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As a Chinese Canadian and a socialist, I totally did not expect this outcome but am glad it was this way.

We discussed case studies of this in environmental science class. Very interesting stuff!

One of my favorite scenes expressing this in Western media is from A Bug’s Life of all things: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=VLbWnJGlyMU

Even if you do, they’ll think of some excuse to try and shut you down. Freedom of assembly in the West is suspended as soon as you start assembling against anything important.

You can’t fix the injustice of an unjust system by working within that system. Show me a single time that has happened, and I’ll show you how the people who fixed it actually betrayed the system.

Well yeah! From the perspective of the wicked, the noble and neutral are the wicked ones.

The papers I write in university are most commonly required to use their citation format. That’s a stain on real science as far as I’m concerned now.

https://octodon.social/@silverspookgames/106025825817112914 --> “As an indigenous person who makes games about colonial violence from personal experience - white / Western devs: please do not do this.”…


The West: Makes fun of socialist and communist countries for having massive shortages of essential resources and uses it as an anti-communist talking point.

Also the West: Sanctions those countries and are actually the ones causing the shortages.

When did they feel bad? Like, they don’t say it out loud as much as conservatives, but something tells me they would have no problem with it if it actually happened.

Eliminate the country currently putting the most resources and academic effort toward sustainability, in order to SOMEHOW solve the climate crisis? Big brain move.

“Well aCtUalLy, Uyghurs aren’t apart of cHiNa. I know that most of them think they are and don’t see anything wrong with that, but they’re wrong and only we know what’s best for them!”

I sympathize with their fear about as much as I have sympathy for bacteria being afraid of the immune system.

People who are against capitalism tend to know a lot about capitalism. People who are against communism usually know nothing about communism.

Also, the US is the only country to ever have used nukes in combat, a fact that is celebrated by most Americans, with rhetoric like “we’ll do it again too!” being common among right-wing Americans. During the Korean War, the US’s top general also seriously considered nuking China.

I ask again, who is the violent regime threatening to bring about nuclear apocalypse?

I mean, Americans tend to think they literally have the most democratic country in the entire goddamn universe, so

Also, Reddit once doxxed and harassed the family of a suicide victim because they were convinced he was involved in the Boston bombing (he wasn’t). That’s actually where the quote “we did it, Reddit” came from.

From what I can gather, their “evidence” was that he went missing around the same time as the terrorist attack (because he’d committed suicide), and that he was of Middle Eastern descent.

Sources and more info:

Edit: I incorrectly said that the Reddit harassment drove this person to suicide, on further research this is not true. I have edited this comment with the correct information, apologies for my mistake.

Also, how is this “map porn”? You literally took a pre-made map and coloured countries in based on your opinion, it’s neither aesthetically pleasing nor does it show any interesting data. …