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Pidgin is widely used out there, it is considered one of the best instant message clients in linux. I think the problem is not X protocol or X client, but these days, increase the use of integrated chat within X platform than the use of stand alone clients.

Minetest es mucho mas flexible que Minecraft en ese aspecto. Nomas tienes que saber exactamente que buscas hacer; construir un modulo, agregar nuevas características, trabajar en el motor del juego, arte, etc.

On top of the community’s main page. Just click on the RSS icon. It well be generate a xml (feed) with the name of community, example: lemmy.xml.

you will find articles talking about Israels politics especially in regards to settlements.

Could you be more specific about those politics?

It’s simple. Who writes this article really Don’t know how a big entity (company/foundation) in the tech industry works.

Nothing happens. The minetest community doesn’t have mod, for example.

C Is the Lowest level Language of the highest level languages.

The concept is interesting… but the result is some ugly.

Do you have a public repo?

I made this one, because I supposed, there was a bug with the deleted communities. But anyway. It would be cool if you resurrect the ‘original’ community. Thanks

These books are really good to have strong fundamentals of programming:

Clear concepts, exercises/examples.

As far as I know The GNU FM project is not longer available. Mostly of the sites that used its software, with the exception of libre.fm, are down. The software is outdated, the last commit in the git repo (mirror) was made 7 years ago. Their catalog is small, and also outdated.

As a community it is different; many sites that are not related to the original project still refer to themselves as librefm, are in many languages and carry the essence of publishing CC/libre content.

That would be great!!!

What do you mean? in terms of content, software or both?

mmm. The metadata of these files are a mess. D:

I don’t know, it’s supported by Bytemark and The Internet Archive. There is little information on the subject.

[Artist] Anttis' music

More than 1700 instrumental pieces free under creative commons 3.0 by (Free to use in your games, monetizable videos, vlogs, podcasts, advertisements, films or what ever. Just credit Antti Luode) (If you can not, that is fine too.)