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“everything I don’t agree with is just the CIA in disguise”

Yeah every year, that link is specifically for that vote.

I mean they are direct quotes, you can look up other articles to check.


Most americans kids don’t know and what they do know they don’t hold that negative an opinion of as you do. America is still better than most of the world for a child.

It absolutely does, because if you’re dabbling in crypto, it affects others too

My bad, that was r/worldpolitics. Forget I said anything.

Default subs aren’t a thing anymore. Especially since r/worldnews had the whole anarchy thing.

inb4 official monopoly cryptocurrency launches

The whole post is a cope, welcome to tankieland

I should’ve been more clear, when I say “None of this is going to happen” I meant the things in your post (re @Catraism-Stalinism) though it ends up applying to most of the answers as well.

“Centrism” isn’t really a position one can have… what you mean is “in support of the status quo” which is IMHO also right leaning as it is inherently conservative.

This is why we need more diversity of thought

You don’t solve a problem by ignoring it.

I will screenshot and come back to this thread in a few years and laugh.

None of this is going to happen.

US is getting desperate

Why would the US be getting desperate, Taiwan is exactly where they want it right now, they just want maintain the status quo.

I think you want nfc, it was supposed to be what qr codes are now.

This is more of a summary for a series of articles btw…

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