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Yeah to be clear there are some specific use cases for VPNs. Torrenting has never been a problem for me though (never once got a letter) so I don’t see myself paying for a service that doesn’t seem to add any value to my internet browsing. In fact getting websites switched to Japanese or whatever because I use a VPN sounds more like a negative.

All VPNs I have found in the imperial core are imperial-aligned and they only have servers there. NordVPN, despite being headquartered in Panama (the place that the US invaded to build a canal so, yknow), has no servers there.

Like ProtonVPN free only offers servers in the Netherlands, USA, and Japan (you unlock c/alwaysthesamemap if you pay for it). If you want privacy those three countries are exactly those you should not connect in.

Hamachi was hacked, they made it out with an encryption key.
The incident happened in november 2022 and I received an email update just now. If you have an account with Hamachi, they've reset your password and you should change it. Because I switched to Firefox's password manager... I don't have to do anything. For the first time in my life a notification of hacking doesn't have to be a bother. In 2021, I wrote on lemmygrad that Albion Online's forums were hacked and I received an email that my password was hacked. This prompted me to finally switch to a password manager and just let it generate strong unique passwords for every application I use. It also auto-fills them in. This means even if the hackers get my password (if they manage to decrypt it over the hash and salt), I don't care. It's not gonna lead them to anywhere else. It's already been reset too so it's not even good for my Hamachi account.

You cannot talk about VPNs without talking about fed involvement.
VPNs have become a huge market in recent years, with all of them offering essentially the same service but branded differently. I've talked about VPNs before and how you likely don't need one if all you care about is "privacy". Otherwise it has some usecases for like downloading torrents or accessing geo-blocked content but that's about it. To synthesize, the VPN owners can see what you do instead of your ISP when you use a VPN. You better trust that they don't keep logs and encrypt your traffic. Who do you trust more, some VPN company, or your ISP? That's a personal question only you can answer. Privacy and "security" is what VPNs advertise heavily on. Security is nonsense from their part; there is no additional security to using a VPN. NordVPN for example likes to talk about the evil hackers in starbucks that will hack your wifi, but that literally never happens (not never never but not enough to justify paying them money for it). In any case, all VPN rankings omit one very important fact: fed involvement. **that's** security 101. The CIA controlled an encryption company for decades (established after WW2): Crypto AG. They sold encryption machines to embassies around the world under this name, and it was only found out they were CIA in the 2010s. We've known since Snowden about backdoors in Windows that allow the NSA to bypass encryption and spy on anyone they want. And it's a very glaring issue. Look at any of those rankings and they'll talk about privacy and encryption protocols, and never once mention potential fed involvement or other causes for concern. Even worse, if they do talk about it, they often talk about "Chinese" involvement. How the fuck did the discourse get so bad in just 10 years? They don't even have anything to back it up. Meanwhile we have evidence of NSA and CIA involvement in encryption and surveillance. NordVPN especially is strange. They advertise a LOT and always sell at a discount (which makes the VPN cheaper than most competition). ProtonVPN too, I don't trust anything Proton ever since they surrendered info to the feds about one of their clients (an eco-activist). Secondly they are a "Swiss" company like Crypto AG, but were not founded by Swiss people. So again, who do you trust more? Some VPN company trying to sell you a product under false pretences, or your local ISP company?

A philosophical question that is often asked 8th graders is “are you free?”

And most at this age already know that no, they are not.

Realistically what kind of information can a spy balloon gather that you couldn’t find on Google Maps?

I did one even better, I copied the files to a local drive and then asked for a refund lol

Cool, igg games has it!

edit: oh but it looks setup is gonna be a pain, I’ll buy it just because you told me to. Beware.

Yeah it’s how they keep track of issues

Oh that was an issue back when Lemmy came out too. You can make a report on the git: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues if it’s not there already

I should note the host is implying this is a disturbing idea, although his arguments are not very pushy or convincing. I’m sure he’s a huge lib though (I know the host, he’s nationally famous in France, just didn’t ever care to read into his politics). But sometimes they’ll do that to let the guest dig themselves into their own hole of arguments, and also French TV is different to US TV, hosts have to remain fair (like they used to in the US before Reagan)

Bumping so more people have the chance to play. By the way, much like a real alt account, I am not saying anything. edit: very cool, we have “pin to local” now with the update! I’ll pin this to the whole of lemmygrad for a few hours just so everyone has a chance to see it.

