Free/Libre music

I just thought it might comes in handy for some of you people out who might wants/need "Minecraft like" songs/tracks. Here they are in no particular order from my credits page of my website for my gaming server... EDM [ Electronic, Game, Minecraft ] A Thousand Storms Minecraft Music Cipher If any body prefers or needs raw .ogg files, I got them but I don't know where to puts them so that why they aren't here. So please bring this to my attention if needed. :)

[Artist] All new albums by Sewerslvt are libre
* [The World Is Fvcked]( * [Draining Love Story]( They make some of the best breakbeat available.

Free/Libre music
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    Free music or libre music is music that, like free software, can freely be copied, distributed and modified for any purpose. Thus free music is either in the public domain or licensed under a free license by the artist or copyright holder themselves, often as a method of promotion. It does not mean that there should be no fee involved. The word free refers to freedom (as in free software), not to price. – wikipedia

    The Free Music Philosophy (v1.4)


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