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I’m in a Twitter war with a Patsocs. My gosh it’s horrible and hilarious. I think I tired them out.

Context I’m in a Twitter war with that account. Since they started sharing Haz tweets, calling people with non natural hair colours and furries liberals, and posting comrade Trump memes. I decided to have some fun with them for a few days. Enjoy the history…


See what happens my bot and I posted the news of this on Reddit. See how world news and Ukraine feels

The mods who run the r/com do not run the lemmy version.

CPI is a patriotic socialism organization. Aka Caleb and Haz are American Nazbols.

Ex SLS mod here. There have been a slowing rift between SLS and GZD. One of mods of SLS accused one of the mods of GZD of being a Zionist or a Nazbol. The rest of the SLS mods don’t think kindly to a lot of GZD members.

Btw the mods here are not the same mods of the Reddit version. R/SLS has no interest in lemmy

Remember: When the revolution happens. Reddit will be sent to the gulag.

Yeah, but remember. Putin is an Anti-Communist. I wouldn’t like to see our flag being propped up by a anti-Communist State.

Looks like Russia just want to slam those positions now…


The white helmets. The pro USA propaganda unit pretending to be a humanitarian group.