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I copied over the Marxism-Leninism study guides from r/communism in case the subreddit gets banned,
# Basic Marxism-Leninism Study Plan **Introduction** - Lenin. [The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism]( - Lenin. [Karl Marx: A Brief Biographical Sketch With an Exposition of Marxism]( - Marx, Engels. [Manifesto of the Communist Party]( **Historical Materialism** - Marx, Engels. [The German Ideology, chapter I]( **Scientific Socialism** - Engels. [Socialism: Utopian and Scientific]( - Lenin. [What Is To Be Done?]( - Lenin. [The State and Revolution]( - Lenin. [The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of Karl Marx]( - Lenin. [Opportunism, and the Collapse of the Second International]( - Lenin. [The Collapse of the Second International]( - Lenin. [Imperialism and the Split in Socialism]( - Lenin. [Certain Features of the Historical Development of Marxism]( - Lenin. [Marxism and Revisionism]( - Lenin. [Marxism and Reformism]( - Lenin. [“Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part III: Socialism]( - Stalin. [The Foundations of Leninism]( - Lenin. [The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky]( **Philosophy** - Mao. [On Contradiction]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part I: Philosophy]( - Engels. [Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy]( - Marx. [Theses on Feuerbach]( **Political Economy** - Marx. [Value, Price and Profit]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part II: Political Economy]( - Marx. [Capital, volume I: The Process of Production of Capital]( - Lenin. [Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism]( # How to Make Historical Materialist Analysis **Introduction to the method** - Marx. [A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, preface]( - Marx, Engels. [The German Ideology, chapter I]( **Marx & Engels' Application** - Marx. [The Class Struggles in France, 1848 to 1850]( - Marx. [The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte]( - Marx. [The Civil War in France]( - Engels. [The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State]( - Engels. [The Peasant War in Germany]( - Engels. [Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring: Herr Eugen Dühring's Revolution in Science]( **Other** - Stalin. [Dialectical and Historical Materialism]( - Plekhanov. [Historical Materialism and the Arts]( - Plekhanov. [The Materialist Conception of History]( - Bukharin. [Historical Materialism: A System of Sociology]( - [Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat]( by J. Sakai - [Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism]( by Zak Cope # Resources for Marxist Political Economy - Marx. [Capital: A Critique of Political Economy]( - [The Law of Value Video Series]( - [Reading Capital with David Harvey]( - [Introduction to Marxist Dialectics]( - [Richard Wolff's Online Lecture Series]( - [The Law of Worldwide Value]( by Samir Amin - Lenin. [Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism]( - Luxemburg. [The Accumulation of Capital](

Communist chat through Matrix
I created a matrix room for anybody on Lemmy to join. The main goal of this chat is to bring people together and use the internet for organizing. Organizing locally is still the best way to get things done and this or any chat rooms over the internet should be considered complimentary because the material conditions and strategical peculiarities vary according to the nation you're in. Tasks in mind: - Bring comrades from other social media to communist Lemmy - Promote periodic discussions, quality posts on Lemmy - Do a collective research or essays on chosen subjects, translate them, and share through private social media. - Produce propaganda to share on private social media. Remember, our strength depends entirely on our historical and personal commitment to organization. We alone cannot do much, but together we'll have enough forces to make a difference.

Gonna try and promote Lemmygrad more.
For those that are here after I promote this place... Please say if you came here because I notified you of this place. Thanks.