This was for your scheduled monthly log off time. Please resume browsing now, and look forward to next month’s mandatory grass-touching period.

That is something to consider. I don’t want to interfere with the game (hence why I am not replying to anyone in the thread, I think I can drop that), but I also don’t want this to turn into a witch hunt. I might step in more if it starts to get too far, here’s hoping it stays fun and casual.

He isn’t being very difficult thankfully. He clearly lacks the technical skills needed to actually be a pain, and so the most he can do is make alt accounts and write articles that nobody reads.

So if we didn’t have to worry about him, we wouldn’t have to wonder every time someone requests an account if they could be a wisconcom alt and that’s probably it. At this point while he is a stalker, he doesn’t really feel like one. More like a slight nuisance. You just deal with him and then wait for him to reappear. Everytime he does you’re surprised he’s still trying but then you just learn to have fun with it.

Comrades, I have a confession to make… (you could win big, read this to participate)
I have been terrible and have hidden an alt account on lemmygrad! Spring is coming up soon in a few months, and that also means Easter. And Easter means Easter eggs! Anyway. As you might have guessed, your goal in this Easter egg hunt will be to find out my alt account! You could win a Steam game out of it! (Not any steam game but a specific one as I have some keys, but it's good I promise). Here's an FAQ to help you out during this hunt: # Why are you doing this? I got the idea from last time Wisconcom tried to infiltrate (not the discussion from a few days ago, even earlier) but never got around to it. I want to show him how easy it is to actually make a convincing alt if you put some effort into it, which he never cares to do. But I have full faith in my comrades to figure out my alt account in a timely manner! I must let you know that I taken care to make this alt account as ethically as I could, considering the circumstances. I can't say much more at this time though. # How do I participate? Everyone can participate, except the admins as they know which account I have hidden around if they look into our account requests. You will have to rely on your sleuthing skills as well as discuss with your comrades (edit: forgot to finish my sentence); As of now I will not be replying to DMs about the alt, but this could change too. When you feel that you have collected sufficient clues, drop a comment in the thread below! # How do I win? This is where it gets interesting. To win, you must not only correctly identify the account, but also explain your reasoning. Then, you must make that reasoning known in the comments below -- that's right, everything you say can be used by anyone else to help them so make sure you're right! This means you also can't just spam account names until you get the right one. The first person to figure out the correct account wins! But if you win, you get to decide _who_ should win the key to the game, it doesn't have to be you. That way, you all work collaboratively like communists instead of filthy individualistic capitalists. (we can change this if you also collectively decide it's a bad idea). There might be runner-up winners (2nd, 3rd place etc) as I had originally set aside one key for the game but I still have some that people apparently don't want to take. How ungrateful! # What do I win? I don't want to spoil the game just yet but it has good reviews, it's a good time waster and it came out not long ago on Steam. # What if the hunt is too hard? In the spirit of an egg hunt, I might periodically drop hints. I won't specify how though, you'll have to keep your eyes open. I have no idea if this is gonna be easy or hard, so we'll see how it goes. # When does the hunt begin? And when does it end? The hunt begins now, my alt could be literally anyone! Maybe it's not even created yet? 👀 Who knows! Certainly not me. And it ends whenever I run out of keys. However, if people find it fun, then we will not spoil the answer until everyone has had their fill. The remaining players will simply be playing for fun. If nobody finds my account for a month, let's say? Then the hunt still goes on! You will find this alt, or perish. It's an order!

Trotsky would have been insufferable if the internet existed in his time. He would make twitter threads after twitter threads tagging the CPSU every time lol

To clarify something though, hoxhaists are not all blanket-banned, neither on lemmygrad or prolewiki. On prolewiki we only ever banned two hoxhaists, wisconcom and another one like 2 months after the project was started.

Yeah, ProleWiki is a nice project that is unfortunately still too obscure lol

I have to clarify that I’m not taking revenge on him per se. What I am doing is countering his lies about us. For example, he’s currently editing a leftypedia page about prolewiki and spreading lies after lies (right after they resurrected too, he has no shame). So I’m in contact with the admins over there to explain the situation.

Really I just want him to stop smearing the name of prolewiki everywhere, and so everywhere he goes I follow and tell people about him and what he does.

So far he’s on leftypedia but if he goes to other spaces, then I will follow too of course.

He also tried to pull this stunt on rationalwiki a while back but they quickly had enough of him and banned him lol.

