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That, or its just an extremely convenient way to get rid of their surplus populations.

Here’s that one:

  • Reddit holds an AMA for an “Uyghur Activist”, who turns out to be Rushan Abbas, a CIA agent who worked for Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, and various U.S. intelligence agencies, and even worked at Guantanamo bay, the US muslim torture camp. 1 2

Yeah, luckily there’s a lot of ppl in that thread pushing lemmygrad, and we do seem to be their official backup. But enough still don’t know about us, and when reddit bans a sub, they don’t give any warnings.

Great article. This was definitely one of the many jumping the shark / completely delusion moments.

Corruption implies that the system is broken, or that cops aren’t doing their job, which is false. As the domestic enforcement arm of capital, cops do their job extremely well: protecting capitalist property rights.

Nice, I’ve read some articles by Roland Boer, and its def made me excited to read this book. But I gotta get through marxism and socialism with chinese characteristics by Jin Huiming first.

Whoaaaa I didn’t know that. So fkn weird that even after WW2 started, the US govt protected US capital interests in germany and italy too.

I’m trying to learn Mandarin from basically nothing, so you’re far ahead of a lot of us there.

I def think it’d be worth it to go back: the beautiful cities, rapid development and opportunities, public transport…and they’ve been done with covid since april 2020. Its for sure something to look forward to and be hopeful about for me.

One route I’m thinking of doing, is to be a local student and pay for school there, then look for a job while getting fluency. Pry much easier to stay for a while on a student type visa, and easier to find a job once you’re there.

Nothing in the sidebar yet, but I doubt they’re excluding Marxist Vegans.

The pepe the frog one is sad because its original creator is a staunch antifascist, and was really angry that the right appropriated it.

Holy shit I had no idea about this. Thx.