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I’ll be honest out of all of those their Nazi Airforce flag is the thing that bothers me the least. Didn’t know that about their incest problems, but i guess with a population as small as Finland’s and with enough of them obsessed with “keeping the race pure” i suppose that was bound to happen.

So we’re just gonna ignore the rampant state repressions and murder of socialists and trade unionists under the Mannerheim dictatorship, we’re gonna ignore the contribution to the Siege of Leningrad which killed over a million civilians, we’re gonna ignore Finland’s massive problem with depression and suicide, we’re gonna ignore its steady dismantling of social safety nets under the last decades of neoliberal and so-called social democratic governments, we’re gonna ignore their participation in the US war in Afghanistan, we’re gonna ignore the rampant racism in Finland which has been well documented and reported both by migrants and locals…yeah if you just pretend Finland did nothing wrong ever and hide all its dark sides, then it is the perfect country…for the around three months of the year when the weather is nice.

The Purges of the late 1930s. They affected mostly the officer class and the party itself. A few generals got purged for being counter-revolutionary, either having monarchist or fascist sympathies, or for taking part in the Trotskyist plot aka the Zinoviev-Kamenev bloc. Purged didn’t always mean killed, more often than not it meant demoted, fired or expelled from the party.

The argument could be made that a few talented former Tsarist generals and officers were lost, but this happened several years before the war, there was some time to promote and train new talent, and it was preferable to having a politically unreliable, potentially seditious fifth column inside the army and the government during an existential war, that could induce mutinies or defections.

Also, saying that it was Stalin who did it is oversimplified and reductive, there was an entire leadership apparatus, plus the NKVD itself had a lot of power to act independently and sometimes presented false information to the leadership. There were excesses and abuses with politically motivated false accusations by various opportunists like NKVD chiefs Yagoda and Yezhov, themselves eventually tried and executed.

His own editors including his wife said that it was a work of fiction. Also the guy was a rabid anti-semite…

Oversimplified but yeah pretty much. They destroyed the crops, animals and the machinery, attacked and killed collective farmers, sold hoarded food for exorbitant prices and then made a surprised pikachu face when there was a famine.

Only genocide that happened there was when the Nazis came and did one with the help of the Ukrainian nationalists.

That won’t happen until the Article 5 bluff is finally called. Once the world sees that it’s a paper tiger, that’s when it’s game over.

Lol at “worse schools”. No one on the planet has worse schools than the US. UK schools are pretty awful too but at least theirs don’t get shot up every other week.

That doesn’t really make sense. I’m not a biologist or a doctor but as a physicist i am fairly certain it is physically very difficult for radio frequency radiation to be carcinogenic. Cancer causing radiation works by damaging the DNA of cells in your body and it can only do that if it is ionizing radiation. Radio frequency does not have enough energy to be ionizing, and neither do microwaves by the way. You need to go into the UV spectrum and beyond for that.

I’m not sure how you concluded that the “international scientific community” is in agreement that there are any such issues with radio frequencies, but i haven’t seen or heard of a single study from a reputable source that definitely concludes this.

There are alarmist documentaries about all kind of topics and you can always cherrypick data and so-called “experts” to support a lot of pseudo-scientific bunk, but we as Marxists need to be a bit more careful about falling for that stuff.

Look, i guess anything is possible and it hasn’t been ruled out, but you have to remember radio waves aren’t really something new, humans have been immersed in radio frequency radiation for at least a century now. As with everything, the dose makes the poison - if there are adverse effects then they would likely only occur on long term exposure to extraordinarily high intensities. The regular background levels should be mostly fine.

Yeah his guests on the show are quite hit and miss. He had on recently this awful lib Thom Hartmann who did nothing but shill for the Democrats. I couldn’t listen to that guy, had to turn it off.

Also who the hell runs the Democracy at Work Twitter account?! They’ve been posting some serious cringe about Ukraine lately.

But normally his stuff, or at the very least his weekly monologues are worth listening to. I think he’s doing a good job overall.

Where there is a will there is a way. This goes for both sides. People who want to get abortions will find ways to get them. And people who want to prosecute and punish people who get abortions will find ways to do that too. The idea that some constitutional amendments are going to stop the Christo-fascists from invading everyone’s privacy and policing them if they have the power to do so, if they control enough of the government, the legal system and the police, is just as ridiculous as the liberal insistence that we as the left, if we ever had the same amount of power, could not implement our policies because they are “unconstitutional”. Only centrist liberal nerds care about the constitution, institutions, norms, etc. and think their enemies do as well. We are not so naive.

