Hey, I am Zoë! I love open-source and think it should be used everywhere, I’m Interested in self hosting and federated social media.

Social Media

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ah I see, I’m not the only one that thinks that then, phew

Not really, I don’t use Reddit that much now. Mostly just for r/selfhost, but even that… What happened there?

Firefox Dev

I have been using firefox for a long time, but recently the UI on firefox changed from their simple square look to a childish bubbly one. I dont know how or even if its possibe to revert it back. Looking for suggestions and/or opinions on this change. https://i.imgur.com/Z160vhP.png


O parque tem um simples “P” a entrada e tem carros comuns e dos militares da GNR ambos “em uso” e fora de serviço por estarem num estado de degradaçao total. Obrigado pela informaçao.

Lei em Portugal

Boas malta, hoje fui passear om um amigo na minha localidade e decidimos ir a um parque de estacionamento onde estao uns carros da GNR fora de serviço e outros parados, e fomos abordados por um homem a nos indicar que nao podiamos estar la por ser um parque da GNR. …

You can see here: https://zoe8338.github.io/retrosquare.github.io/ When u click a button/link it will direct you to a .php page and say it wasnt found. Just change that to .html and it will work.


That’s interesting!

This confuses me because I believe the original uploader needs to have the files, but also once is uploaded on the blockchain is there forever??

Not all currencies need a lot of power for generating. BTC for example does but others don’t. Not saying that is the case with LBC bcs I don’t know.


I just updated to the new Kdenlive version and it keeps crashing (I'm on Windows 10)

I am on windows 10 and just updated to Kdenlive 21.04 release but it seems to be always crashing when I launch the program. A ble window of the loading program appears and it crashes there. I am on a Lenovo ideapad 320, Intel Core i5 7th gen with Nvidia Geforce graphics…

I’ve downloaded the file to try to fix the error, but now just gives me some 0x0smthin.

Your thoughts on CloudFlare

I hear that both CloudFlare is privacy respectful and that it spies on site visitors (with their CDN). What’s your thoughts on this matter?..


I don’t understand why people are loving this new look. In my opinion it looks ugly amd to childish. I want back the ild look. Simole and without custom CSS being broken.

It did break the one I was using a little bit “MaterialFox” on github.

New firefox is very ugly.

I think the new firefox is very ugly and my old changed theme that made it look like google chrome doesnt work properly anymore. Just felt like sharing my feelings twards this change.

  • Edit: I noticed that My firefox Dev was changed, but the normal firefox on school computers didn’t, so I am assumi…

The plan would be something from where we can put music playing and control what comes after what and when we want put the source being from a microphone. Just like an AM/FM radio but on the internet.

I think there should be something inplemented withing peer tuve a bit like funkwhale, which is search all instances for what you are looking for.

Open-Source Self-Hosted Online Radio?

I found AzuraCast but it seems that it doesn’t work wit FireFox and Safari, but only with chrome to listen to music, and the DJ is a bit weird to use. I also found BottledRadio but have no experience on how it works. Any other one you may know of or can advise how to solve/work with the ones above?..

YunoHost can't partition HDD?

I was trying to install it on an old machine that has already Ubuntu as it’s OS. I selected that same HDD to remove ubuntu and install Yunohost but it seems it cant partition?..

Native Twitch app for Linux

Someone made a native twitch app for Linux! Yay!!..

This is a front-end to a start of an app store I was thinking to create with a friend (that would do the back-end) but due to school we never advanced more than this. If anyone is interested to use my HTML and CSS feel free to, just please credit me and put the github link to it and/or my [mastodon]…