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I used it on Debian Unstable a few months ago. Worked really good piping audio from one application to another seamlessly. However there was an issue rendering out audio on LMMS or Ardour. Something about rendering faster or slower than clock speed would make those applications hang.

Also, when it did crash it was spectacular. Not sure if that’s just Debian but it would bring my whole system to a halt and require a reboot. This happened only twice for the entire time I was using it.

If Bing pays them more I say do it. Most power users swap the default anyways and Firefox can use the funding. I can’t see Bing being anymore toxic than Google so it feels like a lateral move.

I keep notes in Markdown files, keep tasks in NextCloud Deck, and keep track of bills with NextCloud Calendar.

Does anyone know what this is?

Found this in a museum about Wyoming in barn. Anyone know what it is? It was next to farming tools but kinda looks like an Altair or something. …

Open Source Spotify Front end and Music Player for Linux…

These guys know that activitypub is a thing. The truth is they want a ‘decentralized’ network they can control. The illusion of decentralized without actually giving up that hold.

Not sure if it’s better for privacy but proprietary app Moovit lets you use the App without logging in. Maybe if there was a way to sandbox it.

Outside of work I only really use it for where there’s just to much to say in a text or has information that might be referenced more than once.

Other than that it’s basically just a glorified notification system.

Owncast would be a perfect compliment to platforms like Peertube.

Repairable and upgradable laptops are cool. Don’t get me wrong. However buying a used laptop is better for the environment.

Neovim and VSCodium for most of my coding. Gedit for quick disposable notes.

vi on most of my clients servers cause that’s just what there is.

I think it has taken off. I know more real life peoples on mastodon that I did a year ago. It’s like a nice little opt-out of surveillance capitalism.

I made this as a guide to get started in 2020/2021…

It’s starting to feel overdue.

I made this as a guide to get started in 2020/2021…

OS: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid x86_64
DE: GNOME 3.38.1 …


In video ads aren’t bad. A lot of creators are adding chapters showing where the ads are.

You do need a domain. The performance is really good because only you and your team are connected.

There are one click deployments on most vps servers. I loaded one up to try it out on Vultr and was running in less than 5 minutes.

I rent and I’m quite happy with it. If anything goes wrong I shoot an email to my property manager and they fix it. Eventually I might look into buying if I ever move out of the greater LA area.

Finally having motion blur under Eevee is a huge update.