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>It is highly suspicious that the Assessment makes no mention of then-U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s visit to Xinjiang in May 2022. Having visited a prison and spoken to former trainees at a vocational education and training center; having interacted with civil society organizations, academics, and community and religious leaders; Bachelet found no evidence of crimes against humanity. The numerous conversations she had do not form part of the data set for the Assessment.

Wait a second, what did he just say?
>That is to say, it is entirely possible for impoverished regions to rely on their own efforts, policies, strengths, and advantages in certain areas to be the first to “take flight,” and make up for the disadvantages brought about by poverty.There is no dearth of examples of this. While many major electronics companies in large cities and even in special economic zones suffer from excessive capacity and find it difficult to pick up their operations, **our impoverished region Xiapu continually produces its own electronic massage devices and special medical devices for men.** They are in high demand with good reputation in China and overseas. From "Up And Out of Poverty," a collection of Xi's speeches

Nice to see some street level footage. It's a great episode to see all kinds of different cultural foods in China without some dooming political undertone.

Chinese underwater dancer becomes 'River Goddess'
> He Haohao is a diving coach and underwater dancer. A traditional dance of He Haohao that aired on China's Henan TV has become an online hit. Statistics show the video has around 3.7 billion views in China. He said, living the life she wants and bringing more people to explore the world underwater is good enough for her. Let's listen to her story! I didn't even know there were underwater dancers; it's a cool profession though!

The People’s Bank of China is aiming to revive growth by slashing the country’s lending rate and mortgage reference on Monday. The one-year loan prime rate was lowered by 5 basis points to 3.65% at the central bank's monthly fixing, while the five-year rates were slashed by 15 points to 4.30%. The fresh move comes on the heels of last week’s economy-boosting measures amid worries about China’s property market and the resurgence of Covid-19 in the country.

if the methodology used to reach this article's conclusions are reliable, then the implications are very concerning.

A total of 1,100 needy Afghan families received China-donated food aid in the capital city of Kabul on Wednesday, & each family received 50 kg of wheat. said Mufti Habibullah, a senior official from the Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation Affairs. ![]( ![](

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