"What?! How is CGP Grey racist?! Why would you ever say that you stupid hater?!" Meanwhile CGP Grey representing countries and places as stick figures:
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Also, surprisingly women like Angela Davis aren't there

Also fuck Bernie for giving over my email address. I have to get a new one now because these fools won’t leave me alone.

It's also, like, houses even in the US were like that during the same era as the Khrushchevkas. Sorry that mid 20th century housing isn't up to 21st century standards.

Context: The Supreme Court of the USA made a very controversial decisions. Someone here proposes that the solution is to "Vote." Most obviously, as pointed out, the people making the decisions aren't subject to any effects of voting until they step down or die. At best, it only determines which party nominates a replacement when one dies. Secondly, appealing to the last 6 years makes no sense when the federal government has been ruled by BOTH the only two viable federal parties in that period. Vote for who? Biden? What was the alternative? Finally, percentage of population isn't how voting in USA works (both Bush (2000 election) and Trump lost the popular vote) and people often choose based on multiple policies and not just how they feel about abortion.

cross-posted from: > I love reminding all the "Russia will start feeling the sanctions by the end of the year" folks that the WEST IS ALREADY FEELING ITS OWN SANCTIONS NOW

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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