国


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