A tutorial on how to edit videos in a fashion where you can draw over them.

How to use the open source Kdenlive video editing program to create subtitles for upload to YouTube. Video by Daniel Rosehill

Build custom LUTs to use in Kdenlive and OBS with Free Software like the GIMP and lutCreator.js.

Kdenlive 21.12 is out.
+ Slip Editing + Multicam Editing + Motion Tracking (DaSiamRPN) + Noise suppressor for voice (Just like OBS's)

Open Source Spotify Front end and Music Player for Linux.

I just updated to the new Kdenlive version and it keeps crashing (I'm on Windows 10)
I am on windows 10 and just updated to Kdenlive 21.04 release but it seems to be always crashing when I launch the program. A ble window of the loading program appears and it crashes there. I am on a Lenovo ideapad 320, Intel Core i5 7th gen with Nvidia Geforce graphics.

I made this as a guide to get started in 2020/2021.

A place to chat about Kdenlive.

Share your videos and ask questions.

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