I’ve seen a reddit post with url and post body. Is that new?
I thought the posts in reddit could only have either url or body.

Just finished helping out some fellow leftists on r/PCM
"Leftists" there don't even know how to respond to libs. They don't read theory, it seems.

Trying to ask for help on r/linux

Even trying the FOMO tactic: ![](


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Is reddit throttling or speed limiting frontends?
It's been like one or two weeks, under which overlooking at local subscriptions on is becoming really slow. Refreshing, or loading a particular entry has become really slow. Haven't tried instead yet, since I do prefer the teddit interface. Is it just me? Would it be just teddit, or libreddit as well? Thanks ! Edit: libreddit is pretty slow as well, :( Edit 2: Things look better on now, teddit still seems way slow, though better. That sort of tells me the issue affects teddit more. Actually on it feels like one or two weeks back now. I'm staying with on compact mode then, though I preferred teddit UI, since I no longer feel the same slowness as before, neither as with teddit. So to me, issue is sort of gone. Thanks all !

They got popular in 2020 and were quickly forgotten. I don't even care about it that much.

Usually Linux meets with curses or jeers in mainstream subreddits. Maybe things are changing?

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Is reddit blocking *.ml domains or specifically instance domains? (UPDATE: Reddit is blocking all .ml domains.)
Everytime I post a link to or (with no url shortener); the posts get removed. I can't tell if reddit is blocking *.ml domains in general; or specifically Lemmy domains.

/r/Place Admin Abuse and the Orange Cat Not my original words but can't find original source: >A reddit admin was caught abusing her position to set her tile cooldown to zero (note: cooldown is 5 minutes and 20 minutes for email verified and unverified users respectively) in order to erase an [Orange Cat]( that was [previously posted by Reddit on twitter.]( >This cartoon cat was the creation of Anton Dimitriev, a Ukrainian artist who is currently living in Kharkiv that is besieged by the Russian military as we speak. >His art station: >His deviantart: >In addition, reddit permanently banned everyone who placed a tile in that area or tried to change her tiles to repair the Orange Cat. Merely placing pixels near the cat resulted in a personal ban, resulting in the bannings of users from /r/AnarchyChess as their subreddit logo bordered the Orange Cat. >[People who tried asking about their bans had their posts removed as well]( > >Reddit went a step further and manually deleted the accounts so that [whenever you try to visit an account banned for placing a tile - you get this page.]( >[Example of an account manually deleted]( - they [last posted yesterday]( proving it is a real account. As you can see, this was an active and real account that was not only banned, but deleted. >[2nd example]( - [proof]( >Other people caught on, resulting in posts calling it out that reached the front page. Initially the admins tried to do damage control by setting a filter on /r/place to automatically remove any post that mentions the cheating or the Orange Cat that was overwritten. Now they seem to be going back and forth on the issue after the public outcry grew too big to suppress. Impressively bad. Why create a pixel board with limited space if the admins will literally ban people for placing pixels over the area they want?

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The amount of Russophobia and anti Russian censorship ongoing currently on Reddit is astounding.
I am observing a very similar sentiment to Sinophobia, now regarding Russia. Reddit's audience is primarily 80% USA + West EU, and the rest 20% also includes a lot of East Europe and other countries, leaving for 5-10% anti-hatred people. On the other hand, Western world makes up for a mere 12% of the world's population. This speaks volumes about how majoritarianism is flipped on the internet by Western world to suit their narratives and loudmouth whatever they want dominating in virtual space. And since moderators are also from said Western countries, the biases are completely intentional and systematic. For all the "human rights" and "no censorship" nonsense these Western countries spout with the assumption of having high horse on moral grounds, they lie a lot systematically. Just an observation.

"Over the past few years we have seen a slowdown on the project as people move on, and not a lot of interest in supporting the project. Right now the project is supported by 2 people and these are primarily bug fixes or dependency updates. You can see from the project graph what this looks like in terms of activity, with significant drops over the past few years." Interesting as many users are saying Reddit will be unusable for them, and they plan to no longer use Reddit. Well maybe, well maybe not, but interesting that the interest is waning on the Reddit side.