On that same leftypedia article, he showed some screenshots though (that might be photoshopped, who knows), but I have no idea where he got them from. He says it’s from his blog.

Yeah, pretty much what Gopnik said. There’s so much to go through I could write a book on it. There’s some history here https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Prolewiki (scroll down to Internal conflicts) but it doesn’t even begin to cover all the shit he tried to pull.

Damn, almost a year already. Time flies.

But I was right when I said it wouldn’t last “weeks” like Russia originally said. They all said that, but wars never end that quickly unfortunately.

The thing with wisconcom is…
He left prolewiki of his own accord. He told us he disagreed with where we were taking the project (that he joined for 5 months, far after we started it), and logged out by himself. We said okay, that's your choice. Then his messianic tendencies overtook him and he came back to prolewiki with a lengthy petition to make him into an admin, give him auditor positions so he could double-check our editor applications. Just a whole list of things that we had no reason to grant him. At this point he got into a huge debate with forte and afterwards was banned because, once again, he would not budge on anything. We _owed_ him everything he asked for, on the basis that he was an anti-revisionist. He even came back _exactly 3 days later_, I shit you not, like some kind of Jesus. Somehow he deluded himself into thinking that prolewiki is a catch-all marxist encyclopedia and should be run as such. But it was never -- I was there from the start, I should know. But the thing is. If he had made his own wiki, his own Hoxhaist wiki with his own rules and ran it however he wanted after he had left? We would probably have helped him and kept in contact. I think he doesn't have the technical skills to do this kind of thing. But he can ask people on discord to set this up with him. And then he can run it however he wants. He could have even asked prolewiki for help. He's been harassing us since November, imagine if in that time instead of trying to make alts that we catch in seconds and make twitter threads and a HUGE article on leftypedia or rationalwiki to smear our name, he could have even taught himself how to get a mediawiki website running. But instead he decided to burn all bridges and then, when we didn't magically forgive him (messiah complex strikes again), he started harassing prolewiki and lemmygrad -- nonstop since November. He seems to think ProleWiki reaches millions of users. We register 150-250 visits a day and have 2k followers on twitter. Not bad? Yes, but remember there are communist content creators that drive much more traffic (Lady Izdihar for example has 20k followers on twitter). Instead of focusing his efforts on trying to infiltrate and bring down a wiki that barely gets noticed, he could be building his own. This is clearly unhealthy obsessive behaviour. Anyway, tell me if I'm posting too much about him and you'd rather see less content like this. There's a lot of contact going on with him these days and he says really funny stuff (totally seriously too). I know he also obsessively checks on Lemmygrad and Prolewiki so, hi wisconcom! Please open your own wiki!

He will have to go thermonuclear if we keep lying!

Not as funny for the thing I was going for. I just think it’s funny to quote someone as just saying “You liar!” lol.

But I wasn’t sure how to convey that correctly. Since Wisconcom also likes to pretend we doctor screenshots to make him look bad, I didn’t want to just delete the blackened part either.

"You liar!" - Wisconcom, 14:22, 29 January 2023 (UTC) made me lol. hope it makes you lol too.

(This is taken from his weird “Prolewiki reconstruction committee” discord server in which there is just him and two other people btw)

Thorough vetting processes that are more like interviews and establishing a close relationship with people you want to give authority to. Also note things they do that raise suspicion, for example wisconcom’s liberal stances on China were known (it was a whole thing on lemmygrad too) and he kept editing the china page on prolewiki for his hoxhaist nonsense. Eventually we put a moratorium on it just for him.

Yes, we are reviving the Stasi comrade. The GDR never died!

btw I shared this thread to wisconcom on his substack so please leave some nice messages for him because I know he’ll see this – he obsessively checks lemmygrad every day.

He’s always like that. One minute we are the vilest revisionists in existence, and the next he’s all “I was joking” or “that wasn’t serious” or fake apologising and extending the olive branch.

yes he sent this over on reddit on modmail.

And he’s very mad we made it public:

So from now on I’ll keep publicising everything he sends over “private” messaging.

Copying text without permission? Now you have forced me to go… THERMONUCLEAR!

I am expecting another escalation in Palestine.
The occupier has deployed their special forces ("Yamam") in and around Jerusalem, as well as the occupied West Bank (three battalions). Reinforcements have been sent to the border with Gaza. Of course, as we know just how much settler soldiers dread being sent to Gaza, this will probably not help them very much. However, it remains an escalation from the occupier and Hamas has already hinted that they will be following suit. We could expect another all-out operation like we saw last year during the Sword of Jerusalem operation.

