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Oh no your going to loose subscriber

That’s just sad. They could easily justify any horrible behaviors by saying its their material conditions, while staying ignorant.

I’m sure capitalists think they’re “informed by their material conditions” and use that to justify theft of labor time.

US leftists.

“erase a country”.

This must be the new “nuke china” liberals don’t feel as bad about.

That’d be pretty funny if people look back, and decide that the moment when the US jumped the shark, was when Trump failed to ban tiktok.

Agree, we should try to keep them to !fullcommunism@lemmygrad.ml, !genzedong@lemmygrad.ml , and !memes@lemmygrad.ml .

We should try to keep the news and !communism@lemmygrad.ml subs meme-free.

Reading that first article, it was like:

“The Hong Kong editors were physically harmed by these Chinese mainland wikipedians.”


“No we will not elaborate.”


Yes, I think its a very good idea. This could also be taken from.

lol yep. We can be happy at least that as a bare minimum, a few generals don’t want their name being attached to starting WW3.

All my homies hate Kruschev.

There are so many jails that could be just like this too, we have no idea.

New aoc promo.

Just watched this. Not a bad vid, but I wanted to hear a lot more from Ahmed Salehi. He pointed out that the USD has 4 pillars: the oil trade, the IMF, the WTO, and the federal reserve, and that all of these pillars are undergoing some drastic changes recently… but then the host cut him off.

Xu’s comments on 6G came just days before the one year anniversary of the US chip ban targeting the company. On September 15, 2020, the US officially cut off Huawei from all suppliers, whose products contain US technologies, prompting many overseas media to speculate then whether Huawei, which has been reliant upon chip imports, can survive such a ban.

However, Huawei’s business performance this year has exceeded market expectations. In the first half of 2021, Huawei’s sales revenues slumped by 29 percent on a yearly basis, but its net profit increased 9.8 percent compared with a 9.2-percent growth last year.

“The US ban has hurt Huawei’s business to some extent, but has not been able to hurt it fundamentally. Backed by China’s vast market, Huawei managed to maintain its capital, staff team and research capabilities, which I believe will empower the company to push forward next-generation technologies and reinforce its lead in the global telecom industry,” independent tech analyst Xiang Ligang told the Global Times on Sunday.

Good to see them diversifying enough so that the US chip ban isn’t affecting them too much.

Slim Kim.

He’s looking great. …