Often, when we discuss the labour aristocracy, the focus turns quickly to the US, the core of the imperial core. A problem then arises because there is a lot of poverty in the US, which can be taken as representative of the whole imperial core, and that poverty is used to discredit (aspects of) the labour aristocracy thesis. We can look at Germany for another example, to see how workers' interests become aligned with the capitalists', and create an incentive for them to work together at the expense of the periphery. A relevant quote from the linked article: > What is particularly interesting about the participation of labour interests in capital is the way in which these interests have been united in the period of the so-called social-democratic consensus.3 Alexander Hicks … argued … social democracy in the second half of the 20th century, coupled to the interests of large-scale capital, led to the creation and consolidation of a form of government known as corporatism ….4 The leading corporatist or fascist idea was that class and all other disagreements in capitalism would be resolved by allowing participation of groups in society seen as integral to decide on the direction in which society would develop – that is, class collaboration. Workers, capitalists, bankers, craftsmen and others were to work together to make these decisions. … [I]t is essential that social unity is always maintained and that compromises are made. Corporatism as the leading ideology in the West is accepted by large capital, the social-democratic parties, and the major unions. > The most significant example for this rise of corporatism is again Germany. … [S]ince the 1980s, an unprecedented wave of economic integration of labour and capital in Germany began, with the same program taking place in many of the core countries. By the end of the 1990s, pension funds became the most important investors on stock exchanges in the United States, and after the unification of Germany, the same process was seen.5 Laws have been passed that allow pension funds to invest significant capital (which has been collected for decades from the payment of pensions to workers) on the stock exchange in the shares of large corporations.6 The argument was that a quick inflow of money into corporations would enable large profits and stock market growth, and that funds would increase their capital through dividends or payments that all shareholders receive when a company records profits. > After … the unification of Germany, the infusion of capital from pension funds … created a sufficient amount of money in German corporations to carry out the privatization of the industrial giants from the former DDR and not destroy them – as they were destroyed in Serbia and many other post-Soviet nations – as it was politically important to undergo a smooth transition to capitalism in Germany in order to forestall social unrest. Soon afterwards, the same capital was used in the privatization of industrial companies throughout Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union. German firms were most likely to pick up all the strategically important companies in a short period of time. For example, Wolkswagen bought the Czech Škoda and integrated it into its automobile conglomerate, where it still operates successfully today. > The best example of this economic trend, however, is the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom, which is partly owned by the state (holding 32% of shares), and a large part of the remaining shares then held by various pension funds.7 This company, whose ownership structure represents the embodiment of corporatism, is owned by the German state, German big capital and German pension funds. In addition, it is part of the world’s telecommunications cartel and has a significant share in the ownership of British Telecom and major US telecommunications companies., Operations of Deutsche Telekom are of great importance to Serbia and other countries created by the breakup of the communist republics. Deutsche Telekom has purchased near the entirety or a significant part of the telecommunications giants in Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania and Greece. The Greek OTE (Greek Telecommunications Organization), which is largely owned by Deutsche Telekom, held 20% of Serbia Telekom shares by 2012, and then sold the company back to the Serbian state for 380 million euros in preparation for the complete privatization of Serbia Telekom. It was said at the time that Serbia Telekom could reach the price of approximately one billion euros, and Bloomberg wrote that Deutsche Telekom was the main contender for the purchase.8 A simple calculation shows that the state of Serbia bought 20% of its shares of Serbia Telekom for 38% of the sum for which it planned to sell the company. For now, this malversation has not been realized, but we are aware that the sale of Serbia Telekom is one of the most important obligations of the Government of Serbia towards European, primarily German, capital. > We see that Deutsche Telekom owns the most important telecommunication companies across a large section of Europe, as does Wolkswagen, which bought Audi, Seat, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti and other smaller companies in addition to Škoda. It is clear that this is a matter of forming unprecedented monopolies in the region’s key and most profitable industries. This entire project was made possible by the infusion of additional capital by pension funds. In Germany, pension funds now account for over 200 billion euros in stock market investments.9 By comparison, this is four times more than the total economic production of Serbia, which amounts to less than 50 billion euros. Even just one pension fund, BVK, which has a portfolio of 55 billion in shares of various corporations, is more powerful than the entire Serbian economy.10 > German pension funds are now in the hands of the most qualified investors, and capital is so diversely distributed in shares of various companies that the losses of individual companies cannot significantly damage it. In other words, as the stock market grows, the capital accumulation of these funds grows, and thus the interests of workers whose pensions are found in these funds are structurally linked to the interests of capital. The higher the accumulation of capital, the higher wages can these workers expect. When all this is added to savings, which is an inevitable item of almost every traditionally generous German household, and which was made possible by the extremely high salaries of past decades, the question of the real interest of German workers for any changes other than those favouring capital is starkly raised. > When the German state, German capital and the German banks sit parasitically on the back of the European (and world) periphery, and German workers reap tremendous benefit from this parasitism, there is no concrete possibility of revolution in that country – such a possibility does not exist! Germany is only taken here as an example of a dominant European economy, and its role here is largely played out by the United States at the global level. In structural terms, it is clear that one cannot speak of an international solidarity of the working class emerging evenly from all regions of the world. The class struggle has completely shifted to the level of global conflict between the core and the periphery. The linked article is worth reading in full if you have the time. It's short and to the point.