Pretty interesting video, if you stop watching at 21:10. After that its just "china bad" scaremongering and other nonsense.

how are you even supposed to post to reddit anymore?
the automods have made all subreddits unusable writes a comment on hiphopheads - REMOVED, comments must be 250 letters+ hmm ive got a problem with my pc, guess i’ll ask on this PC sub -REMOVED, you most post questions to this thread that nobody uses ok i’ll post a fun meme on this subredd- REMOVED, you can only post memes on sunday full moons holy just let me use this god damn website

Reddit integrates cryptocurrency
Do they want users to switch to the fediverse? [Bonus](

Reddit refuses to address vaccine misinformation, gives a pathetic response to widespread calls to do do so. links for the relevant content: [The original call to address vaccine misinformation]( [This post]( [The Admin post this post is in response to]( # This is what the post says: Response to Yesterday's Admin Post Yesterday, over a thousand communities on Reddit made posts to their subreddits, calling for Reddit to take action against harmful misinformation on their site. These posts collectively gathered hundreds of thousands of upvotes, with users showing their support in the comments, and several large media outlets picking it up. Subsequently the admins posted a response to /r/Announcements, in which they stated that this misinformation would be allowed on their site, and that they will continue to action communities that violate their sitewide rules, including encouraging fake vaccine cards & "encouraging harm". They finished the announcement with a thinly veiled threat of punishing moderators who have participated in this protest, if it continues. The post was immediately locked, making it impossible to directly respond to. This statement from the admins is hypocritical, dishonest, and misrepresentative of the situation on their site. They are portraying the misinformation as simply discussion that criticises the majority opinion, when it is far more than that: It is discussion that actively advises against government guidelines, opting to follow disproven studies and anecdotal evidence. As stated in our original letter, this type of misinformation is dangerous. The admins are pretending like it is not. As redditors, we should come together against this harmful propaganda. Reddit's CEO /u/spez is claiming that the admins will take action on communities that "encourage harm", while allowing subreddits that advocate not taking an FDA-approved vaccine in favor of taking unapproved drugs, the effects of which have not been studied. Most notably is Ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasites and that the FDA has explicitly advised against using for Covid is often recommended by antivaxx subreddits, most notably r/Ivermectin. This type of misinformation is actively endangering people. The admins are simply sticking their head in the sand, and refusing to take any responsibility for the damage that their inaction is causing. Until Reddit takes action, we will continue to speak out against subreddits which exist solely to spread medical disinformation. # Here's how you can help: When you see antivaxx comments or submissions report them to the admins using this link: #

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Reddit actually gaslights the people it doesn’t like.
I commented a post where someone insulted me in an ableist way ("I guess you're disabled as you couldn't read the comments."). Weirdly enough, as soon as I commented on that, everything got out of order. When looking at while logged in, the ableist comment wasn't even there; when looking at "regular"/new the parent comment was a completely different one. And when looking at, the parent comment was still there in its original "beauty"! What. The. Actual. Fuck. Naturally, other people probably saw even other post orders and comment texts, so they called me out for being crazy. This is nefarious and the last straw for me. I deleted my account.

Do you think Reddit admins’ identities should be public knowledge?
With this whole debacle brewing, I was browsing /r/ModSupport (since all the good subs I know went private). There I saw a post from someone saying that Reddit admins are affecting discourse from the shadows and pushing their left-wing agenda with little accountability. I agree with that except for the left-wing part. Turns out that Reddit thinks that mentioning the name of the new employee, who is a public figure, amounts to doxxing. I don't condone doxxing but I don't understand how admins are allowed to remain anonymous considering how much power they have. Thoughts on this?

Reddit is now banning anyone who [mentions, post links]( and reportedly even only up votes this on Reddit.

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using reddit irl
``` > post a controversial, but polite comment in a thread > get a lot of downvotes > change your comment calling out users that downvote you > get even more downvotes > start arguing with some the reddit hive mind replies > you can only reply once every 15 minutes because of the downvotes > frustration increases > get your comment deleted because you call someone's comment idiotic > subreddit mods notice and remove all your other comments and ban you > 🙃 ```

Thread on /r/privacy:

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