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After splitting off about 2/3rds of staff to work on Odysee, LBRY is staffed almost exclusively by engineers. As a result, we haven’t been talking much, but we’re still building. ![https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/GKJ1DzfhgarBpILNKx8bqqQKGG4zROZJTjC5J2_9Pt4XmgRc_L4222ETJxRkK_c-ljU6hkuIig32c4IZnBYbdZiytqXmkKKN9WwvQ6pWfJLrtlcCpzUJ03-mNLzjH8WDYI76Q9kZ](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/GKJ1DzfhgarBpILNKx8bqqQKGG4zROZJTjC5J2_9Pt4XmgRc_L4222ETJxRkK_c-ljU6hkuIig32c4IZnBYbdZiytqXmkKKN9WwvQ6pWfJLrtlcCpzUJ03-mNLzjH8WDYI76Q9kZ) With the SEC alleging that even talking about feature development is against United States law, there’s been a chilling effect on communication. But don’t take that to mean we’re slowing down in any way. Here’s a look at the future. ### The future of LBRY social video is Odysee LBRY is *not* the future of web3 social video. LBRY is a decentralized web3 publishing protocol. Odysee is by far the easiest way to use the LBRY network for publishing or watching video. LBRY will not be engaging in marketing campaigns or community building around web3 social video. Make sure you’re following @odysee on LBRY, as well as [Twitter](http://twitter.com/odyseeteam) and [Reddit](http://reddit.com/r/odyseeforever). Odysee is going full-speed ahead and continues to see record usage and growth. ### The future of LBRY is application diversity 2022 and 2023 will be about bringing LBRY into more apps and ecosystems. Some of the things we’re working with partners on include: - A text-first news aggregator and publishing platform - Two different music and podcasting apps (may the best team win) - A file sharing app optimized for CAD files We’ve started a new developer only chat, where people actively working on apps can hangout with core LBRY engineers. If you’re interested in that, email [jeremy@lbry.com](mailto:jeremy@lbry.com). ### The future of LBRY is even more decentralized While LBRY is decentralized, Odysee has continued to push ahead with centralized feature development, such as livestreaming. Other features, like searching and commenting, are only semi-decentralized. We’re continuing to work on bringing Odysee features into the LBRY protocol themselves, or otherwise improving the state of affairs with decentralization. Here’s a look at how the current LBRY network and Odysee backend interact. ![https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/ll0PSCbldcaYH0hhbDYIKqdCAK_ULaJ8UsiZYGUBJwzFd5fKFxsRzq873nclsLcMkNF-No6gdcZA2iKUZ5TEXPXsR4T98-nSoNRMKi-7q-TZKzzciO0uVp3g_nFWyYLi8B_zyPqg](https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/ll0PSCbldcaYH0hhbDYIKqdCAK_ULaJ8UsiZYGUBJwzFd5fKFxsRzq873nclsLcMkNF-No6gdcZA2iKUZ5TEXPXsR4T98-nSoNRMKi-7q-TZKzzciO0uVp3g_nFWyYLi8B_zyPqg) Only a decentralized network can truly protect against the abuses we’ve regularly and repeatedly seen by big tech. So-called “alternative” tech is typically a subpar knock-off. Web3 tech is successor tech. ### The future of LBRY is Go We’ve also been working on porting some core codebases from C++ and Python into Go. While this won’t immediately impact users, it will substantially improve development velocity over time. The most substantial piece – the blockchain code – is already mostly ported and is now being tested. If you’re interested in trying running the new Go code, you can find the latest releases [here](https://github.com/lbryio/lbcd/releases). ### The future of LBRY is as one of the few legal cryptocurrencies LBRY’s lawsuit with the SEC is poised to establish it as one of the few known-to-be legal cryptocurrencies in the United States. While there’s little news on this front yet, a lot will be happening over the next 6 months. We’ll post updates on this channel as well as on Twitter. Thank you to the almost 50,000 people who have signed the [petition](https://www.change.org/p/cryptocurrency-is-not-a-crime)! ![https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/NbEcmsL2WpSMNioqIqxLQG7CPVbiBywnlQMGsBvLTZvOvwjqNyHKPL90tCZekXKRHURWyZ1vcmFPu3sNOJfEnHDbRkpdNK8wxycOtb-6HTTCD05SdOneeK-JA99BIpOnP664FyB7](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/NbEcmsL2WpSMNioqIqxLQG7CPVbiBywnlQMGsBvLTZvOvwjqNyHKPL90tCZekXKRHURWyZ1vcmFPu3sNOJfEnHDbRkpdNK8wxycOtb-6HTTCD05SdOneeK-JA99BIpOnP664FyB7) ### The future of LBRY is technical community One of the lessons we learned from launching lbry.tv, which was later rebranded to Odysee, is that the LBRY name should be reserved for the tech, not consumer apps. This doesn’t mean programmers only, but it does mean that LBRY is primarily for technically minded users. If you want to hang out with other LBRY users, join one of these chats: - [LBRY Foundation Chat](http://chat.lbry.org/) (largest, open to the public, run by l[bry.org](http://lbry.org/)) - LBRY Developer Chat (mostly engineers, private, run by [lbry.com](http://lbry.com/), email [jeremy@lbry.com](mailto:jeremy@lbry.com) for access) Additionally, with the shift away from consumer-oriented software being released from LBRY, lbry.com and lbry.tech will likely be merged sometime in 2022. ### The best is yet to come 🚀🚀🚀 There’s not really any other way to end one of these, is there? ![https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/dM15-D2C-4EP4gBVdl-UfWXsxWNJauQ5Vji5TCBfqL0q-LZxM0X35J9IkvQXLf_d82Ba63cs_7drciqpfXvib6VpOop71GYWeWY5mMQJqqoeETkeYnYWW7pXidVwVIvRZXEEoxCd](https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/dM15-D2C-4EP4gBVdl-UfWXsxWNJauQ5Vji5TCBfqL0q-LZxM0X35J9IkvQXLf_d82Ba63cs_7drciqpfXvib6VpOop71GYWeWY5mMQJqqoeETkeYnYWW7pXidVwVIvRZXEEoxCd)

