Voice calls and Video calls, Is it e2ee?

just wanna be aware, since I do calls alot…

In light of the current security vulnerability I would like to highlight the significantly weaker Megolm e2ee deployed in Matrix. Excerpt from the article: …

The national agency for the digitalisation of the healthcare system in Germany (gematik) has selected Matrix as the open standard on which to base all its interoperable instant messaging standard - the TI-Messenger. …

We’re going to try to keep the pressure up over the coming weeks - and once sytest is at 100% coverage (and we’re not missing any big features which sytest doesn’t cover yet) we’ll be declaring a 1.0 :) …

Matrix as an alternative to SMTP?

Given all the issues with PGP mail, SMTP, and IMAP, as well as the flexibility of Matrix, I was wondering if it makes sense to apply Matrix to non-realtime communication like email. Developments like autocrypt and pEp just seem like attempts to fix a…

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