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After splitting off about 2/3rds of staff to work on Odysee, LBRY is staffed almost exclusively by engineers. As a result, we haven’t been talking much, but we’re still building. …


Ya está aquí nuestro video semanal del podcast Vamos a aprender Inglés, hoy hablando sobre esa importante decisión que es escoger esos estudios universitarios, los indicados para nosotros. https://odysee.com/@Green_Sky:3/¿Qué-carrera-escojo-:9​


~rek2/goTootRamdonVideo - sourcehut git

this is a bot that will use gopass or pass for your credentials or any other CLI password manager or keystore then it will log into mastodon, and pull the latest feed item from odysee, peertube or any other place but is meant for videos. after this it will ramdonly pick one feed item, format it into…

Did Not Appreciate as DeafBlind gaming user, Biggest Pet Peeve is Lack of Transparency During the Youtube Partnership...

IN short I was trying to sign up my DeafBlind gaming channel on Youtube and they rejected it out of the blue. No emails, no notifications no nothing. …

Odysee android app?

I just found out that Odysee has an android app. But its not on the playstore. Anyone have the apk file?..

Odysee - Share Videos Freely

    Odysee, a video website built by LBRY Inc. using their LBRY protocol, entered beta in September 2020 and officially launched that December.


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