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Yeah for sure, most of the world is lining up behind China now. Countries that hitch their wagon to the crumbling US empire are gonna be in a world of pain going forward.

I’d argue it’s actually going to hurt US more than China as it further decouples US from EU. UK and Australia are basically the two countries that support US unconditionally at this point.

They were gonna by 12 subs from France worth something like 42 billion originally.

The label is clearly rather arbitrary and just gets applied purely for political reasons. If the word terrorism still had any meaning then we’d consider US the biggest terrorist org in the world.

Yeah, it’s fantastic to see a nation develop meaningful technology instead of just thinking that progress is making more social media apps and phones.

Realistically the fed is just going to print more money, but long term effect is going to be inflation.

Yeah, I think China is critical for keeping socialism alive globally right now.

Pretty much, I basically just look up news on China whenever I need cheering up.

Good call, I gotta remember to use the archiving feature more!

It’s absolutely the case, and I see no way for the West to counter China at this point. The main reason being that China is centrally planned while the West consists of many factions that are at odds with one another. Historically, central organization has always beaten ad hoc efforts.

Sure, but their opinions don’t matter since US is an oligarchy. On the other hand, the ruling class is pretty divided on China since a lot of them have a lot of investments there. I highly doubt that US would be in position to take any kind of coordinated action against China in practice.

Only problem being that US economy is heavily dependent on China, and you can’t bully China without them hurting you back.

In terms of per capita metrics US is still ahead, but the absolute terms are still meaningful. Double STEM graduates translates into double the number of people doing research and development. That likely means China will be developing technology at a faster rate than US going forward.

That’s the most quintessentially American headline I’ve seen in a while.

It’s just basic logic really. You have to control tech and manufacturing in order to have sovereignty. Western economies that let corporations outsource this stuff are now held hostage by finance capital.