How radical is Prof. Richard Wolff?
Anyone else get the impression that Richard Wolff is "hiding his power level" so to speak and is actually way more radical than he lets on? He seems to be more of a co-op, market socialism guy on the surface because he talks about workplace democracy a lot, but i remember him during an interview with Hakim saying pretty positive things about economic planning. Recently he has also been praising the People's Republic of China a lot in various interviews, and in the latest interview i watched him give to Briahna Joy Gray he even snuck in a Lenin quote at the end (uncredited of course saying just "a famous political leader once said") basically paraphrased the well known "there are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen" line. Is he a closeted ML or what? Is his focus on workplace democracy just a smart strategy to appeal to "baby leftist" Americans and introduce them to basic Marxist concepts without scaring them away?

I wrote a long response precisely because your post was long, so i figured it deserves an appropriate response with a similar amount of effort put into it. I apologize if i overlooked or misunderstood parts of what you originally said.

The point i was making is that in my opinion NATO’s article 5 is a bluff and one that needs to be called because at the moment it just emboldens small insignificant nations like Lithuania to act very recklessly because they think they are immune from consequences.

In a confrontation with a near-peer power that can inflict significant losses and destruction on their home soil, and where due to the location of the conflict not being in their favor victory is not assured, i believe there are few NATO members who would be willing to actually intervene on behalf of a peripheral member like Lithuania.

The Baltic states add little to the overall security of the alliance, they barely have an army, and their location is more a liability than anything else. They talk a big game but especially the western Europeans and the Americans are extremely politically sensitive to taking real losses and being seen to actually experience defeats in battle.

I also don’t think that even intervention by the UK, which also has a pitiful army that is weaker than Poland’s and could realistically only try to use its navy in the Baltic, would result in use of nuclear weapons. It would be one thing if Russia was pushing into Germany, but to start a nuclear war over Lithuania? No.

It would be a bold gambit, and as i said i am convinced that this is not Russia’s way of doing things, not under Putin who is extremely cautious and reluctant to escalate unless he literally has no other choice, but it would be a way to fulfill Russia’s goal of removing the NATO threat once and for all by showing the alliance to be unreliable and a paper tiger.

Or maybe i’m wrong and this would lead to nuclear WW3, in which case i sure am glad i am in no position to be making decisions like this 😂

I think this is a bit unrealistic and alarmist to be honest. Also, what even is a “NATO-Russia” conflict? NATO is not one unified entity, as much as it pretends or wants to be. Even if the US did decide to actually go to war with Russia, a lot of NATO could decide to sit it out out of self-preservation. Turkey first and foremost, but even France, Germany, Italy, Spain would likely not be very enthusiastic and would prefer to sit on the sidelines and offer material support if they haven’t by then exhausted it all on Ukraine.

But even the US i frankly don’t see entering into a war in Europe with Russia, it’s just not something that the Pentagon wants to do, they realize it would be a disaster, and so do large parts of the political establishment. So what you’re left with are essentially Poland, Britain and the Baltic states, and maybe Romania if their government is weak enough to be pushed into such a blunder by Washington (who are more than happy to push others into a war that they won’t enter themselves).

But with the economic crisis that is building up right now in the west there will be very little appetite for war anywhere else, and in fact even Britain will abandon ship at the earliest opportunity once the full extent of the economic catastrophe begins to set in. By mid-winter Europe will be in severe trouble. The only ones fanatical enough to still want to pick a fight with Russia are Poland and the Baltics and they would simply be crushed, IF Russia decides to devote a good chunk of their forces and not just the little expeditionary force they have in Ukraine right now.

The good news is that i don’t see even this scenario playing out. The economic crisis will bring the West to its knees well before Russia takes all of Ukraine. At the current pace, even with occasional breakthroughs like the one in the Lugansk pocket that has just happened, i don’t foresee the Donbass being fully cleared before mid autumn, and Kharkov and Odessa, IF the Russians decide they still want to continue and take them, not before next year. Russia is taking this very slowly to keep casualties extremely low and to maximize not just Ukraine’s casualties but the depletion of the weapons stocks of the West.

My suspicion is that they expect the Western support for Ukraine to collapse some time this winter, and only then can they either enforce the peace terms that they want, or if rejected to really start collapsing Ukraine and pushing deep toward Kiev and toppling the regime there. Until then i think Ukraine will keep fighting and the regime will remain somewhat stable, because money and weapons/ammunition are still being pumped in from the west, not enough to not lose but just enough to lose slowly and not collapse all at once. That is my prediction unless something changes dramatically.

