Self Hosted - Self-hosting your services.
Any FOSS Subscription manager. Alternatives to Zuora and Chargebee.

Is there any FOSS to manage subscriptions? My particular need is to trigger an API call upon subscription to start the service, and then bill subscribers based on their usage. The service would report the usage to the subscription manager. …

I want to start selfhosting Minetest

Problem being, my best computer is a Fujitsu Lifebook with 4GB ram and a Core i5. I also am concerned about getting haxxed. Any help would be awesome! ^^…

Do you guys use some management software for your server or just have a lot of docker containers?

Sorry, maybe a weird question. But I am gonna acquire a nice server soon and am interested on how to manage that. I want to run stuff like a webserver, matrix server and just a lot of cool stuff. But how do I approach that on a software level? Any tips would be nice. Thanks…

Self hostable report-uri collector

I’m looking for a self-hostable report-uri collector like for CSP and Expect-CT.
I already found some very minimalistic ones who only log onto stdout or are not updated for years…

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[QUESTION] Static IP vs Dynamic DNS?

I’m trying to self-host some stuff on my Raspberry Pi (i.e. web server, lightweight matrix server, etc) and every time I get around to try and set it up I forget that I have to do this lol …


An only-selfhostable social media plattform, working primary offline on your device… It is pull-based not push-based. And it works in the same LAN/WLAN, or by bluetooth, or USB-Memory-Sticks… and for sure over the internet…


[Question] Anyone know a selfhosted cloud gaming panel?

I am looking for something which u can selfhost and have a web UI or client where u choose the game and launch it. Edit: Something open source would be great!..

[Question] Home Server Relocating

I started self hosting with a home server last year, and had put it in a room in the house where there was an ethernet port. …

Self Hosted - Self-hosting your services.

    A place to share alternatives to popular online services that can be self-hosted without giving up privacy or locking you into a service you don’t control.


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