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Fe (extraverted feeling)
From Wikipedia *** Overall, extraverted feeling is concerned with phenomena to be harmonious with its external environment. Jung writes of extraverted feelers as those where feeling "loses its personal character -- it becomes feeling per se; it almost seems as though the personality were wholly dissolved in the feeling of the moment. Now, since actual life situations constantly and successively alternate, in which the feeling-tones released are not only different but are actually mutually contrasting, the personality inevitably becomes dissipated in just so many different feelings."

Ti (introverted thinking)
From Wikipedia *** Introverted thinking is the thinking function that is subjective (being introverted). The nature of introverted thinking means that it is primarily concerned with its "subjective idea" and insights gained by formulation over facts and objective data. Whereas Extraverted Thinking is most like Empiricism, Introverted Thinking is most similar to Rationalism. "Just as Darwin might possibly represent the normal extraverted thinking type, so we might point to Kant as a counter-example of the normal introverted thinking type. The former speaks with facts; the latter appeals to the subjective factor. Darwin ranges over the wide fields of objective facts, while Kant restricts himself to a critique of knowledge in general. But suppose a Cuvier be contrasted with a Nietzsche: the antithesis becomes even sharper." "The introverted thinking type is characterized by a priority of the thinking I have just described. Like his [p. 485] extraverted parallel, he is decisively influenced by ideas; these, however, have their origin, not in the objective data but in the subjective foundation. Like the extravert, he too will follow his ideas, but in the reverse direction: inwardly not outwardly. Intensity is his aim, not extensity. In these fundamental characters he differs markedly, indeed quite unmistakably from his extraverted parallel. Like every introverted type, he is almost completely lacking in that which distinguishes his counter type, namely, the intensive relatedness to the object."

There is a list where I can find instances using this last version?

Somethimes I forget this great possibiliy exists.

Well that’s stupid but ok.

Now just imagine Kdenlive + Ardour in an unique body.

Trying to ask for help on r/linux

Now that upcoming Thunderbird feels so needed.

Normal people just care on what their friends are using. The real question is: Why big characters in the libre software culture are not promoting/using it?

Te (extraverted thinking)
From Wikipedia - - - Extraverted thinking is the thinking function that is objective (being extroverted). Extroverted thinking often places information such as facts in high order; it is a process that is concerned with organisation and hierarchy of phenomena. "In accordance with his definition, we must picture a, man whose constant aim -- in so far, of course, as he is a [p. 435] pure type -- is to bring his total life-activities into relation with intellectual conclusions, which in the last resort are always orientated by objective data, whether objective facts or generally valid ideas. This type of man gives the deciding voice-not merely for himself alone but also on behalf of his entourage-either to the actual objective reality or to its objectively orientated, intellectual formula. By this formula are good and evil measured, and beauty and ugliness determined. All is right that corresponds with this formula; all is wrong that contradicts it; and everything that is neutral to it is purely accidental."

What fediverse site has the most complete insights for visualization and statistics?
I would like to know how many user see my posts or downloaded my medias and any other info. I think it's a crucial point for content creators.

I agree with the spirit but also a little reminder that if you want to use these apps on your smartphone we have a limited support for good foss stuff.

I like to see new ideas instead of copy-paste centralized counterparts, it would be nice to read more detailed comparison between Fediverse apps. I’ve also read good stuff on Pleroma since (looks like) it maintain high quality on media uploads.

It would be cool to have some simple customization built-in like Duckduckgo.

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I’m now writing from another lemmy app called Jerboa and works without issues, so yes, lemmur is the cause.

It’s more common in low configs but it can appear also in recent hardware. Seems to be how the game it behaves (at the moment) in low fps (<60).

I have no idea if you can risk a ban, I didn’t get any EAC messages on the home screen.

I’m playing online with this mod without issues (at the moment).

Can't log [fixed with latest update]
It's just me?

Hope it can help you too.

How to hide mouse cursor when idle?
Can't find an option.

Ciao Italia :-)
Pare qui vi sia il deserto ma un giorno, quando la libertà della rete sarà protagonista del discorso pubblico e questo luogo sarà popolarissimo, rileggere questo contenuto avrà una valenza comica.

Danileonis - Neo RMX techno, industrial, electronic, dark, cyberpunk, synthwave, prog

Apps and hidden contents
Is funkwhale app and other subsonic apps only showing music from albums? I'm asking because my singles are not showing up.

New community: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Join us for all things about MBTI. All 16 personalities are welcome.

- Wallpaper: #161925 - Extra-icons: [Arcticons](https://github.com/Donnnno/Arcticons) - Font: [Iosevka](https://typeof.net/Iosevka/) - Plasma-theme: Sweet - Color-scheme: Apluma Wine - Other: Stock applets + Event Calendar (right) and Panon (center) This dangerous screenshot was deleted from reddit because dumb mod, happy to see free places like this.

Where can I help with italian translation?
Maybe there's something on sites like Weblate but I can't find it.

What if each Fediverse app (Mastodon, PeerTube, etc) would use the same design as default look?
It would be very cool imo to have similar aesthetic guidelines for all these fronts. Material design is the stardard in this era but Fediverse has the occasion to be more attractive with something new and more organized.