A few months ago, I built a tool to generate fake data based on a JSON payload(fakeapi). FakeAPI worked fine, but a major downside was that a JSON payload must be sent as a post request to receive data. This is not good for someone emulating any other HTTP methods. …


A Noob Question

I’ve started to learn programming Python (also i’m a beginner) and my code’s print result was “0”. Could someone explain why? …

A Noob Question

When debugging code, you’re often faced with figuring out when a variable changes. Without any advanced tools, you have the option of using print statements to announce the variables when you expect them to change. However, this is a very ineffective way because the variables could change in many pl…

I built an API to generate fake data, which comes in handy when testing/prototyping the frontend. Data is generated based on a json payload. …

Naïve Bayes is a classification technique that serves as the basis for implementing several classifier modeling algorithms. Naïve Bayes-based classifiers are considered some of the simplest, fastest, and easiest-to-use machine learning techniques, yet are still effective for real-world applications…

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