The Supreme Court did not disclose its longstanding financial ties with former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff even as it touted him as an expert who independently validated its investigation into who leaked the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. The court’s inquiry, released last week with Chertoff’s endorsement, failed to identify who was responsible for the unprecedented leak. The decision to keep the relationship with Chertoff quiet is a reflection of a pattern of opacity at the nation’s highest court, whose rulings affect every American. the court in recent years has privately contracted with The Chertoff Group for security assessments, some broadly covering justices’ safety and some specifically related to Covid-19 protocols at the court itself. The estimated payments to Chertoff’s risk assessment firm, for consultations that extended over several months and involved a review of the justices’ homes, reached at least $1 million. The exact amount of money paid could not be determined. Supreme Court contracts are not covered by federal public disclosure rules and elude tracking on public databases.

>At the rally nurses told the crowd they were forced to pick up extra shifts and work longer hours, and they were being assigned unmanageable and unsafe numbers of patients. They said they leave work feeling exhausted, physically and emotionally drained, because they can’t deliver the level of care patients deserve.

A discussion on the current and future impact of US sanctions
I know it's a really long video (play it at 2x speed) but I thought it was fantastic and the part from 25:33-27:17 was particularly insightful: "The impact of sanctions on Iran or Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Syria is something that those who may oppose western governments don't really ever discuss. So imagine if instead there was a NATO attack on Iran, you would have immediate clarity of what's happening. But the impact of sanctions on the Iranian people is not something that generates any sort of political mobilization in the core. Instead, actually, what it enables is a representation of imperialist states as humanitarian states." "It's not like you're bringing home people in body bags. It's not like people in the US see the outcome of sanctions because it's not like CNN is going to cover the fact that Iranians of dying of rare diseases because they can't access certain pharmaceutical medications that they aren't able to produce in their own country and can't buy because of sanctions. That's all out of sight out of mind ... you'll have almost no public backlash"

They straight up can't locate 61% of their assets, including weapons, planes, ships, and even buildings. In total, this amounts to several *TRILLIONS* of dollars since 1998 that are completely unaccounted for.

>TC Energy, the company responsible for the spill, has been accountable for over 20 spills since construction of the Keystone pipeline in 2010. The Keystone pipeline runs from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta to refineries in Oklahoma. It has been the target of many protests in the last 12 years, especially from Indigenous activists and area ranchers. TC Energy also owned the infamous Keystone XL pipeline, which was shut down in 2021 after years of protests and mass pressure.

>If you would like to contribute to the strike relief fund for Pacific Northwest Starbucks Workers, do so here:

>Rail union members protested in Denver; Galesburg, Illinois; Des Moines, Iowa; Royal Oak, Michigan; Minneapolis; Sparks, Nevada; Columbus, Ohio; Salt Lake City; and Cheyenne, Wyoming; as well as Santa Fe.

>In an interview with Workers World, Nairan explained that these Council members of one of Boston’s largest “nonprofits” — which pay zero taxes in Massachusetts — divvy up billions of dollars in grant monies from mostly military, high tech, biotech, Big Pharma and Wall Street-sponsored companies and foundations to various university departments. The lion’s share goes to STEM. “With these enormous funds,” Wu said, “BU’s sprawling campus and neighborhood housing for over 34,000 students is like a giant real estate company that sells modern education and research.”

History of US Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
In these pressing times, the magnanimous United States has decided to celebrate the holiday season by imposing some new sanctions against Zimbabwe. This vid explains the long history of Zimbabwean debt to western powers. P.S. It's so difficult to find more information about this because literally no one is reporting on it. [This press release from the US Treasury]( is all I got.

>The Cleveland campaign to hold bosses accountable for wage theft, led by Guardians for Fair Work, scored a win Dec. 5 when City Council passed a wage theft ordinance. The city will not do business with companies or their subcontractors who engage in wage theft. Those found guilty of wage theft will be put on an Adverse Determination List and barred from city contracts for three years. A seven-member Fair Employment Board will oversee enforcement of the ordinance.

The entire documentary feels like they’re stating the obvious and it stings so much more knowing that these people who produced it are fighting tooth and nail day after day to make sure NONE of this gets better for Americans. Watch it or don’t, you likely won’t learn anything new, it’s just in poor taste making this doc imo

Trump suggested that the contents of the leak warranted a complete election re-do or simply a coup in which he would be installed as president.

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