The business with Kaliningrad is interesting, and i have said before that i think Russia could and should just go in with essentially an armed guard for their trains and ignore the embargo, and if Lithuania attacks them they will have a casus belli to go in and de-nazify them. I think they could do this without too much international condemnation apart from the West because it is Lithuania that broke the treaties, and i don’t think NATO would protect Lithuania, though Poland and the UK might try to intervene and it would end badly for them. However that is not Russia’s style. I think they will take non-invasive action, maybe a counter-blockade or something.

I think it’s even worse than that, if no capitalist country can be anti-imperialist, and he considers China to be capitalist, then that makes Cuba, Vietnam and Laos also capitalist and therefore not anti-imperialist because they too had market reforms in one form or another and have significant amounts of private enterprise.

By this logic there is only one anti-imperialist country left in the world and that is the DPRK because it is the only “pure” socialist one. This is evidently a ridiculous conclusion as it begs the question how can one tiny anti-imperialist country survive alone in a world in which all major powers are imperialist?

This is an ideological and geopolitical dead end if you believe something like this, i’m sorry to say, and it’s typical of first world leftists who are extremely prone to idealism because they are so far removed from the material reality in the global south where these are not theoretical discussions to be had in an academic void but questions of immediate practical importance.

It is undeniable that households with guns are statistically less safe. It not only has to do with making suicide easier, it also has to do with guns being discharged accidentally, falling into the hands of children, being used in domestic disputes, etc.

Individual gun ownership is not actually sufficient to protect communities, and is often more of a hazard. Communal gun ownership coupled with regular training and a culture of discipline with regards to how guns are stored, etc. is much better.

For all the criticisms that i have of the SRA politically, i think they fulfil an essential role. If you are untrained and undisciplined a gun only makes you a danger to yourself and others. It is important to build ties with other like minded comrades and organize.

No she has been making communist youtube content for a long time, a lot of pro-USSR stuff. This is not someone who is new to Marxism but someone who should know better. This is a very serious backslide into ideological idealism. It is straight up anti-Marxist. Sounds like she has been exposed to too much liberal ideology without having had a solid enough grasp of Marxist theory and has started to believe the liberal bunk economics again. It is very disappointing to see from a content creator i used to respect. The effects of living in the imperial core i guess.

I completely agree, that video was awful and you pointed out perfectly and precisely why his arguments don’t hold any water.

There are plenty of problems that one can criticize Putin’s Russia for (e.g. reactionary social policies) but being imperialist is not one.

A great summary of what really happened at and around the 1989 Tiananmen incident, written by a Hong Kong based Sri Lankan journalist.

"Lenin's Testament"
Very well sourced article hopefully laying to rest once and for all this Trotskyist/revisionist argument frequently brought up against Stalin's leadership of the USSR and CPSU.

The New G8 Meets China's Three Rings
An interesting quote from the article: *Cheng uses a Maoist metaphor to illustrate his point – referring to ‘the revolutionary path of ‘encircling the cities from the countryside’”. What is needed now, he argues, is for China and the Global South to “overcome the West’s preventive measures and cooperate with the ‘global countryside’ – the peripheral countries – in the same way.”*

This is a short excerpt from a longer event with multiple speakers. I highly recommend going to watch the whole thing, or at least listen to a few other speakers, they all offer very interesting perspectives on the global geopolitical situation.

China used to be bad because too much centralized authoritarian dictatorship controlling and micromanaging everything, now it is even worse because too much "maoist" (scary!) grassroots initiatives and local governments taking initiative. Not enough democracy, too much democracy, this porrige is too cold, that one is too hot...

A highly detailed, stats-heavy article about the current labor situation in Russia and how the ongoing conflict is likely to affect it. Worth reading to remind ourselves that Russia, while currently performing a very crucial anti-imperialist function on the world stage, is still very much a capitalist country - albeit a peripheral one - and as such suffers from all the problems and contradictions that come along with this system. A stark reminder for the urgent need for socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat without which it is not possible to implement the kinds of radical reforms and take the kinds of measures necessary to protect workers from the economic fallout of the confrontation with western imperialism and its fascist footsoldiers. Our Russian comrades are not just waging a war against Ukrainian Nazis and NATO imperialists, but also daily struggle against their own bourgeois ruling class. (P.S. the article is in Russian so you may need to use a translation plugin for your browser)