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Did Not Appreciate as DeafBlind gaming user, Biggest Pet Peeve is Lack of Transparency During the Youtube Partnership...

IN short I was trying to sign up my DeafBlind gaming channel on Youtube and they rejected it out of the blue. No emails, no notifications no nothing. …

Odysee android app?

I just found out that Odysee has an android app. But its not on the playstore. Anyone have the apk file?..

Arrived , now you can add playlist on odysee , and very simply 😁👍…


Learning Spanish on Odysee

I’ve never imagined myself teaching Spanish but look at this …


Why I don't like Odysee

Yes, I know there are a lot of good things about Odysee when compared to other platoforms like Youtube. But I don’t really like it because

  1. Odysee is really slow. Even the main page doesn’t load properly…

I started using odysee!

I started using it and I hope more creators will join the community!..

Odysee - Share Videos Freely

    Odysee, a video website built by LBRY Inc. using their LBRY protocol, entered beta in September 2020 and officially launched that December.


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