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Cross platform Python app development

Can you recommend any cross platform Python app development frameworks where you write code once and it can be deployed to Linux, Android, Windows, MacOS and iOS…

tweet2toot will replicate all tweets and threads of the Twitter user of your choice…


SimpleHTTPServer is a python module which allows you to instantly create a web server or serve your files in a snap. The main advantage of python’s SimpleHTTPServer is you don’t need to install anything since you have python interpreter installed. You don’t have to worry about python interpreter bec…

Why do tuples and lists both need to exist?

The only differences are that tuples are immutable and that lists have extra methods. …

A few months ago, I built a tool to generate fake data based on a JSON payload(fakeapi). FakeAPI worked fine, but a major downside was that a JSON payload must be sent as a post request to receive data. This is not good for someone emulating any other HTTP methods. …


A Noob Question

I’ve started to learn programming Python (also i’m a beginner) and my code’s print result was “0”. Could someone explain why? …


When debugging code, you’re often faced with figuring out when a variable changes. Without any advanced tools, you have the option of using print statements to announce the variables when you expect them to change. However, this is a very ineffective way because the variables could change in many pl…

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