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somebody should cross stitch this meme

every day you learn something you don’t want to


I graduated from one of Shanghai’s better-known high schools after taking gaokao last year. Wang’s vision at AHSPU is a lot like university, especially the original readings part. I wish I had these instead of exercise books full of fill-in-the-blanks but admittedly, without them I won’t be in the university I’m in today. Big cynical moment.

But I won’t call it a bottom-up movement. Wang is an NPC member, the high school is affiliated to PKU; this all sounds pretty privileged. As such I find it more like a middle-up thing. And yeah, bummer that it failed.

Also imagine how I feel when I chewed through an article in my second language when I realized the piece was a translation


The Netherlands

Since this question is hypothetical, I can just assume what I read on Wikipedia and other sources are correct and it indeed is a free country.

It’s all about beginner friendliness, actually, that’s all.

Mastobot - Create cheap Mastodon bots in a Flask-like syntax
I'm here to promote a python library I wrote, named Mastobot. Evidently, it enables developers to make cheap bots. Let's all read the [README]( to find out how it really feels like, shall we?

Edit: Whoops, didn't realize this community is for open source software. Any suggestions as to where this belongs?

Not yet, since I’m not using one. Check out the KDE wiki, perhaps?

Afaik Google is hardly involved in KDE’s development. KDE is right now pretty much entirely community-driven, the people are nice, and I’ve submitted a patch that’s merged into upstream. Let’s hope your concern will never come true.

Wait, seriously or ironically (the favicons aren’t right)?

utab: New Tab, but better
I started this project a few weeks ago for my transition from Firefox to Falkon, and I've been using it ever since. It's a daemon running on a local port for all web browsers to access. It now provides two features: Top Sites, inspired by Firefox's new tab, and a search bar with customizable engines, inspired by DDG's bangs (but it's a slash instead of a bang, to save you a shift press). Check out the source code (0BSD): [utab]( utab is almost definitely *not* what you exactly wanted, given its intentionally limited config options and features, but given the power of free software anyone can build upon it themselves. Also, it is 100% JavaScript-free.

Fact check: mostly true.

the belief that dog meat is tasty and good for health is etched into Chinese culture.

Not in my culture, I suppose?

Sure, why don’t we learn some context first?

The gov was, allegedly, working on a proposal that will legalize 地摊 (individual businesses in the form of stalls on a patch of ground, usually selling fresh produce, small utilities, etc.), in hope of helping low-income families to find a new source. Some areas have opened designated “markets” to accommodate the stalls. Little limit being imposed on who is or is not allowed to kickstart a business, some rich people drove their luxurious automobile to the market, selling products above. This meme particularly pokes fun at this phenomenon.

So, translation: Nooo!!! You can’t just open your stall here with your tens of millions yuan of wealth!! The Stall Economy isn’t for you to have fun with! Haha check out my Porsches buy two get one free don’t miss the chance

Funny how I just took my likely last biology exam in my entire life this afternoon, i.e. 8 hours ago. That’s around the time when we discussed the /c/china rules. Anyways, I’m glad it’s over, but I’m not letting go of all these meme-able biology gimmicks. It’s finally time to pipe all my biology-related atrocities here.

Ooh alright, right away

I’m a Chinese native so I don’t see why not. I sure hope something new gets posted here more often than I visit it. I also do hope (a lot) that I could receive reports via email. It’s gonna be a busy school year so I can’t do this alone; we can co-moderate.

Thank you for this community, ~fkfd

Fun fact: in Chinese pinyin, dàbiàn is 大便, which means poop.