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Not anymore, just extremely convoluted, if I remember correctly.

You can add any extension beyond those provided directly by the browser, but you need to go to the mozzila add-ons page, add the extensions you want to a collection, get the collection code and add it to your browser (which itself is a hidden option). So yeah, pretty much unacessible to the average user.

It depends a lot, whatsapp for example

I´m pretty paranoid about my privacy, but I still need to choose between having to use it or not having a job, since my work group is on there with no alternatives, just like pretty much any small workplaces in Brasil.

As someone who was never taught anything by my parents and have finally moved out of their house, thank you!

about damn time, it wasn´t THAT big of a deal that they didn´t update it, but it was a hit to their public perception, and they do need a lot of that when they need donations to stay afloat

It´s better to warn them about it. Luckily neither me or my family have been affected by it, but it´s a good tool that more people ought to know about, so I decided to share it here.

Reddit user creates a website to check if your phone number has been involved in the Facebook data breach

If you still use Facebook (or still has an account) it might be an useful tool to check if you have been involved in the data breach. The tool has been created by Reddit user u/FumazDev, with all the code available on GitHub ([frontend](https://github.com/Mar

also credits to the original artist, @vinne.art on instagram

It is real, it was just poorly (on perfectly, depending on who you ask) timed.

Gotta quote Gigguk on this one.

Avoided spoilers like the plague, and even if I managed to get spoiled like hell anyways, it was still a pretty fucking ride and the ending a huge surprise. I didn´t know about the Marleyan invasion at the end so I could swear the story would go with Eren managing to find Zeke and getting the Founding Titan and starting the rumbling.

Also, I need to know in which chapter the anime stopped in order to read everything up to where we are now.

I’m testing it on my main machine and it’s really good, I just think is a shame that the 1:1 trackpad gestures are a Wayland-only feature.

Boy, I wish I could say the same for portuguese (my native language). It has the same issue but the second someone tries to bring the idea up they are instantly treated like the “twitter cancer trying to destroy our language”.

Gnome 40 is up on gnome-unstable repos

Getting closer and closer to the actual release, but if you want to check it out right now and test it, just add these lines (the entry should be first in the list of repositories) to /etc/pacman.conf: …

O país não, mas o ensino básico do país sim. Considerando o desgoverno atual, seria até útil pra eles.

As I stated in another comment, in cases like this with gender neutrality it could easily use “he/she” instead of assuming, it would interpret the text more accurately while being respectful and without going out of the defined dictionary by using “them” or something like this.

It is unironically a potential issue, like the Tay incident.

I’m not that knowledgeable about ML but from what I’ve seen, I wholeheartedly agree. For tasks where any bias is an issue it shouldn’t be used, unless it can be developed in a way that properly deals with those biases. The lack of doing so always end up reinforcing the issues you mentioned.

Fundeb possui um único servidor de habilidade média no Excel para calcular as transferências do sistema básico de educação do país inteiro

O erro do governo nas transferências de recursos da ordem de R$ 766 milhões só foi descoberto porque uma prefeitura que recebeu valores extras avisou ao FNDE (Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento da Educação). …

It could and should still do better than this, specially considering the stereotypical assumptions it took.

In such cases it should, for example, make it clearer that it isn’t gender defined by using “(he/she)” instead of just assigning one.

Exactly. The problem is, with a small child, you can properly teach it what’s right and wrong, while with AI it’s much more complicated to do so. There should be some consideration taken by people who develop this kind of software (in this case Google) about the issues it can create, since it basically parrots societal behaviors.

I found this while browsing Reddit, and going past the first reaction of “this is terrible” I think it can spark an interesting discussion on machine learning and how our own societal problems can end up creating bad habits and immortalizing those issues when building such systems. …

For me, I only use it for the couple of bots I use and to talk to the couple of friends who use it.

Some of my work colleagues mentioned using it as their “personal messenger” while keeping WhatsApp for work/college related groups. The problem is Telegram is almost worse, considering the encryption aspect of it.

Not even a chance. I even made a pretty extensive post on my job about it (I work with social media for a radio) but didn’t even catch the interest of any of my friends. I use Signal pretty much to talk to the one friend I managed to make the switch (since he was already interested in doing so).

That was a good read. I wish people here in Brasil gave a damn about their data and made the switch. But WhatsApp is so big here that deleting the app and refusing to use it is basically letting yourself get unemployed and with no relationships.

I know, stock theme and all of that, but did I tell you guys HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE this teeny tiny addition to KDE’s stock theme? I love this thing so much I made my entire system’s color palette around it. So there you go. …