How do I turn this notification off?

~rek2/goTootRamdonVideo - sourcehut git
this is a bot that will use gopass or pass for your credentials or any other CLI password manager or keystore then it will log into mastodon, and pull the latest feed item from odysee, peertube or any other place but is meant for videos. after this it will ramdonly pick one feed item, format it into a mastodon toot, and post(toot) it using the account credentials you supplied.

Librarian - A minimalist front end for LBRY (beta)
**Source Code:** https://codeberg.org/imabritishcow/librarian **Features** - Copylefted libre software under the AGPL - Lightweight - No ads - No tracking - No crypto garbage - No Code of Conduct - No Contributor License Agreement or Developer Certificate of Origin

Did Not Appreciate as DeafBlind gaming user, Biggest Pet Peeve is Lack of Transparency During the Youtube Partnership…
IN short I was trying to sign up my DeafBlind gaming channel on Youtube and they rejected it out of the blue. No emails, no notifications no **nothing**. Furthermore you have to MANUALLY figure out this information of requiring 400 subs by hoping be able to FIND the absurdly located and not notated "learn more" information. At the VERY least they couldn't notated a hyperlink saying "Minimum Requirements" or something to that effect and having easily "see able".

Odysee android app?
I just found out that Odysee has an android app. But its not on the playstore. Anyone have the apk file?

Arrived , now you can add playlist on odysee , and very simply 😁👍

Why I don’t like Odysee
Yes, I know there are a lot of good things about Odysee when compared to other platoforms like Youtube. But I don't really like it because 1. Odysee is really slow. Even the main page doesn't load properly. 2. Most of the videos are not transcoded, so the videos don't buffer most of the time. Almost all videos are in HD. 3. IMO Youtube and Peertube has a much better interface than odysee. Also, the mobile app is not that great. 4. Not truly decentralized.

I started using odysee!
I started using it and I hope more creators will join the community!

Odysee - Share Videos Freely
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    Odysee, a video website built by LBRY Inc. using their LBRY protocol, entered beta in September 2020 and officially launched that December.


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