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Sxmo: Simple X Mobile - A Pinephone UI that is simple and suckless

Sxmo, or Simple X Mobile, is a collection of simple and suckless X programs and scripts used together to create a fully functional mobile UI adhering to the Unix philosophy for the Pinephone. You control the UI largely through using the Pinephone buttons (press different numbers of times quickly for…

Does anyone use their Pinephone as a portable rasPi like device with built in screen, battery, and modems?

I just ordered the new 3gb one and am thinking it’s gonna be a portable media center/game emulator (maybe?) for social times. …

Would you want a killswitch for the fingerprint scanner PinePhone is developing?

PinePhone is currently prototyping a fingerprint scanner that goes on the back of the phone. I’m just curious, how important would a dedicated killswitch be for you? …

For Ubuntu Touch and other Linux Phone OS. … (matrix) on pinephone

Would the desktop client work on pinephone? Does it make sense? Otherwise, how to use a feature rich pinephone matrix client? When reading about gnu/linux clients, the only really feature rich, supporting e2e and several other important features, is…

Signal/Axolotl on pinephone (no other phone but the pinephone one)

In a prior discussion about axolotl, it got my attention that axolotl does work but just like for a secondary device, depending on having a phone with Signal installed as the main device client. If that’s so, it means there’s no way to have a pinephone as the only phone, with Signal support?..

Pinephone: Postmarket OS edition

I’d really like to order this, but the website says “Linux Enthusiasts only.” Do you guys think this means that its only for developers/programmers? …

PostmarketOS + Phosh…


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