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I’ve been on lemmy for quite a while and have read most of the rot on lemmygrad. It has not changed my mind. You guys can lick China’s boots all you want, it doesn’t change anything.

My brother in Islam. Do not seek advice from the people here who deny/support the genocide of our brothers in Xinjiang

The problem is, even with the huge shift to electric cars, this is not changing, even though issues of weight are even worse there. Tesla has the model x and are hyping the cybertruck. Rivian started with a pickup. Ford led with their F-150 lightning.

Also known as cunningham’s law, and certainly not specific to reddit.

I stick with the stock graphene os keyboard.

That seems like a likely issue. A bad software keyboard can absolutely ruin your experience. I use swiftkey (used to be fleksy, but that’s been effectively abandoned) but just prevent it from connecting to the internet.

Theres a growing demand for physical keyboards on their devices

Where is this growing demand? I also see one or two people in the comments like this, and I get that you may want it, but I’ve seen no reports indicating it’s anything but extremely niche.

On a side note, which keyboard software do you use on your phone? Maybe that’s the problem.

Musk didn’t own twitter when I made that comment. Twitter has revealed how bad he’s gotten. I don’t think my comment applies anymore.

I’d be more interested in connecting lemmy with discourse, as it’s a more natural fit, and I’m assuming easier too since they’re partially copying lemmy’s approach.

Nice artwork, do you know where the original is from?

You are exactly the type of person I am talking about.

Yeah well, I gave up on charitable interpretations from lemmygrad long ago.

??? = tell people to send bitcoin to an address to show whatever they want.

yeah well, we’re talking about the illegal stuff

It’s a paradox. I can see what you will do in the future, but you can read my mind and see it too, and so you will change your next moves, but if I can see the future, surely I would already know that, but then you will know it too, so you change your moves… etc.

The only way out is if you make the same moves regardless of what you read in my mind.

That’s how good reporting works.

Pakistan is a poor country that gives off very few emissions and has very little ability to make large scale changes. Also the government(s) are utterly incompetent.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan did make some efforts to improve the country’s environmental outlook, but well, not likely to get anything more than that.

Two options I’m guessing:

  1. Well, why would they bother, the whole world knows it’s all a shame anyway, it’s all just posturing. Well except the tankies, and they’ll suck it all up.
  2. Putin has surrounded himself with too many yes men, and is now living in some sort of dream world.

I suppose pointing out an obvious fact that explains people’s perceptions requires a formal academic paper now.

Weird that you should post this older blog post, because they just finished open sourcing this morning, here’s the repo

Well, that’s certainly one way to go about it

Precisely. California is in fact well known in setting new standards that other states follow, especially regarding car emissions. Actually even Massachusetts was following California, they were just faster to sign it into law.

This is just a youtube thumbnail. Watch the actual video by whatifalthist

Russia is the one that invaded here buddy, not NATO

I’m also looking for something like this, but it’s hard. Facebook is really hostile to apps like this, far more than say google, reddit or twitter.

Consider how much credibility I’d have if I babbled about Germany as “The German Federal Republic” (or, more extremely, translated it like you did and came up with “The Dutch’s Land’s Federal Republic”) or about the USA as “The American United States”. Extrapolate.

If the entire english speaking world did likewise with irrelevant exceptions then you would not lose any credibility. Calling it “The German Federal Republic” would tell me nothing more beyond that you are part of the english speaking world.

I don’t know enough about weaponry and military to answer that, but clearly aircraft carriers do serve an important role. Also what @Munrock@lemmygrad.ml said.

Newer search engines like neeva and kagi allow you to blacklist or downrank certain sites as well as the reverse. Try them, if you can. @Helix@feddit.de

This is more of a summary for a series of articles btw.

Community updates
1. The community now has a topic 2. The community now has rules ~~totally not stolen from the other one I moderate~~ 3. Though the discussion has currently been mostly about nuclear fission, please feel free to post about nuclear fusion as well. It is all nuclear power I mentioned in the announcement post that I want to make a wiki. Still stands. Lemmy of course does not have a wiki function like Reddit, so I just gotta figure out how I will do it. Suggestions are welcome.

Quick PSA for the latest snapshot (should’ve posted this earlier)
> When upgrading to this build from recent snapshots, ***your search engines will get reset to the default settings.*** This is not the intended future behavior nor will it affect stable users (who never had the new search code in the first place). It is just an unfortunate side effective of us reverting the recent search engine work, and one of those things that can happen when using pre-release builds such as snapshots. After the new search code is added back, all search engines that migrated to the new settings should return. 😉

Lemmy.ml is a test instance? [Edit: fixed]
This is currently the sidebar on lemmy.ml ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/7fbdfb34-13e7-4c96-80fc-32d13064b4a8.png) and the page title says the same. I hope this is a mistake.
Lemmy.ml is a test instance? [Edit: fixed]

Google search is dying, Reddit is the next search engine
Essentially saying that due to seo spam and commercialization, Google is now useless for search and more and more people do site:reddit.com. I think it's a little extreme but agree generally. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/073f5202-c6b1-407c-b60e-797a52a3c06f.png)

context: [Opera browser now allows emoji-only web addresses](https://www.theverge.com/2022/2/14/22932918/opera-browser-emoji-only-web-addresses-urls-yat)