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If the party wants a web site with user comments, it can make one and appoint moderators who can be recalled by party members.

I am seriously thinking about this now that lemmy supports private instances with closed registrations… if I host an instance for a party I can also control every setting, and encrypt everything… the only way feds could ever see anything is if they get access to a user account. But I’m not sure if the link aggregator format would work well for party organising.

They should be more worried about the thousands of harmless people being treated almost exactly like slaves than they should be about a slight miscaption

you know how liberals are

First time they’ve looked at a map in their life

This is not considered cruel and unusual punishment btw (just like solitary) because the Supreme Court ruled that a punishment has to be both cruel and unusual to be unconstitutional. Since this is usual its not illegal

I’m curious what you comrades think of this article that I found. I’m still clarifying my revolutionary feminist stance (what it is, what it means) and that’s how I learn. …

Please don’t make us be part of your weird sexual fantasies without consent.

I didn’t make the ban, and the user made their opinions clear later on with several examples, e.g. “trans ideology” in their last comment. This is not a difference of opinion, there was actionable content there – it goes directly against rule 2 of the instance.

I refrained from giving any of my own opinion in the above comment because I knew exactly where lemonkemon was going. They seem to have memorized this whole spiel – notice there are no links – and I was not interested in going through it bit by bit. I’m sure they must have these figures at the ready for all the terf arguments they get into. I want to add before moving on that it didn’t take long for them to say “you dont get to compete if you’re a male in womens categories”, which proves I was right in my assessment. That’s why I dismissed their argument that I’m sure has been refined over many debates and instead asked questions and pointed out, I think rightly, that they are talking about averages, not absolutes.

I have known men who had wide hips. I have known men with narrow shoulders. I’ve known women that were stronger than me (and might still be), and I’ve known women with shoulders wider than their hips. Christine Mboma was banned from running the 400m (which she set a record to at the Olympics) because her testosterone levels are naturally too high, and she is not the only athlete that happened to. So what was lemonkemon saying? I honestly have no idea, because one can point to all the averages they want, they remain statistical. Specifically I genuinely don’t understand how they can make all these claims relying on averages and then conclude “The point of sports is to reward … pinnacle of human achievement”. We’re looking for people that are not average then.

If I should take some of their arguments and examine them, however, and also refrain from sarcastically saying [citation needed] for every one of them:

For an adult female at the height of their atheltic career their body contains 10% percent fat

For an elite athletic male that figure is around 5%

In which disciplines? 5% body fat is ridiculously low, it’s dangerous and unhealthy (but might be done all the same especially in bodybuilding competitions), and I know that already because I do powerlifting. There is also no indication here that trans athletes don’t see the same body fat percentages happen to them – they likely do, because of hormone therapy, but that was for lemonkemon to prove. But I would say athletes are thin in most sports, not that they have low body fat percentages. These are two different things and a pretty bad start to establish authority for a scientific argument.

Wider hips also compromise carrying and throwing

I decided to look this up specifically and did not find anything that would support this statement, no matter the keywords I tried. But I did find this study: https://news.umich.edu/throw-like-a-girl-no-he-or-she-just-hasnt-been-taught/. They claim that girls are not taught the same motor skills as boys and point out that boys usually spend more time in the field than girls, which to them explains the difference.

One study is not enough to prove anything so at this point the best we can say is that we need further research before making conclusions.

The fastest time ever run by Allyson Felix, the women’s 400-metre Olympic champion

I’m not sure what they’re trying to say here. Allyson Felix is not the world record holder in this category, and she took home the bronze medal in the last Tokyo Olympics. Her record puts her at the 26th place with a time of 49.26 (worldwide), with Marita Koch being 1st since 1957 (East Germany 💪) with a time of 47.60. So I’m genuinely confused why they picked Allyson and not the world record holder because the argument would still hold water.

You’re right that we need to base our thinking on materialism, but that materialism has to be dialectical or it’s, plainly, worth nothing. What does it mean, in concrete terms, in practical social life, that women have wider hips? That’s the difference between their metaphysical materialism and dialectical materialism. Is this what is preventing them from achieving high records? Not sure. At that point in time, lemonkemon was extrapolating data and delving into vulgar materialism. This culminated in them posting the map of LGBT Rights (an outdated map too) and comparing it to NATO. Correlation does not equal causation.

Yeah, in those cases gamers probably look out for catharsis. It’s different from specifically playing violent games (say play a serial killer in Rust) as a way to build up before committing the actual act or rehearse it, or even fulfil the urge because you want to kill someone, you just don’t have the guts to do it yet.

There’s probably a discussion to be had about people building up towards their urges with video games (there’s even a VR experience for managers where you practice firing an employee, imagine that) and this is good, because this one topic has opened up another to be explored!

I think the difference with a game is you don’t seek violent games out for the sake of fulfilling murderous urges. In this example we would be giving manhunt to serial killers in becoming.