Thoughts on the assassination of Maurice Bishop in Grenada in 1983?
I am researching the Grenada Revolution (1979-1983) and trying to understand what happened in October 1983. The M-L revolutionary leader of the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG), Maurice Bishop, was deposed by deputy Prime Minister & Marxist Bernard Coard and later assassinated by PRG General Hudson Austin. This turbulence was the excuse the US empire needed to invade Grenada and reestablish bourgeois dictatorship. Explanations about this counterrevolution are hard to come by. My first thought was CIA, but according to Tim Wheeler, "The PRG government was overthrown by an ultra-left faction described by Fidel Castro as a “Pol Pot” cult..." (1) Fidel's own words about Coard & Grenada: "Bishop had great popular support and was well liked by the population. But Coard and his group — who belonged to one of the organizations that joined with Bishop to form the New Jewel Movement — didn’t work with the masses. That is, the Coard group didn’t work with the masses; it worked among the party members — who were a small group of about 200 — and with the cadres of the army and the Ministry of the Interior. This fifth column, this undermining of Bishop’s authority, coalesced at a moment when Bishop — though he had the support of the immense majority of the people — lost the majority within the party, both in the Central Committee and among the membership. This was the fruit of the conspiracy led by Coard and his group. It explains the senseless and mad step of arresting Bishop and, even worse, of firing upon the people and assassinating Bishop. It was that unfortunate event that made it possible for the Reagan administration to perpetrate the cynical and opportunistic invasion of the country." (2) Is Castro's take accurate? Does anyone have additional insight? (1) (2)

What countries have a more anarchistic approach towards leftist movements( as opposed to Marxist)? I
So as Marxists we understand that anarchism doesn’t end well(even if it was tried, in order to maintain the system they’d need some semblance of control/power being given and share) but as leftists we also understand that agitation and propaganda against the capitalist state also is useful in its own way. I guess Idk how to really explain it but I’m interested in at least learning more about regions that have an anarchist tendency to learn why they have those “anti-authoritarian” views when it comes to dismantling the capitalist regimes of the word? Idk they may even have a few decent points and justifications for their opinions, obviously misunderstanding several key aspects of Marxism but still.

