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2% of the population is still 200M. I know not the whole world has access to technology but that’s still a huge fucking number.

The market share is fine.

Vector image creation and editing.

Sex work is work. Not only should sex work be legal but sex workers need to build a strong union. By claiming that “paying for sex is rape” you are completely disregarding the needs and wants of sex workers. This mentality often leads to laws that often make sex work much less safe for the workers and their clients.

What an unhinged take. Have you ever even talked to a sex worker before?

Always thought it would be rad to make a sheet of BitTorrent Magnet Links with the top 10 most popular movies.

I’d call it The Pirate Paper. Not everyone has unlimited data or a good client on their phone.

Direct deposit my rent money into a rent only bank account with autopay. I never think about it, rent is just paid.

Proprietary servers. The only place you can get snaps is from Snapcraft.

What makes you think that using Lemmy is only about unconditional free speech? That is a weird assumption to make.

arttoasklemmyBlatant censorship

deleted by creator

That’s exactly it. But you also have to buy our special token and or cryptocurrency.

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: Noooooooooooooooope.

Honestly I don’t really see a need to replace Reddit. This conversation always comes up and open source alternatives. Mastodon was never designed to replace Twitter. It was simply to be an alternative. Linux was never designed to replace windows, etc…

I sync my music folder, my documents, my password database, and my photos. Just those 4 folders.

Yup. I think it just shows up as another TTY of the same user.

I don’t know about normies or druggies but I’ve met more real life people from Mastodon than any other application.

We need to stop being angry that people choose a lifestyle that’s different from our own. People who choose to be homeless are a fraction of a fraction. Let them.

I use steamlink and tc. Both are CLI based and very light weight.

Build custom LUTs to use in Kdenlive and OBS with Free Software like the GIMP and lutCreator.js.

Kdenlive 21.12 is out.
+ Slip Editing + Multicam Editing + Motion Tracking (DaSiamRPN) + Noise suppressor for voice (Just like OBS's)

Does anyone know what this is?
Found this in a museum about Wyoming in barn. Anyone know what it is? It was next to farming tools but kinda looks like an Altair or something. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/nTUHcvylBc.jpg)

Open Source Spotify Front end and Music Player for Linux.

I made this as a guide to get started in 2020/2021.

I made this as a guide to get started in 2020/2021.

OS: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid x86_64 DE: GNOME 3.38.1 Theme: Arc-Dark [GTK2/3] Icons: Papirus-Dark [GTK2/3] Wallpaper: https://wallhaven.cc/w/y87rgk