[Request] If Only I Were That Warrior, 2015 documentary
I’ve been having a surprisingly hard time finding an accessible copy of this online.

Not sure if this is something to be worried about. I was looking around to see what else USAGM(us agency for global media) funds besides the obv RFE/RFA/VOA. So I looked on USAGM website to see what else they fund, they also fund Office of Cuba Broadcasting, Middle East Broadcasting Network and Open Technology Fund. I never heard of the last few, so I check Tech Fund. I see stuff about supplying internet to areas (I presume giving technology to armed insurgents or something) and other stuff. I look to see who These People are funding, and now I see they fund a shit load of tech projects, donating thousands upon thousands of dollars to each project. One of them is a Tor Browser. This is kinda weird because Tor Browsers market themselves as being more subtle with your info and stuff, yet they are being actively funded by the US Government’s Media Branch. What do you guys think?

Marx2Mao Archive
cross-posted from: > This site was created because the OG site didn't have SSL and the original site goes down often. > > For those of you who don't know the site it is an impressive archive of Marxist works from Marx to Mao based on the translations published in USSR and Chinese publishing houses. > > Onion link: http://gndqrlzytvhexjqxhp2emk4cdvh7cxqjugu5cmavpc4czezthjesclyd.onion/

[Request] The audible audiobook of The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State by Engels
Anyone has a copy of that? Would greatly appreciate <3

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Soulseek room: lemmygrad
I know it's mostly used for audio, but I thought it'd be cool to have a lil lemmygrad soulseek room to share books around (and commie music anyway?), so I made one! Feel free to join, it's just called "lemmygrad", just tick the auto-join room option. For those that don't know, Soulseek is a P2P (but 1-to-1) file sharing app. You mark a folder you like to share and now users can find it's files in the search bar and download them directly (or ask you to if you restrict them). Rooms lets you chat around and click on users directly to browse what they have, so we can share and aggregate our stuff (= (if you're on Linux you can use nicotine+ as the front-end which is in the official arch repos and also looks nicer I say)

be aware of sites like this, and that torrent activity is easy to amass data on
be aware of sites like this, and that torrent activity is easy to amass data on I want people to understand how these things work and to be aware that **everything on the internet is public**. finally understand that all this data collection can be done entirely by an individual, public actor without any necessary special sums of money or influence or power.

where can i watch 1921 movie from 2021 with english subtitles?
Im aware of ondemandchina, but it seems not available in my country (im unfortunate enough to be born in fucking poland) and id rather not pay for vpn right now, since my budget is controlled by my religious fanatic parents

See also, Open Access Explained:

[Part 1](

[Part 2](

Is protonmail legit?
Been looking for an alternative to gmail and out of all the ones I've looked at protonmail seems to be the best one.

Is it worth entering the Deep Web?
Well, the question is self-explanatory. I am curious to enter the Deep Web, but I don't know if I would find anything very different there from what I already know on the Surface. In this case, what interests me most are documents, books or any other media that contain information that we can't easily find on the Surface, and this would be my only stimulus to enter the Deep. Would it be worth it?

Not digital piracy, but here's in instructional PDF on building radio transmitters.
Hopefully this isn't too far outside the scope of this community, it *is* piracy, just of a different kind.

However you do not get the mini DLCs that add some side chapters. So as the old saying goes: Pirate it anyway. But if you add it now to your account it will stay in there forever.

share a username
this is a thread for connecting with peers on personal filesharing sites like retroshare, freenet, tribler, onion service, etc. **drop a username for a site**. use a lemmy alt account to comment if you're concerned about privacy. you can also list a technology that you prefer to use to see if others will use it too. you may also want to provide info on expected uptime. *this type of posting could also be made for a few other communities. and.. a community could be dedicated to general exchanging of digital usernames.*

A piracy / sharing community for leftists.

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