Proletariat or Labour Aristocrats? What is the status of workers in the Global North?
cross-posted from: > **This is a contentious subject. Please keep the discussion respectful. I think this will get more traction, here, but I'll cross-post it to !Communism, too.** > > Workers who sell their labour power for a wage are part of the working class, right? They are wage-workers because they work for a wage. Are they wage-*labourers*? > > “They’re proletariat,” I hear some of you shout. > > “Not in the imperial core! Those are labour aristocrats,” others reply. > > So what are the workers in the imperial core? Are they irredeemable labour aristocrats, the inseparable managers and professionals of the ruling class? Or are they proletarian, the salt of the earth just trying to get by? > > It’s an important distinction, even if the workers in any country are not a homogenous bloc. The answer determines whether workers in the global north are natural allies or enemies of the oppressed in the global south. > > The problem is as follows. > > There is no doubt that people in the global north are, in general, more privileged than people in the global south. In many cases, the difference in privilege is vast, even among the wage-workers. This is not to discount the suffering of oppressed people in the global north. This is not to brush away the privilege of national bourgeois in the global south. > > For some workers in the global north, privilege amounts to basic access to water, energy, food, education, healthcare, and shelter, streetlights, paved highways, etc. As much as austerity has eroded access to these basics, they are still the reality for the majority of people in the north even, to my knowledge, in the US. > > Are these privileges enough to move someone from the ranks of the proletariat and into the labour aristocracy or the petit-bourgeois? > > I’m going to discuss some sources and leave some quotes in comments, below. This may look a bit spammy, but I’m hoping it will help us to work through the several arguments, that make up the whole. The sources: > - *Settlers* by J Sakai > - *Corona, Climate, and Chronic Emergency* by Andreas Malm > - *The Wealth of Nations* by Zac Cope > - ‘Decolonization is Not a Metaphor’ by Eve Tuck and K Wayne Yang. > > I have my own views on all this, but I have tried to phrase the points and the questions in a ’neutral’ way because I want us to discuss the issues and see if we can work out where and why we conflict and how to move forwards with our thinking (neutral to Marxists, at least). I am not trying to state my position by stating the questions below, so please do not attack me for the assumptions in the questions. By all means attack the assumptions and the questions.

today we remember the liberation of Auschwitz comrades
on january 27th. 1945, the Red Army liberated the biggest death camp in nazi Germany, the camp of Auschwitz. long live the red army! long live socialism!

What a lovely gift. There's about 12.of them with info on the back He got them from East Berlin before the wall fell. I love the idea of East German kids getting these and ranking their favourite communists based on how cool and solidarisch they were. The wall may have fallen, but Thälmann never did 🙏🚩

maybe try to show them why socialism is bad could be a bad idea...for capitalists

Books about the Communist Party of Peru?
Are there any decent reads on the Communist Party of Peru / the Shining Path? Ideally something that at least attempts to be somewhat objective and attempts to do some actual crit. I recently picked up [The Shining Path: Love, Madness, and Revolution in the Andes]( off of a recommendation but the authors are pretty blatantly anti-communist at times. Frequently it reads like an unreliable narrator and not like its really trying to provide a detailed picture of the situation. Edit: for transparency, I've only read about the first 1/4th of The Shining Path: Love, Madness, and Revolution

Tell me how to make these documents (reading guides) downloadable. Thanks in advance! ^ These two. I want downloadable versions of 'em. How do I do that?

99 years ago, on January 21, 1924, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin passed away. A brilliant communist theoretician, a revolutionary, the founder of the Bolshevik Party that inspired and organized the Great October Socialist Revolution! Today, V. I. Lenin's ideas are alive and relevant as never before.

My attempt at promoting Lemmygrad.
Maybe Retweet if you have your own Twitter account. I'm going to make a brief push to boost this community, which I've done several times now in the past, in order to see what works and what doesn't and, most importantly, what works most efficiently and effectively. Also, there's the added benefit of growing the community, if even by a little. Take care.

you're not a extremist, don't you? that could possibly be bad

People commemorate the 103th anniversary of murder of the communist writer, pacifist and radical inspiration.

lemmygrad on dark net
Technically, can we build the mirrors of lemmygrad or other lemmys in the dark network (Tor/i2p)?

What video games are you playing? What have you finished recently? What do you plan to play? - Video Game General Discussion Thread #18
Discussion questions: 1. What video games have you played recently? 2. What are your favorite video game genres? Question of the week: What have you gotten in terms of games recently for January, if anything? Anyway, make sure to also answer the questions in the title. Thanks!

What movies are you watching? What do you plan to watch? What have you watched recently? - Film/Cinema/TV Show/Streaming Show General Discussion Thread #18
Discussion questions: What TV shows or films have you watched recently? What subscription services are you subscribed to, if any? Question of the week: What movies are you anticipating in 2023? Question of the week is the same as last time since 2023 has barely started.

this text has a point...

