‘The political desperadoes and ignoramuses, who say they would “Rather be Dead than Red”, should be told that no one will stop them from committing suicide, but they have no right to provoke a third world war.’ — Morris Kominsky, 1970

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Incidentally, this is practically identical to how neoliberals talk about the United States: normalizing its misbehavior, claiming that everything that the communists did was far worse, and some meaningless statement on how patriotic or hardworking its forces are. It’s a very dull defence.

Originally ‘genocide’ did not refer to literal massacres, but actions that inhibited nationalism, hence why some people now say ‘cultural genocide’ to clarify that they are not referring to violence. To further complicate matters, sometimes the ethnic aspect is overlooked completely, and it becomes a crude synonym for ‘mass killing’. It’s an ambiguous term with a great deal of emotional baggage, which is why anticommunists like overusing it so much.

I know that some indigenous groups recommend using the term, but in the mainstream ‘genocide’ is used very selectively and rarely in reference to the people that the Anglosphere oppressed, so I still prefer using other terminology.

The scores of millions of deaths that capitalists and other anticommunists have caused is something that I take seriously and would prefer not to see on merchandise. There are more tasteful ways to increase awareness.

communism didn’t do that

your saying communism DIDNT kill over 100 million straight white capitalist men??? HOLY SH*T thats WORSE then holocaust denial!!! (which incidentalley has less evidance to support it then communisms death count…)

I’m sure DeSantis will do feudalism and capitaliam next to be fair.

lel like anticommies give a shit about their victims dying.

Look for their reactions to this compilation. They couldn’t care less. They’ll even go so far as to imply that all of those Guatemalan kids deserved it.

A police dog finally getting the real criminal… now that’s a story.

Ugh I knew that somebody was going to nitpick about the source used.

Gimme more of that famous capitalist ‘poverty reduction’! …


But in one way Fama was right: the movement in the individual prices of stocks and bonds is “extremely hard to predict over short horizons.” And prices do move quickly (and efficiently?) to absorb any ability of investors to take advantage of others and make profit (as long as the market is not …


If you ask me? No, it wasn’t. The people’s republics did establish the Warsaw Treaty Organization to defend against the NATO, but the upper classes established the NATO to protect exploitation and potentially crush workers’ revolutions. These two organizations weren’t the same thing.

From what I can tell, the accusations of ‘(social) imperialism’ start with a kernel of truth (the U.S.S.R. extracting some reparations from Eastern Europe, the Hungarian and Czechoslovakian uprisings having some proletarian elements in them, &c.), but they end up misinterpreting the situations, exaggerating certain features, and leaving some arguments unaddressed, resulting in misanalysis. If you want a more in‐depth overview, kindly let me know if you find this book useful.

While I disagree with the accusations of imperialism, I think that it’s still important to understand the other side’s argument, so you can read some of these links later if you want. Just try to take them with a grain of salt.

Sen. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, drew widespread criticism last week for meandering comments tenuously connecting Adolf Hitler to the legislation. Niceley said Hitler at one point lived on the streets and used the experience as a “way to connect with the masses.”

It’s funny how anticommunists like this never mention the more obvious and far more important similarities that they have in common with Schicklgruber, like… gee, I don’t know… his aggressive anticommunism or upper‐class adulthood.

In April, Congress allocated $13.6 billion for the war in Ukraine. Biden recently requested an additional $33 billion — larger than the entire defense budgets of many countries. This money will pad the already exorbitant profits of major weapons manufacturers Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon…


The frenzy that was generated and the Russophobia carefully fabricated by the authorities dissuaded many people from attending. Even so, about 1,000 people, filled the Paseo del Prado, tense and joyful and, above all, with the feeling of having fulfilled our duty. We were all conscious that we wer…


This seems to be a satirical video put out by GreatNationsEat.org rather than the PRC, probably parodying all those videos of white adults in Africa asking for donations. So this isn’t a confirmation that another country is raising funds for starving Usonian children, but it still makes a valid point about how Imperial America neglects its own children far more than its worst enemies.

It’s hard for me to appreciate observations like this without imagining an anticommunist replying ‘but communism was just as bad’.

You know that they’d say that, and immediately dismiss any evidence contradicting that as ‘commie propaganda’.

have some self respect dude.

I’ll try… but it ain’t easy.

I have to confess, though, that I am little surprised at this thread’s unpopularity. Is it because more people like me than I think?

Expected rehashed cisgender humor; was pleasantly surprised instead.

That’s not a very satisfying answer, though. If you want the asker to close the question feeling confident, you have to offer something more substantial.

Upon closer examination, it turns out that the principles described in the declaration are clearly not in great demand among the Western public.

Then why do you people care?

Today’s Russia is an absolutely capitalist state.

Thank you for stating the obvious. While you are at it, maybe you can remind us that Sudetenland was capitalist, too.

This is another very bland article. When it isn’t glossing over communist arguments without comment, it’s filled with the typical oversimplifications and common misunderstandings that communists have already addressed repeatedly. Just because I’m disinterested in going on and on about how much Putin sucks doesn’t mean that my sentiment is ‘Putin good’.

Focussing on the Russian Federation only distracts us from the real causes of this conflict and how Western capitalists set the stage for it. But I’m unsurprised that these dullards care less about that and far more about an unpopular minority.

All elements of the U.S. imperialist state — military, intelligence and administrative — are lined up to use Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia and to use the Ukrainians as cannon fodder. And while no NATO or U.S. forces have officially entered the war, the U.S. is sending 8,000 additional U…


Capitalists are using the war to promote DRM

It truly bothers us and troubles us to see how the media was spinning DRM in tractors, portraying the whole thing as benign if not benevolent just because in one particular case — involving a stock of tractors (not even so many of them!) — it harmed Russia. As if Russia will turn back and end the…


Then, at 4 p.m., hundreds of teachers, parents, and community supporters headed to the Middle Harbor, Shoreline Park in the Port of Oakland to shut down the second shift of longshore workers. This was a strong act of solidarity after a long day of picketing and marching. ILWU contracts contain lang…


Meeting the Real Elon Musk: “Why I Hate Elon Musk”

ETA: I should warn that the author of the video is probably right‐wing, but the information presented should still be verifiable…


A Conversation with Grover Furr (4/26/22)

I am sharing this here for anybody who may be curious. The following message is from an e‐mail that Prof. Furr recently sent to me: …


Abolitionist activists are trying to get laws passed that would put an end to life sentences without the possibility of parole. In Pennsylvania, 13.4% of people in prison are sentenced to life terms without parole, compared to a 3.6% average in other states. …


As part of its “decommunization” campaign, Zelensky personally announced March 20 the suspension of 11 moderate to left-wing political parties in Ukraine. The parties barred are Opposition Party-For Life, Shariy Party, Nashi, Opposition Bloc, Left Opposition, Union of Left Forces, State, Progressiv…


Protesters then marched, waving Palestinian flags, shouting chants for liberation and return and carrying banners: “Globalize the Intifada,” “Honor the Martyrs of Palestine” and “We Will Free Palestine Within Our Lifetime.” The demonstration was met with applause, whistles and claps by passersby on…



Transcript: …


Incarcerated people trying to access health care are blocked at almost every turn. They can’t simply walk over to the infirmary. Often the first attempt at treatment is a perfunctory exam with no resolution. Only after persistent and repeated visits does anyone on staff take the incarcerated patien…