The Minetest community in Lemmy

It’s a nice inventory system. I do wish I could get the information of an item by hovering over it though…

Minetest 5.5.0 released!


Linux Forks

Hey, I can’t access It keeps saying I have an “Invalid Password”. I highly doubt that the name “tfp99” has already been chosen. Why doesn’t Linux Forks work properly and redirect to the account creation screen?..

Cable Cars

Hi, I want to know where I can find a mod with cable cars! Give me a link if you can find one! …

I need some help with Advtrains

How can you have a train take the alternate path on a fork without the speed limit being lowered?..

This is a really simple game: You push boxes by walking into them. You can’t push more than one box at once. Your task is to put all boxes to spots marked by marbles. A box gets coloured red when it stands on a marked spot. And since the game is 3D, you can move all 6 directions: left, right, forwar…


In this video we’ll be taking a look at how to host and run your own Minetest server on a GNU/Linux system. The basics are probably the same for windows and mac, but I don’t own either of those systems so don’t bother asking about it. :P …

I want to start selfhosting Minetest

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(Minetest) Massively Improved Spawn By Dedicated Player! Also Areas Mod Majorly Buffed to 12 Areas!

Dedicated player EXTENSIVELY added to our spawn spanning 8 road ways to go around! You surely able to find a place to call home or to take to the oceans with little to no efforts required (few boats are attempted to be laid out/in chests)! Check out what they did below! ![](

The Minetest community in Lemmy

    Minetest is an infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft and the like.

    The community is about the great and open source sandbox game writed in Lua, Minetest.

    Feel free to call players for a multiplayer game or publish your project of a mod and everthing related.

    Download the game. Check out the wiki.

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