Discussion Thread: What are all you reading in terms of fiction AND non-fiction? (NOW for BOTH fictional and non-fiction works) - #18
Discussion questions: What new books are you reading? Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Question of the week: Be honest: do you get your books from Amazon or directly from the publishers? If you do a bit of both, how often for each? Enjoy! (I do this so people here can talk about things *other* than politics so enjoy yourselves.)

Are there any larger negative consequences from joining a communist party? Particularly in the United States?
I just wanted to ask this question as I have heard this talking point mentioned several times here on Lemmygrad, but with little follow up or explanation. I myself am very curious and am actively pursuing joining a local chapter of a party, but I am in a very precarious place in my life, and I would like to inform myself as much as I can before making my final decision. So what exactly would potential consequences of joining a communist party look like? Do you have any personal experiences with issues or discrimination that arose from your membership to a communist party? Could these effects be mitigated by joining under an alias? Are the effects permanent? Will being a member prevent a person from traveling internationally and receiving a passport? Will being a member hurt chances of admissions to universities or jobs even if it is not disclosed? Will being a member be discoverable during security clearance checks and prevent the taking of a government job? I’m sorry for the amount of questions, I’m just very curious, but simultaneously worried about the permanent repercussions that might arise from me seeking to join a party, especially in the heart of the Imperial Core. Thank you for your help and guidance.

What songs are you listening to? What Albums? What artists? What was good, what was bad? - (Makan Style) Music General Discussion Thread #1
My apologies if Makan already does these, but to my knowledge they don't. So here's mine! I am a big musichead, beyond just communist music I like many artists, songs, albums etc. (Though if you like communist music of various types check out: [c/tankietunes]( Discussion Questions: 1. What songs have you been listening to? 2. What Albums have you been playing? 3. What Artists have you listened to? 4. What was your favorite, what was bad? (My answers) 1. Getting Up and Leaving, Long Time Sunshine, El Scorcho, The Good life, Tired Of Sex, Getchoo, No Other One, Do You Wanna Get high, Thank God For Girls, King Of The World, Girl We Got A Good Thing, Basically the whole blue album lol, Harder Better Stronger Faster, One More Times, Crescendolls, Gas Drawls, Doomsday, The Finest, Rhymes Like Dimes, One Beer, Rap Snitch Knishes, Deep Fried Frenz, Kon Karne, Kon Queso, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori, Fancy Clown, Meat Grinder, All Caps, Hymn For A Scarecrow, Ruler of Everything, Cannibal, Welcome To Tally Hall, Endless Bummer, Good day, Norway, Red and Gold, Id Like To Stay Home, Jacked Up, Part Of The Problem, Dont Let Me Go To The Dogs, and a few other. 2. Pinkerton (deluxe), White, Blue, Discovery, Random Access Memories, Operation Doomsday, MM..FOOD, Madvillainy, Good and Evil, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, and Glad Music. 3. Personally been listening to Weezer, DOOM, Daft Punk, Tally Hall, and R. Stevie. Moore the most this month. 4. I liked all the music, but my least favorite is R. Stevie Moore because he later became a racist little shit.

