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Israelis be like: “Arabs are an inferior race and should be exterminated like vermin.”

Western liberals: “Okay that sounds a little extreme, but we should still support Israel and give them hundreds of billions of dollars in weaponry and aid. Hopefully they’ll use it for good.”

Those toe-talons… thinking of that speech from Jurassic park where he’s scaring the snotty kid by telling him about the raptor using its big toe talon to disembowel him.

Who the hell is upvoting “irish ppl deserved it, brits did nothing wrong” memes. What is wrong with reddit.

They really nail the supply chain / division of labor being impossible in anarchism in this bit. A doctor isn’t gonna be able to fix lou gehrigs disease without a whole industry of pharmacological research and medical equipment behind them.

Piano, mainly jazz for the past few years. I have some good christmas jazz piano books, so I’ve been using those as a break.

Playing an instrument is one of the best things you can do to relax and be creative, rather than just consooming content like we do most of the day, which is incredibly unhealthy after a certain point.

Find some great blues albums that you’re excited about, slow them down to play along, and get some tabs if you need a head start… Kenny Burell - Midnight blue is a great early jazzy-blues guitar album that I wanna learn someday.

That despite the “china is genociding uyghurs” propaganda from the west, that its safer to be a muslim in china than almost anywhere else outside the ME.

Communism is so good at killing people then giving them shirts about it.

Man’s running such a tight ship that his calorie deficit is feeding the country.

That is the slinkiest cat I’ve ever seen. No bones in there.

Mushroom kingdom is doing a terrible job of obfuscating that they’re real source of the bob-ombs. I mean just look at them.

If anyone writes an article or makes a video of a class analysis of super mario, I would immediately drop whatever important thing I was doing to watch it.

I had no idea there was another Ford. JFC Canada has the worst royalty.

Good reddit