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I thought that the way novice.el disabled commands is … could be better. So this is my attempt…

Is there a lemmy mode for emacs?

(Friendly mutton chop whiskers optional, of course.)…

Split Window

I know how to split windows (C-x 2 or C-x 3), and I know I can give a C-u number precursor to that to make the new window have that many lines, but is there (simple) way to “split window at current point”, which… does what it suggests (splits the window at the line where the cursor is)? I can’t …


Written in TECO editor/language…

Emacs org-mode examples and cookbook

This document provides examples of different things that can be done in emacs org-mode files. This is not intended to be a tutorial. The examples should provide a clue of what you need to look up in the org-mode manual. …

Our infinitely powerful editor
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