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Are Lemmy websites and instances still getting censored on Reddit?
Some months ago I tried to make posts that link to Lemmygrad; but Reddit removed them because it got counted as "spam". (Most posts got removed by mods.) Sometime later, I also remember trying to post a link to; but Reddit removed *that* link too. I sense that Reddit is *trying* to censor Lemmy.

Disseminating Youtubes deliberate dysfunction [collective effort]
Now, it has come to my attention over the years, that youtube has very specific designs that make political propaganda more effective, I want to create a master list of functions that are omitted and functions that are included to make it less useable, less functional and less open/free as it could be/should be. just to note the most basic: ALGORYTHMIC SUPPRESSION OF ANTIWAR/LEFTIST/HISTORY CONTENT Search function that does not allow proper setting of specifics Search results filled with non-search related videos Video suggestions being pushed constantly, specifically rightwing content (Jordan Peterson, Peter Molyneux, Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, Joe Rogan(not himself rightwing but 99% of his guests) 300.000 bot accounts that autofill new think tank financed influencers likes to amp them to the search suggestion feed comment replies are not forwarded to you, so the last answer to a pinned comment can be overridden by whataboutist bots to be invisible to the next user No option to BLOCK content properly, I cannot create a term based filter-list as in ANY email application in existence. NOT POSSIBLE ON YOUTUBE ON PURPOSE Now: fill me in on your experiences

A community to give examples of censorship on capitalist platforms like twitter, reddit, facebook, etc.

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