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As someone who wants the best for all post-Soviet peoples, this image just hits different:

Wow, can’t believe how dystopian the North Korean internet is

“We already got Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg, might as well accept it’s all gonna be downhill from here”

"Dear Mr. Biden or whoever is in charge – we find these actions slightly objectionable, could you maybe, possibly, not do that next time (if it isn’t too much trouble)?


P.S. Send oil, pls"

It took me longer to get this than I should have

They like him because he fought the Jews Evil Russian Bolsheviks.

I think those are sandbags protecting a statue of (I kid you not) Nestor Makhno.

I first saw this meme with the pasta labeled “imperialism,” the little action figure labeled “oppressed peoples of the world,” and the big action figure labeled “the Juche Idea.”

“Did your role in the war get reduced to ‘horny nurse’ in all popular media post-1945? Ours did.”

I say “go to Auschwitz” seriously. As in “go to Auschwitz and liberate it.”

Sometimes I ask myself: did the internet make political ideology weird, or did it just enable the weirdos to make their weirdness public?

He’s a total buffoon. If you have the good fortune not to be American, and the even better fortune not to be familiar with his “work,” he’s claimed things like: yes, the US is a settler-colonial state, but it’s all the fault of the Democrats, the Democrats are the real fascists and the Republicans the “resistance,” etc. His modus operandi is basically to take leftist criticisms of the US, say they’re true, but blame it on “duh liberals.”

This is beautiful, the first true work of socialist realism in meme form

This isn’t even “relatively European” anymore. That’s Belgium-level full on European.

Maybe they’re imagining an American Valhalla. You get in by murdering innocents, and then find that you have to pay through the nose for substandard services, forever.

US railworkers may strike soon, shut down a third of the entire freight industry
Obligatory apology for the source EDIT: better article, provided by @whoami below >

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Losers (repurposed lib shirt)

Also, why is he staring at the back cover?

The biggest of big-brain lib takes: ![](