Might be possible to use with Lemmy as well (Maybe not if it uses the Mastodon client API)

Which Matrix clients are you using and why?
I managed to convince my friends to give Matrix a try. Among us we span almost all platforms. Any ideas on what clients to use would be much appreciated.

Syphon • A privacy centric matrix client
Been using this client for matrix and I gotta say. This might be the client to be adopted by many once it's out of alpha. What do you all think?

[Question] How much does Matrix homeserver cost on average?
Hello, How much does a small matrix server that I and my friends can use cost on average? I will also set up Whatsapp, Signal and Discord bridge on the server.

[Solved] How can I use syphon and element?
I'm trying to use element on manjaro linux and syphon on an android phone. I'm logged in with manjaro and when I log in from the phone I get a "verify your device" popup. When I click on verify it says "Verify other device To proceed, please accept the verification request on your other device." But I don't see anything on syphon. I can't read private chats because all messages appear as encrypted. I can read group chats though. So what can I do to read private chats from syphon?

Crossgeposted von: > This is a new project, but sadly [as explained here](, it is just a multi-user puppeteering gateway for Matrix users: > > > You write it your jid and password in a private chat, it connects to the XMPP server and creates a matrix room for each contact in the roster. Basic text messages work flawlessly in both directions. > > Sadly Bifrost is almost unusable from the XMPP side. I really wish there was a nicer gateway from XMPP to Matrix.

Thunderbird will support matrix protocol out-of-the-box in version 102 (due June) and is available in v91 beta now. I just tried it, you go to *preferences*, *edit config*, add a string "*chat.prpls.prpl-matrix.disable*" and set it to false and matrix becomes an available option in the chats part of your account to find my old password.....

On fluffychat, how do I see where I've been pinged?
I can see which chats have pinged me, but I don't know how to jump or view the exact message where I was pinged

If you're reading this, it means it works — this blog is hosted on Matrix. This post describes how I've done it.

What happened to
I cannot log in to my acct. From stux: A while back I announced that the domain is gonna expire and the server was blocked from some places since we had a spam issue! :sad_cat:​ A month back or so I've redone the whole server and asked people to move accounts, I'm afraid you missed this 😮 :blobcathearts:​ If you like you can re-signup on and join the Meow Chat group, most people from the "old" chat are on there :cathug:​

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