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Descuida cro. por lo que explicas todo se trató de un mal entendido en muchas áreas. Primeramente te recomiendo que te relajes, pude notar cierto nerviosismo, ansiedad y/o angustia en tu escrito, primero toma airé. Si son descuido sin mal intención no hay de que preocuparse, te voy a dar unas pautas para que reflexiones a detalle antes de decidir si dejar la comunidad o llevar una experiencia mas agradable aquí:

Al ser un lugar multicultural en muchos sentidos, hasta en posiciones sobre marxismo-leninismo, es muy común y frecuente que se lleguen a mal interpretaciones entre los usuarios, tu caso no es aislado.

La gran mayoría de los usuarios, especialmente de lemmygrad, somos de izquierda radical (ML, Stalinismo, Maoismo, etc.) por lo que es común que seamos el centro de ataque de muchos grupos y personas; eso conlleva que hasta cierto punto los usuarios mas veteranos confié muy poco en usuarios noveles y se llegue a pensar que alguien es un bot, spammer, troll, etc. Mi recomendación es poner un poco mas de info en tu perfil y no comentar por comentar, reflexionar lo que uno quiere ver y comentar. Lemmy es una plataforma social, si, buscar gente y comunidades en las que conversar, pero en el caso de lemmygrad e instancias similares es un espacio para el debate de multiple posturas y hechos: la polémica siempre está servida.

En el internet, así como en la vida, tenemos que fortalecernos en lo mental y físico. Las redes sociales no están exentas de ser lugares que pueden generar un estrés muy fuerte sobre la persona (especialmente cuando uno es muy noble y sensible), No hay que tomar muchas cosas a pecho y hacerlas muy personales; si es una critica o comentario constructivo bienvenido, cualquier cosa negativa que no aporte nada y solo sea de odio, o criticar por criticar, a un lado.

Lemmy y lemmygrad en particular es un lugar de encuentro, hay muchas comunidades y personas geniales, sobre muchos tópicos, en donde puedes participar de muchas maneras y según sean tus capacidades; No Estas Solo ☺

Huawei has one of the largest Innovation and Development , I+D, departments in the world; With a large number of patents in both software and hardware, registered trademarks, intellectual property and a presence in many fields of science: artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, aeronautics, energy, defense, semiconductors, etc. practically comparable to the giants in the sector such as Intel, AMD, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, etc. but with the added value of being a manufacturing corporation and having all the raw materials, as well as a large amount of cheap labor. Little dependent on the West.

Huawei is more strategic in geopolitical terms, Xiaomi and other similar companies to a greater or lesser extent use patents or indirectly depend on Huawei, especially in IoT and Telecommunications

Is down globally :(

Update: Problems in the database server MySQL (MariaDB).

Why is Wikipedia not going after the Wikiless instances ?

I don’t want to think badly, but everything seems to indicate that wikimedia (the people behind wikipedia) has nothing to do with this: it doesn’t make sense, the content of wikipedia is under CC-BY-SA and its source code is GPL v2, supposedly it could be for the logo and name (they are registered trademarks of the foundation) but even so, use an entire legal department to accuse a single person, which does not violate the licenses described above nor is it a commercial project or illicit enrichment; dude, it’s just a frontend, not even a full mediawiki fork.

@dessalines@lemmy.ml some times commented on certain practices of the Codeberg staff that went against the status of being a non-profit organization: one of those practices was to ban FOSS projects without apparent explanation that are related to certain areas such as blockchain, torrent, p2p, etc. although these do not violate their code of conduct or are illegal.

I chose Codeberg as my main forge instead of Github and Gitlab (this was the one I used the most) precisely because of their status, in a strict sense they are not “a company” like these two, which theoretically gives you more freedom and more control over your projects.

But seeing this, I’m thinking whether to continue with them or go back to Gitlab or another alternative.

What certainty do I have that they won’t ban my projects (personal/professional) with all the work that this entails from one day to the next simply because they don’t like them or because of my ideological/political positions?

Thanks, I didn’t see well on my phone.

What is your question?

Just wait, the winter is comming…

Ok ok.

Regarding Kharkov: How much did the Ukrainians advance in effective terms?, that is, number of kilometers, positions, large cities, strategic areas, critical civil/military infrastructure (note, not villages or small semi-abandoned towns) almost nothing, several square kilometers with no strategic value . Where was that great Kyev offensive? combative dispositions lacking. How many oblasts have recovered since that? Zero

In the case of the Wagners, they are a separate thing: they are special units created especially for unconventional war conflicts (mainly behind enemy lines) with an autonomous administrative structure. Now, how many mobilizations has Russia carried out? 1 Partial, only a small fraction of eligible personnel have been called up. And Ukraine? 7 General mobilizations (practically any civilian, with or without military experience).

In the Ukrainian forces a good part of the personnel is militant or regular soldiers of the NATO countries and vassals, not to mention the weapons and resources. In Russia, almost everyone is from Russian territory, except for some internationalist comrades, but the cases are very few.

Very few people decided to stay, but practically more than 95% left the city.

Regarding your previous comment, I don’t understand what you mean.

By simple logic it is not feasible to have a POSITION in a place that is soon under water (the threat of blowing up the dam is real if the liberation forces are still there). Kherson/Kherson is the city, not the oblast. It’s one thing to regroup (fix to secure more advantageous positions) and another to retreat (surrender leaving critical positions and outposts).

What I see here is a huge booby trap; a Pyrrhic victory (reconquer the CITY) having already decimated Ukrainian forces, without human (civilian) shields, the adequate distance from your artillery (the local soldiers left but the other rear positions are intact) without the restriction of containing yourself to avoid civilian casualties and the enormous problem of trying to advance across the Dnieper (the bridges are just bait). In fact, it is attached to the strategy described by a Cuban commander who follows and is studying the events of this conflict; weaken the ukronazi positions, not even destroy them in their entirety, just affect them in such a way that they cannot maintain the positions in the rest of the black sea river (with the icing on the cake called Odessa).

The media even plays for Russia indirectly (they can’t beat the Dombass and now they think they’re going for Crimea lol). Since most of the decisions that are being made on the Ukrainian/NATO side are based more on media consensus than military consensus.

Materialism and empiriocriticism by Lenin is my main lecture right now.

Yuri Gagarin… the first human in space. Represents the progress of communism (Marxist-Leninism).

Creo que el server ya no existe. Podrian hacer una sala matrix.

Chavez vive, la patria sigue, independencia y patria socialista

Jeremmy: Lemmy Instance
The community of communities. Jeremmy is a general purpose (without political related/explicit communities).

Is es.prolewiki.org stil active?
I applied for an account last Friday, but I don't know if I was accepted or rejected.

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Malbolge (hello world): ``` (=<`#9]~6ZY327Uv4-QsqpMn&+Ij"'E%e{Ab~w=_:]Kw%o44Uqp0/Q?xNvL:`H%c#DD2^WV>gY;dts76qKJImZkj ``` [source code (original Malbolge interpreter)](https://www.lscheffer.com/malbolge_interp.html)