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“Those are little W’s! I said consummate V’s!”

It’s like the Escape from Monkey Island soundtrack played in a glitch zone of the NES Metroid game after much drinking.

I thought this was about Fermi GPU chipset being DX12 capable but nVidia not supporting Vulkan for it.

A little tag if commenting user has up-voted a topic?

This could be some incentive for up-voting relevant topics. Maybe also a tag indicating a commenting user has joined the community they are posting in?..

It looks fantastic! Note minetest has its own irrlicht library now which must be compiled into the game for this feature.

Creating a video wall with nVidia Quadro cards

Dealing with proprietary drivers can be painful. Hopefully this document will help a little…

TLDR: Severus’ cousin Zoe doesn’t get the silly nonsense the other kids are laughing about.

We live in a world where people are connecting electronically - instead of the playground, park, school etc. Many of these otherwise engaging places are now off-limits to kids without a parent hovering over them. Good luck being a kid and wanting to explore your neighborhood on your own. Enter the electronic game where a kid can have adventures to test their independent reasoning and reward their curiosity and their friends are waiting there to hang out too. Maybe she could focus on making her local park more welcoming and engaging.

Because video games are interactive, this positions video games outside of the area of the arts.

This appears to require proprietary software to be installed on either or both host and client systems. Also, being a cloud service does not preclude it being proprietary software.

The Pinephone with Linux is like the PC with Linux, not everyone will be satisfied, just like a PC with Windows or OSX or a smartphone with Android. Any issue has the potential to be a catalyst for new software. Simply, a device that opens some new possibilities is what we have. Sxmo is a good example of this.

https://github.com/pmiddend/nixos-manager but there has not been much activity this year

Maybe a lack of mobile specific commercial proprietyware, but you have thousands of vetted and maintained programs available in the distro repositories!

From the Pinephone wiki:

The pogo pins provide access to an interrupt line, power inputs/outputs and an I2C interface.

so I2C, but no USB data unfortunately. But hey, it’s not like a sensible linux distro would not be capable without a mouse!

Weekly Space Hangout: May 5, 2021 – Dr. Ronald Mallett, Professor Emeritus, UConn

Fraser’s prerecorded interview with Dr. Ronald Mallett, Professor Emeritus and Research Professor of Physics at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. …

Seems a little cringey to have a prominent link to some proprietary software right in the freenode title banner while talking about a commitment to FOSS. This is contradictory at best.

Sxmo: Simple X Mobile - A Pinephone UI that is simple and suckless

Sxmo, or Simple X Mobile, is a collection of simple and suckless X programs and scripts used together to create a fully functional mobile UI adhering to the Unix philosophy for the Pinephone. You control the UI largely through using the Pinephone buttons (press different numbers of times quickly for…

despite the key press issues, it looks really great. I hope that operating systems can recognize that a keyboard is attached and prevent the on-screen kb from appearing. Since the KB has a battery, can the battery be removed from the phone for a little space to put things like lora, NFC, etc? I almost wish the kb also included a pointing device but that could make the keys too cramped.

Created a Valheim server on an Asus C202s Chromebook!

I had an old intel based chromebook gathering dust and I have been wanting to use it as a small web and maybe gameserver. The C202s has the following specs: …

Copyright seems to be the tool that journal corporations are using to shut down free information. Why are scientists not publishing their work with a copyleft license such as Creative Commons Share Alike? Anyone that produces content can use this copyright protected license to ensure the free access to work.



Another open access journal:


I’m glad VR on Linux has gotten to a point where it’s a great experience. I still can’t justify the US$900 (used) when that’s more than my whole gaming system cost. I would likely get more pleasure from buying/upgrading a game system for a friend to play with.

Some of these phones would make great low cost servers for self hosted web apps and games, appliances such as network cameras, wallclocks and desk calendars and entertainment devices.

Not letting selfish people steal code from authors that want people to share it. Well the code trolls can roll their own code and license as they see fit.

I’d love to see this for the Linux-based Axis214 camera!

I too want to make my own yogurt! Currently I had a half gallon of heavy cream in the fridge for only a week and I noticed it becoming thick and clotted (but not bitter, only a little like cream cheese in ‘butteriness’ taste) and quite like yogurt in taste! We eat a lot of purchaced yogurt and I can only guess that some culture found its way into lacto heaven. This is the best yogurt I’ve had ever had! Very rich and not very tangy. Kinda like a double rich version of Trader Joe’s French Style Whole Milk yogurt. I’m hoping I can replicate what happened but I’m only half way through the carton.

Native Linux Valheim performs noticeably worse than with Proton.

Valheim on Proton works better with OpenGL (34-50fps) than Proton with Vaheim’s Vulkan (15-20fps) mode. Native Linux builds are only getting 15-20fps. It’s kind of weird considering the lead developer does his work on Linux. I know the game has yet to be optimized, but I fear that Unity is just …

I made some goblins for minetest in case you want some mischievous creatures to inhabit your caves. …