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Firefox now (starting with v.96) supports AV1 VA-API playback

tl;dr AV1 is a new video encoding format which now has hardware acceleration through VA-API on Linux…

Saw the words “reddit alternative written in Rust” and didn’t need anything else to be sold on it.

Great work on the GNOME Team (more specifically Doremi Hsuan from RedHat) on bringing a native GUI frontend to fwupdmgr security --force. It’s a great way to check the security capabilities of your machine. And, even though most Linux users don’t like secure boot, you can enable it with your own s…

tl;dr Mozilla is starting a new study through their Rally platform about trying to better understand Facebook’s pixel tracking. …

Pretty much this, but Mozilla always had Google as the default, and Mint used to switch it up for their package with their recommended search engines, and now they’ll simply use what’s the default in upstream for basically everything.

nah it just comes with an integrated adblocker by default, just like librewolf

that’s why they fair so well in this

It tests the browsers in their default state, and LW comes with uBlock Origin pre-installed by default, so that’s a huge advantage. TBF I’m really excited to see those results updated in the near future, because check out those Firefox Nightly results.

it’s pretty much the librewolf results, they have a couple of extra flags changed due to using arkenfox.js, but in general it’s pretty much the same

but check out the nightly results tho, FF’s been doing some banger job lately

imagine being this salty lmao

Not necessarily that Linux need a single distribution, but having more standartized tools for the job. Like Flatpak for package management or Pipewire for audio stack, or finally being able to use Wayland as a daily driver, stuff like that.

Like, not having to search around to find out what kind of package your specific distro uses for that particular thing just to begin to search around to troubleshoot your problem.

Issues are issues, even if they don’t look like issues on your end.

  • I hate anticheat as much as the next person, but it needs to work, since companies refuse to stop using those, and the average “competitive FPS gamer” won’t care if the company decided to not update the anti-cheat version to support Linux, all they’ll see is that the game they want to play doesn’t work (which happened and got into Luke’s relationship with his friends);
  • Also having a couple specific games that are difficult/impossible to run is also a fucking pain in the ass (and I say that as someone who has dealt with this a lot before). You spend hours looking for a way to make the game run when on Windows all you’d need to do is hit “play”;

You should try having basic empathy for other people.

Almost at my last year on college and I’m graphic designer intern on the uni’s radio project

nope, it just wasn’t considered stable enough for a “major” release IIRC

One of the things that libadwaita brings to the table that could have never been done without it in GNOME is accent color customization (that isn’t going to make it into 42, but maybe in 43 or 44), just like elementaryOS does with Pantheon; and the app itself can be recolored in many ways with some of the new features (like it already does with Metadata Cleaner).

It’s not a lot of customization in the hands of the users, but it brings loads of possibilites for the app developers themselves and guarantees that their apps won’t look broken due to some poorly implemented theme like it used to do with GTK3.

Man, I miss my Vita. I stopped collecting games for a long time now, but it is the one platform I remember loving to shit. Even when I was waiting for the games I bought to arive and didn’t have anything I wanted to play, I remember the Crunchyroll app on that thing made me go back to loving anime, like… hard.

Gravity Rush, Persona 4 Golden, Tearaway, Muramasa Rebirth, Killzone Mercenaries, and that’s just the non-indie ones that I can remember by heart that were absolute bangers, highly recommend playing them if you can, but playing them on the hardware itself was fucking awesome due to the various ways they’d implement it, in special Tearaway (which looks and feels indie, but it was a first party thing) which integrated so well with the Vita that the PS4 version feels stale in comparison.

Yes, it does sound silly and it’s just plain and simply a bad take.

You really, in your heart of hearts, believe that not supporting Linux and leaving the work to the already hands-full Wine devs is better than them supporting Linux with a native build on an universal platform?


Dear god, people are still using it as a source? See the Response to Flatkill.org as well, if you want every single point.

I am not in favour of these flatpacks/snaps or whatever these things are called

If you don’t even know what they’re called (and snaps and flatpaks are definitely not the same thing, look into it) then why be so opinionated about it? learn why they exist and how they work.

Packages should be distro packages, always.

Easier said than done, that would only leave space for huge projects maintained by either a huge community or by a large corporation, with smaller projects struggling to maintain every single application out there, SPECIALLY if you want linux as a whole to grow and have more widely available software.

Arch Linux is the perfect example of how failed this mindset is, where the main selling point of the distribution is how widely available every single software you need is there, but most of those are found not in the official repositories, but in an unnoficial, user-maintained and verified repository that unfortunately has the potential to be abused (either to spread broken packages or even malware, but fortunately, has been really well maintained for all these years).

And the vendor of the software should never be responsible of packaging, thats literally the job of the distribution.

That’s literally the job of the distribution until they’re faced with their limitations, be that licensing (flatpaks are basically the perfect way to have closed source applications if you need them), manpower to maintain said projects, or time to keep said projects polished and well maintained (in order to avoid other Linus moments™).

Those are the main problems of encumbering package distribution to the distro maintainers, and the other big problem is f r a g m e n t a t i o n; seriously, try convincing a software developer to support linux when there are dozens of packaging formats depending on the distribution, the best you’ll ever get is either a .deb or a .rpm, flatpaks (and not snaps, because those are stupid) are an easy, surefire way to get an universal package available to every single distribution.

I don’t see them as a substitute for distribution-maintained packages, but they are the best complement out there for when distros can´t maintain certain packages that are needed, and just shrugging them off like that is absolutely stupid.

Why bad news? It means that there’s an universal package with official support for every distro instead of them just supporting Debian/Ubuntu and everything else being just… kinda there and unnoficial.

One thing that is a problem in pre-installed systems with Linux, is that the majority of people that buy those do so for the smaller price and just proceed straight up to take them to a tech-savvy person to install Windows, not a lot of them stop to try and use it for long.

Here in Brazil there are even some places that fix computers that do so for free for people (and obviously install pirated versions of W10)

I don’t do it at home, at work it’s a must tho, but it wouldn’t surprise me if most people just leave their systems unlocked all the time.

Huge news for CS:GO players, as per this latest update you can add -vulkan to your launch flags to run the game with the new Vulkan renderer! …