There are also a ton of celebrations going on around various cities in Palestine in honor of the martyr. This might inspire more people to take up arms and commit similar acts, or join the resistance. We’ll see.

The resistant who conducted the operation was named Alqam Khairi, martyred at 21 and living in Jerusalem. He shouted the names of each Palestinian killed during the massacre with every shot.

The occupier never learns and is now reaping the result of their massacre
For people that didn't follow, earlier this week the occupier sent its army into a refugee camp in Jenin and killed 9 people at least. They then prevented emergency services from helping the wounded. In retaliation, the resistance factions fired rockets from Gaza. Afterwards, the occupier bombed Gaza with fighter planes, which were intercepted with anti-air rockets. Furthermore, and this is very big news in my opinion, an operation was launched in Jerusalem (or Al Quds) with firearms. So far 8 settlers were killed. More info as I get them.

teleports behind you “You have forced me to go thermonuclear, kid” he leaves a nuke and teleports away before detonating it

“Readership” lmao don’t make me laugh. Nobody reads your substack. The only people that do is the prolewiki discord so we can laugh at it.

As you can see he decided to comment here as if that would help his case lol

Blahblahblah this is obviously you. You were comradeWenger on reddit until I pushed back against your harassment and you deleted your account. ComradeW, Wenger, hmm…

Your account name on lemmy is Viscorn. You are Fiscornus on the various wikis you try to smear us on.

You are an abuser and you act like one. Get your shit sorted and don’t talk to me again, because I assure you that what I told you on reddit holds and next time, I will not be kind any longer. Pick your battles carefully.

Just in case you delete your comment again, this is what you said. But go ahead, pretend I edited and am lying again:

Definitely too much time. He responds in minutes to every comment and email.

He has a youtube channel where he narrates his videos (this should be okay to say as the youtube is not unrelated or private nor does he try to claim it’s not his)) and he doesn’t sound like a teenager to me, more like late 20s.

9 Palestinians were martyred in Jenin today. 15 are severely wounded.
The occupier raided a refugee camp and launched grenades mounted on launchers into a home as well as one rocket from a portable rocket launcher. There is video footage here: https://t.me/GazaNewsPlus/1993 Then, the occupier prevented emergency response from reaching the area to help the wounded and put out the fire. This is a massacre, plain and simple. A crime against humanity.

Should this community be merged into Shit Reactionaries Say?
It got completely ignored because of the name. So what do you think? Should we keep it open, or merge it into the new SRS?

The merger into just two Shit X Say communities is complete
Very good job on the part of community mods who backed up and deleted their communities pre-emptively. I went ahead and deleted the last few communities, which had just 6 posts on them on average. From now on, please only post to [!shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitreactionariessay) and [!shitultrassay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitultrassay). Please do not make new "Shit X Say" type communities. Two communities were archived, these are Shit Liberals Say and Shit Fascists Say. They were made "mod-only", which means you cannot post there but can still comment on existing posts. We decided to archive them by popular demand and because there were so many posts on them people didn't want to lose.

Please use c/ShitReactionariesSay instead (link inside)
[!shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitreactionariessay) This community will be archived and no more new posts will be able to be made. Please use the merged community above to post what you wanted to post here. As a reminder also, no more new "Shit X Say" type communities are allowed on Lemmygrad except for the above and [!shitultrassay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitultrassay) for ultracommunists.

This community will be merged into Shit Reactionaries Say
Please post everything you wanted to post here to [!shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitreactionariessay) instead. Mods are not very active so I'll try to get this community closed down (no new posts). ~~It will be deleted in 7 days along with all other Shit X Say communities.~~ edit: community will be closed down and new submissions made to mod-only, so you can still look at it but can't post.

Entering merger grace period: when this post is 7 days old, we will delete all “Shit X Say” communit
For those out of the loop, we are merging all "Shit X Say" communities into just two: [!shitliberalssay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitliberalssay) and [!shitultrassay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitultrassay). **From this moment:** users are not allowed to make new communities in the "Shit X Say" vein and should not post in any "Shit X Say" community that is not one of the two above. **7 days from now:** we will delete the extra communities (all except the 2 above) If you mod a Shit X Say type community, back up the posts before we delete them. Just copy the URL as they are not entirely deleted from the server, just hidden. We also recommend you put your communities on mod only so that people don't inadvertently post new content there (just click on this icon and then check the "make community mod only): ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d8759995-19b3-423e-862a-0d1798cfe5df.png) Or alternatively, pre-emptively delete your community if you've backed up the posts. For now we will place everything in Shit Liberals Say, which should become Shit Reactionaries Say, but there's discussion about just making a Shit Reactionaries Say community. Personally I'm not sure which is best. There's 1.5k posts on SLS and we would basically lose all of them, but at the same time it might confuse people to post to Shit "Liberals" Say about monarchists or fascists.