"To place hope for revolution in the imperialist West, however, is a rather obsolete view within the Marxist tradition. Since the second half of the 20th century, theorists such as Arghiri Emmanuel, Samir Amin, Andre Gunder Frank, Che Guevara and others, by elaborating Lenin’s theorization of a “labour aristocracy” and studying changes in national and global conditions of economic evolution, argued that under the conditions of global capitalism, revolutionary forces must be sought on the global level. These authors argued that revolutionary advances must start at the periphery of the world capitalist system, that is, in colonies or former colonies, as only those layers of society that have an actual material interest in bringing down the existing system will contend for revolution. **The Western working class, its wages and conditions of life subsidized by imperial loot, has not only had a lack of material and subjective interests in breaking down the existing system. Because of its favourable position within the world division of labour and income, this fraction of the world’s working class has instead maintained interests in the preservation of the capitalist order.**1 It is now evident that the initial Marxian theory of socialist revolution first grasping state power in the West has proven false, despite that in these countries, productive capacities have long been such that the elimination of poverty – even globally – is a quite realistic possibility. As mentioned, Arghiri, Amin and others have developed sophisticated economic models in order to explain why workers in the imperialist nations actually have an interest in preserving capitalism. During the 1960s and 1970s, while there was still a strong union movement in the West, strikes were almost everyday occurrence, and the events of May 1968 convinced public opinion of the possibility of socialist revolution in the Western nations. It was then that, with cursory dismissals, that Arghiri’s and Amin’s theories we claimed to be totally meaningless. Yet even then, just as today, **it was clear to the careful observer that alongside surface-level discontent and short-lived insurgencies, workers in the West were not interested in systemic changes. Further, these upsurges in struggle were focused on the distribution of the imperial pies – their hunger was not for proletarian revolution and internationalism, but to secure as big a piece of the pie as possible for themselves.** In our current moment, however, confirmation for those theories which emphasize that revolution will ignite on the periphery is well-secured. While referring to concrete historical experiences of the 20th century, we will also deal here with the current state of the economic conditions of labour in the West. At first glance, we observe increasing working class support to political figures such as Donald Tramp and Marine Le Pen, who are promoting open hatred for immigrants and non-Europeans by advocating for a close to national borders and the forging of a new deal between labour and capital by which Western workers are promised a return to a lost Golden Age of prosperity. The appeals of the left do not resonate with the same intensity. While most commentators see the breakthrough of such reactionary national populist policies as a consequence of irrational racism or an expression of defiance against the liberal establishment, a consistent Marxist interpretation warns that these right-wing currents express the actual economic interests of the Western white working class. To prove the accuracy of this claim, one needs to look a deeper into economic indicators which clearly show that the Western working class has become a kind of collective capitalist with an increasing share in the world capitalist system. When we use the term “collective capitalist,” we are not introducing a new concept, as today virtually all major companies are shareholding companies with numerous owners. What we are arguing is that, beginning in the 1970s, **Western workers have not only received a portion of profits from their privileged position in the global division of labour and income, but have even become active participants in the ownership structures of Western corporations."**

"b-but the smartphones!" taken from

Discussion Thread: What are all you reading in terms of fiction AND non-fiction? (NOW for BOTH fictional and non-fiction works) - #17
[]( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( Discussion questions: What new books are you reading? Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Question of the week: What do you think of Brandon Sanderson? Also, [something]( to look at. Enjoy!

What movies are you watching? What do you plan to watch? What have you watched recently? - Film/Cinema/TV Show/Streaming Show General Discussion Thread #17
[]( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( Discussion questions: What TV shows or films have you watched recently? What subscription services are you subscribed to, if any? Question of the week: What movies are you anticipating in 2023? [Here]( is also something to look at. Good day!

What video games are you playing? What have you finished recently? What do you plan to play? - Video Game General Discussion Thread #17
[]( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( Discussion questions: 1. What video games have you played recently? 2. What are your favorite video game genres? Question of the week: What did you get for Christmas? Anyway, make sure to also answer the questions in the title. Thanks! [Here]( is also something I want to spread around.

Okay, we’re doing this again… Here are the two reading guides that I meant to show you all originally. Please check them out! Thanks!
This was made by several people that I know of. If you have any suggestions for what to include, I can relay it back to them. Here is the **communism introduction reading guide**: And here is the **CPUSA introduction reading guide**: Let us know how it is. You can save it by bookmarking it. We may make downloadable versions as well. These are all unofficial and just meant to help people get acquainted with communism or the CPUSA or both. Good day! Give feedback down below.

cross-posted from: > Check out this new tool of propaganda and share some ideas comrades!

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