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Collaborative editing on Emacs across editors/IDEs?

Is there any way to use Emacs for collaborative editing, while there is at least one person who doesn’t use emacs, but rather some popular IDE? It should also be possible to edit multiple files at the same time. …

[Idea] An emacs client built for privacy.

I don’t know how I would pull it off though…

newsticker is not functioning properly.

I’m getting this error everytime I try to launch newsticker in treeview or plain. …

Is there a lemmy client for emacs?

Emacs eww cannot handle JS, which lemmy requires for function…

hello! …

The building process also requires autoconf to have installed…

I like emacs `calc`.

I decided to use emacs calc for my School assignments instead of a TI calculator. …

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Don't automatically create heading id in org-roam files
(add-hook 'org-roam-find-file-hook...

[#askfedi] What is going be Emacs's solution for UI freezing?

Emacs UI usually stop responding when it performs a long task, for example, saving a file remotely. I’d be very convenient if I can use eshell or do something else at the same time. …

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