Proceeding with the Shit X Say merger: the status of Shit Liberals Say
The merger is going along nicely and I will soon announce the grace period (after which we will delete all SXS communities except for SLS and a Shit Ultras Say community that will be created). Most mods of the soon-to-be deleted communities have given me their approval for deletion and have already backed up their post URLs. However, SLS is not responding. We want to merge (most) everything into that community as the name is easily recognisable and it's the biggest community for that, meaning they wouldn't have to back up the hundreds of posts that were made there. At this time however only one mod of SLS, [@AnarchoBolshevik@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/AnarchoBolshevik) is somewhat still active on Lemmygrad -- and they haven't got back to me regarding the merging, which will probably make SLS much more active. What I'm proposing to the community then is that **all the mods of soon-to-be deleted communities be named mods of SLS.** Easiest solution in my opinion. After the merger is complete, there will only be two communities allowed for Shit X Say types community: SLS, renamed Shit Reactionaries Say, and Shit Ultras Say. All other communities of this type will not be allowed anymore.

LAST CALL for the merging of Shit X Say communities [read this]
As the lemmygrad community was heavily in agreement of merging our many (~10) "Shit X Say" communities into one, we are moving forward with that. But here I'm proposing the last call to make your voice heard before we start deleting stuff. Our proposition is to have 2 communities : - Keep ShitLiberalsSay for all things from reactionaries and non-communists, because it's a big and active community - Create a new ShitUltrasSay community for all things from "leftists", e.g. MLMs, anarchists, trots, patsocs, ultras, leftcoms... The merger will look like this (again still a proposition): - In a first step, a grace period of several days is allowed so that you can save content from all the deleted communities. We'll also announce which communities will be merged where. - In a second step, we will delete the superfluous communities. This means all their content and comments will be deleted from the front end, but still accessible via direct link. - In a third step, we have to assign the new ShitUltrasSay community (not yet created) to someone. I'm not entirely sure about how to solve that yet. If all the current mods of Shit X Say community want to pitch in and decide between themselves if they want to mod together or something. - After that, we will clarify in the main sidebar that everything should be posted in those two communities and we will delete all new communities that bear the Shit X Say label that can fit into one of the two existing communities. All inputs welcome of course.

Narco on tankiejerk found out about prolewiki and objects that we called the 1911 revolution that established the Republic of China a bourgeois revolution. Then they drop this in the comments lmao

Get on my level
To go on Twitter, I don't just open a new tab and type Twitter dot com I open Lemmygrad and I make a post with twitter.com in the URL field. Then I submit that post and I click on the link at the top. Finally I delete the post because I'll be damned if I let you see it. It's for me only. How many levels are you on?

Thank you Spotify for this ONE time you recommended a good band to me. Discovered this song in my weekly mix and yep, the band is great. They never got the attention they deserved apparently but their first three albums are solid classic prog rock. They're still making music to this day (i don't know how many original members are still in this band though) but they've had their ups and downs after their prog period. Tried many different styles, even glam in the 90s when grunge was the rage (that's a... choice) and then weird avant-garde underground-techno-hard-rock mix, I kid you not, but they've had bangers too in that period. Definitely start with the first three albums if you like this one though.

The world is falling more and more into fascism
If you think it's bad now, it's gonna get worse in the coming years. Reading and analysing what's been happening around us for the past 10-20 years, it's clear that we're in a Nazi Germany situation. And when fascism will be here, we will ask "how did that happen?" The future looks bleak.

The worst workout routine is the one you don’t do!
I think we all need the reminder every now and then. Personally I changed my programme last week after staying almost a year on my previous routine and it was becoming boring. And boring is the enemy that makes you not go to the gym, makes you not train as hard. I spent some time looking for a new programme but most of them used the same exercises and progression system which was just rehashing what I'd been doing for months. I eventually found this one: https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=157587143 which I'm in the process of trying out (but liking it so far). But obviously at the gym the best routine is the one everyone else is doing, but they never want you to be on it lol. So remind yourself: at least you're doing something. You could be staying at home on the couch, or you could be working out. And you chose to work out.

