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You’re wrong, Mozc refers to the Google keyboard codename, but Mozc is also a project of the linux japanese input which is under Google’s name on Github, but it’s an independent project without Google’s support.

Dialect is also a good project of a translator and we shouldn’t forget Mozc, a japanese open source keyboard.

Always the f-droid version is left behind.

The android app seems outdated, but it’s a jar game, maybe I can try to use J2ME Loader.

Some models can ship with OS out to date, so I think is good to check for updates.

Is it possible to block any unstrusted source to be on Wikipedia?

It’s linux I’m talking about my man. Linux.

Pinephone or Nexus phone are pretty cheap. The first one still mostly for developers, but it is good.

Eu lembro que uma comunidade portuguesa do Reddit distribuía livros de forma pirata gratuita, porém eles pararam disso. Numa instância do Lemmy, não precisa ser lemmy.ml, isso pode ser feito de forma mais sigilosa. É muito legal ver um falante de português por aqui. Os que apareceram por aqui ficaram por pouco tempo.

Portugueses por aqui! Vamos realizar uma aliança com o !brasil@lemmy.ml.

How’s that foss? They must use drm as well.

I see degoogling doesn’t mean to use more open source software.

I was writing an email, but I paste something over, I deleted my account.

I made an account to comment on the videos, but I see I need to use another instance. What’s the point of tilvids be under Peertube, they’re not federated.

How can I subscribe to channels from other instances?

I made an account on tilvids.com, but I have no idea how to see other instances’ content on the browser. I could follow Chris Were using Tubelab, but his channel doesn’t appear on the subscription feed of both browser and app…

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deleted by creator

Why Lemmy is so interesting?

Most of the fediverse platforms I’ve seen are commonly closed for public view. I know Mastodon has public view instances, but I can’t expand a toot without clicking to see thread button, and the posts in so many languages can be kinda scary. I know I need an account to see a Diaspora, Pixelfed or …

Why chapo.chat is not in the instance lists or the Join a Server list?

The instance is outdated, the federation isn’t working, but the server seems active. I’m not an user there, but they look cool. Sorry if the post is not interesting to the community…