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I would really like a ‘Slide for Reddit’ like UI. It’s just perfect for me.

This is for Lemmy only right? Because -for example- Lemmy’s Italian translation looks complete while Lemmur is missing many stuff.

I don’t think matrix protocol will be surpassed by this.

Just delete little unsupported distros to improve the better ones. Ubuntu still have a sense to exists like all the big distributions.

I think in the future people will care much more about free software and privacy, so it’s inevitabile that federated platforms like Lemmy will be mainstream. Reply: I would like enought people to have more quality contents so that I can drop Reddit. Also more people means more interest and at the end a better software.

I’ve noticed that it slow down page loading.

Status on F-Droid seems very cool. edit: I’m reading now you are searching a multiplatform app, probably you would like to have crypto on an exchange.

Apps and hidden contents

Is funkwhale app and other subsonic apps only showing music from albums? …

New community: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Join us for all things about MBTI. All 16 personalities are welcome…

That would be cool indeed. You can mimic my setup very easily btw, just play with applets positioning. ;-)

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First TI without new heroes at finals?

Why you suggest this project?

I thought this was for lemmy and not for the lemmur app.

Where can I help with italian translation?

Maybe there’s something on sites like Weblate but I can’t find it…

Just use Element (Matrix).

In the sense of recommended guidelines, obviously no obligation to follow them from individual instances. I will not underestimate the power of design, it has zero costs and a great impact.

What if each Fediverse app (Mastodon, PeerTube, etc) would use the same design as default look?

It would be very cool imo to have similar aesthetic guidelines for all these fronts. Material design is the stardard in this era but Fediverse has the occasion to be more attractive with something new and more organized…