We have removed the “Just Neckbeard Things” community
For full transparence we are announcing it here. Our reasons were that it seemed like it was made to bash people for their appearance. This is not something we want to bring to Lemmygrad; All of us here have been able to foster a generally positive attitude in this community and we want to keep it that way. There's not much more to say but if you have questions you can ask them in the comments here.

Remember: the media lies.
There's protests happening in China and people will show me an article from AP, Reuters or CNN and ask "What the fuck is happening in China??" I understand the question is "what is _actually_ happening that the media is hiding?". But: What's happening is nothing worth mentioning. Stuff happens all the time. The media emphasizes those small acts and gives them a voice, and we internalise this voice even if we don't want to. They make mountains out of a molehill and we see that mountain too, even when we realise it can't be a mountain. This goes for things not relating to protests or China too. If it comes from western media, distrust it already. Assume bad faith. Distance yourself from it as much as possible.

Do we even need to present Dream Theater? The Astonishing is definitely my favourite album from them, even if I don't like concept albums in general and think DT's weakest point is their lyrics, so the match was definitely hard to sell. But the chord progressions are just amazing in this one, incredible. I sometimes put the album on and just jam it out for 2 hours 10 minutes. Three Days has to be my favourite from the album.

Xi’s workout routine revealed
His programme is lifting 800 million people out of poverty Get 10 hours sleep every night so he can be WOKE No food in China bc he needs it all for his massive gains Speaking of gains he put on 2.2% GDP growth in 2020 during lockdown when everyone else was LOSING

Some of the work people can do on Prolewiki (number 4 will shock you)
Comrades seem to think the only tasks we need filled on Prolewiki is editing -- adding new content. In truth, we will take whatever we can get, that's the beauty of this project. As an editor on the wiki (for which you just have to request an account: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Special:RequestAccount), you can: 1. Proofread and patrol others' edits. 1. Create new pages as stubs so that others can fill them out later. 1. Add pictures to articles. 1. Help with CSS and other front end changes. 1. Help categorize articles properly. 1. Add works to the library. 1. Write your own essays in our essays section. 1. Create redirects (misspellings, case-sensitive, other spellings, etc) to pages. 1. If you're trustworthy, even help out on social media! And I think that's not even all of it. We don't ask for quotas or anything when participating, and as you can see there's a lot of stuff you can probably already do with us! If you're interested, request an account on the wiki and join our discord! (https://discord.gg/ZQTBNRU9v5) we have a good community going now.

There is no colonialism institution in my EU4 game
We're in 1530 and there's not going to be a colonialism institution for a long time. It's supposed to spawn around 1500. Essentially I got to PU Portugal and Castile (as Aragon) before they got their first idea, which means neither wanted to take exploration because it wasn't useful to them. I always start with inno and offensive (best combo) so I don't have it either. I'm in the process of annexing France and England and neither of them took exploration either. Castile did take expansion, but this is worthless unless you actually have provinces to colonise. Weird first choice tbh even for the AI. Very weird situation, I'll have to take explo as my third idea group and start colonising. At least it means I get to spawn it. Though I was hoping Portugal would colonise for me and I would just integrate them later, but apparently not. Still very good Mare Nostrum run, on pace and everything.

Today, starting at 9:10am, women work for free for the rest of the year – thoughts?
There's this event that is starting to get traction in Europe (I don't know in the rest of the world), that on November 4th, at 9:10 am, women work for free for the rest of the year due to wage disparities between men and women. Clarification: women are not refusing pay, the event is that they (as well as men) are highlighting the fact that after that date, they are essentially working for free. Truthfully I'm not sure what to think of this or say about it. I mean, the purpose of noting this event is to bring awareness to wage disparities and inequality. But I can't help but feel it lacks revolutionary character. All wage labour is labour done for free, it is not unique to wage disparity among other lines. What are your thoughts? How do we repackage this into a revolutionary outlook?

Anybody else noticed war coverage just kinda… died down?
I have not even *thought* about the war in weeks, and randomly catch myself remembering that it's actually still ongoing.

Any other EU4 players?
I'm going back to it after Vic3. I made a post previously which you can see on my profile, but basically you'll have to wait for DLCs and patches to see Vic3 have more depth. EU4 remains the benchmark and top-tier game. Anybody else playing?