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Kind of same, I really like the stock GNOME workflow, but also I really love the Pop Shell and its launcher, been considering switching to fedora for a while now to try and get the best of both worlds, but Pop is just perfectly comfy out of the box for me.

As expected, didn’t take too long for them to confirm as well, but I have to admit that I didn’t expect them to confirm it that soon

I’m not a fan of the idea but I’d love a Mastodon-like theme for Lemmy, not gonna lie

They have a list of partners and supported games here, but just to name a few:

  • Apex Legends;
  • Fortnite (although it uses both EAC and BattleEye, so only half the battle is won with that);
  • Dead by Daylight;
  • Black Desert Online;
  • War Thunder;
  • Anything by Hi-Rez Studios, so Paladins and SMITE are the two biggest names;
  • Fall Guys (which used to work, but stopped when EAC was introduced);
  • Dauntless;
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection

Aaaaaand the list just goes on and on and on… If everything goes correctly you can easily expect ProtonDB’s top 10 to jump to 80%, top 100 to jump to 90%+ and top 1000 to go to around the same. It’s that big of a jump.

I see it as a win, since at least the game is playable and available, and since it’s running with Proton, tweakers usually find a way around the bugs and post on ProtonDB the solutions they found, and last case scenario people can try and contact the devs in forums or on Twitter.

Which is better in my books as not playable at all and no native version coming ever™

it was deliberate by them, not youtube itself

it’s kind of the point of it lol

still better than not having access to the stuff you want to use tho

at least if you don’t want to use it you can just not use it 🤷

at least u/thebigkahuna005 got already suspended, jfc these people are fucking ridiculous

I mean, there’s a flatpak for it, should work with pretty much everything.

I remember seeing this being first announced, it really has come quite far, hope to see it growing better and better.

tbh I see Pixelfed being much more akin to what Instagram was in its early days, being more focused on being a platform for photographers (in a more professional way).

but the more popular the fediverse gets the better, honestly

Learning programming. Started a couple of weeks ago with Python but I’m still in the early beginnings of the learning curve. Can barely write anything but I am starting to understand Python code from others that I see online, so I see that as an absolute win.

Specially with zstd compression (and even more with lower compression levels) you really can’t note the difference (outside of really specific workloads).

Been using BTRFS for months and months now, and goddamn is it good

They managed to ruin even their notifications, the one thing that worked properly in the redesign.

Now there’s a huge delay before they actually appear in the notification pop-up, but if you check the notifications page manually they’re there.

That is actually REALLY great news for the future of Wayland, it finally feels like the day it can be 100% a daily driver for everyone is getting closer and closer.

All it counts are the people that get the hardware survey (which is not nearly every user) and that decide to answer it. A neat thing you could do is, if you get the survey while on your Windows machine and want to do it in your linux system, just kill the steam process without closing the survey and open steam on your linux system and you should get it popping up again.

dear god, the devs were definitely not taking that joke

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.



PSA: If you don't need it disable accessibility services for better performance and RAM usage

It’s probably well known at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to spread the word further. Disabling accessibility services in Firefox (both on desktop and mobile, but specially on mobile) helps A LOT with performance and RAM usage. …

Not necessarily the focus of the article, but it’s great to see Mozilla finally hiring more staff to work on the browser’s performance again, amongst other positions: …

Now, what’s in it? The answer is a lot! Check out the full release notes for all the detail, but here’s short list of highlights: …

Microsoft Windows 10 biometric user authentication systems Windows Hello can be bypassed, using a single infrared image of a user’s face planted on a tampered clone of an external USB-based webcam.

" Several months ago I found an issue (now CVE-2020-27348) with Ubuntu’s new package management system, Snapcraft. This bug introduced a classic pattern of insecurity to these ‘Snap’ managed applications which is analogous to DLL sideloading issues on Windows (a form of dynamic library injection)…