The ai, contrary to a consenting person, can’t say no - - replika at least is designed not to say no and go on with everything you say. With a human you have boundaries and consent can be revoked at any time. the implications of consent with AI are beyond my scope, but I can’t see her as a consenting partner in those fantasies and I can’t see that as being a healthy replacement or even analog.

Enabling reinforces the behavior in people, it’s like giving someone fake casino games. If they have what it takes to become addicted, they will soon turn to real casinos with real money because the fake thing is just not the same. By all accounts enabling is the exact opposite of what you should do to treat a disorder, which is to curb it.

I think it’s actually enabling their desires, and the AI is secondary. We know from people that work with robots (like Spot from BD) that they start humanising them and feel empathy towards what are essentially machines. It’s a very neat capacity we have, where we even give them names, personal pronouns, and personalities.

I tried GP3 AIs before (AI Dungeon for example) and it’s convincing enough. Sometimes they lose track of the conversation or just reply something generic (e.g. you ask if they like flowers specifically and they just say “I love them”, not “I love flowers”). But with the added context of this AI being presented in a text convo, it can feel like you’re texting someone real.

you dont get to compete if you’re a male in womens categories

Imagine thinking being transphobic in 2022 in the west is how you build influence with the masses.

Unless you’re from terf island ig.

This would be the end of womens sports

Exactly bruv. But at least I provided a solution, and you didn’t lol.

The stupidpol is leaking from every word you type, you guys have such a distinct way of typing.

Working for royals is great for your résumé though. Imagine all the clients you’ll have after this gig!

wild calling us liberals when your entire argument relies on the word “average”.

Again, is Phelps at an unfair advantage because he has a long torso and long arms which give him a more powerful stroke?

If you want to be fair in sports then let athletes use whatever PEDs they want, and abolish categories. And yes cis men will be at the top. But that is the only way you can be truly fair. You talk about flyweight and heavyweight categories as if they’re law when every athlete at any level starves and dehydrates themselves before the weigh-in, then binges after it to get into a lighter category. The only solution to the “problem” you present is to abolish categories.

Yeah, they’re using the essentialist argument of what makes a woman a woman and a man a man. It’s a metaphysical black hole.

Used to be they pointed out to the fact women can get pregnant or have periods. But many cis women cannot become pregnant. After around 50 years old, cis women stop having periods. Are they not women? Were they women before 50, and now they are not?

Then we found chromosomes, and they’ve been onto that as a way to be materialist (can’t deny science), but they are wrong because they are still metaphysical. If you point out the diversity of chromosomes (intersexuality for example), they fall back to the ultimate argument, the unfalsifiable quality of “there’s just something about being a woman”. A general, mystical essence of what being a woman is and you are only imbued with it if you were born a woman. They can’t prove it exists, but you can’t prove it doesn’t exist either.

Why you will not have porn in socialism

Please leave your comments here rather than on medium as I don’t check it at all and have notifications turned off there…

Just received a calendar from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC

Through a friend whose mom is Chinese, I don’t really know why they received it, probably because they’re a minority and the embassy is trying to reestablish ties with their diaspora (they don’t have a Chinese passport as you can’t have double nationality with the PRC) …

Marxism (and by extension communism) is not moralistic and does not need to take morality into account

This was probably a huge milestone for me when I realised it. Marxism does not talk about morality at all, it’s irrelevant to the practice of communism. We can defend communism as a system and (one of) the logical result of the class contradictions in capitalism without ever resorting to morality. …

Why socialists must defend China (even if you disagree with the CPC)

(I was a bit pressed writing this and might revisit it later) …

Using firefox for home and pro stuff advice

Hey, so, I’ve been a pleased user of firefox for many years now. …

My advice to new comrades and perhaps old comrades.

You know, I wasn’t sure where to post this – not serious enough for communism, too serious for memes, and this became my in-between choice. …

I need a solution to MIRROR my PC to my TV like having 2 monitors that are duplicated (Windows and Android TV)

I used to have a “dumb” TV and a 10m long HDMI cable running from my PC to the TV which allowed me to pick it as a source. Then on Windows 10 I’d just duplicate my screen and tada, I could watch anything on my TV – and control my PC with a wireless mouse and keyboard I’d keep close to the TV. …

Facts on the "sex trade" in the Philippines

(Be aware there is some light transphobia in the opening paragraph, last item on the first list) …

You can register for Eric Zemmour's event with a fake name and you should

Eric Zemmour, a fascist polemicist in France who is probably on his way to become the next president of the country, is holding an event tomorrow: https://www.croiseedeschemins-ez.fr/nantes

if you don't have a large online following you're paid by the CIA apparently

Now I just need to know how I can profit both from the CPC and the CIA at the same time, and if I have to declare both on my taxes as distinct entries…

transferring ownership of this community

I created it because I wanted to post the tweet about Wang Yaping becoming the first female taikonaut, and I thought it was a great injustice not to have a dedicated place to talk about feminism. …