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I think federated networks are the future. Lemmy is a shining example of that.

I always think of this question is a bit of a scapegoat.

Technology doesn’t dictate our happiness, we just imprint our own feelings of loneliness on to the technology to relieve ourselves of any responsibility.

When I find myself hesitant to reach out to my loved ones it’s not because I have too many choices and how is a contact them it’s because I am hesitant to take away time with myself.

We kill time with video games or social media but before that it was books and other dead tree media. It’s not the technology it’s ourselves.

This particular instance was developed by leftists. The software itself is completely open source so you might be able to find an alternative instance but most of them federate with this instance.

I live in the US. Half this country is completely delusional. The other half feels that doing anything to improve the situation is socialism™ or communism™. So we better not improve anything.

I actually heard the South Korea’s got a pretty good one. 🤣

I have a fear of heights. That itself is not weird but the way it manifests. Step ladders, escalators, parking structures are nightmares for me. Ironically I’m fine flying. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

sudo apt install default-jdk

Then you can execute your jar file. 🤣

I have a wireless charger next to my bed and on my desk. I just set my phone down on it without much thought. Chargers are cheap so having dedicated charger for each room was less than $20 USD.

Wireless charging is often slower than wired, so I only use it when I know I got a couple of hours where I don’t need to touch it. Can’t really use while charging, it’s too awkward.

Good for them!

arttoMemesNew year's resolution

Same as last year.

I’m not sure what features you need but for most document creation LibreOffice works really good these days. When I want to maintain compatibility with MSFT I’ll open the docx in Office Online and tweek it there.

My overly simplistic explanation:

The Right: Want to keep the status quo. Change is unnecessary. Tradition is paramount.

The Left: Wants to improve things. They see an injustice and want to correct it.

I feel like we’re too small to care about. A lot of us use the Fediverse but also use traditional social media so they capture from there (and though their partners).

I’ve been donating to Ardour for years. Recorded my terrible songs on it. Worth the cost of donation knowing that others can make terrible songs too.

A decent platform that doesn’t lock you into the application as you can use it with a browser. Not nearly as bad in the privacy department as Facebook but still kinda worrisome.

It’s really friendly IMHO.

Kdenlive 21.12 is out.
  • Slip Editing
  • Multicam Editing…

Usually animation but I made my first STL for 3D printing the other day.

Your response was far more accurate that I could do. 👍

Does anyone know what this is?

Found this in a museum about Wyoming in barn. Anyone know what it is? It was next to farming tools but kinda looks like an Altair or something. …

Open Source Spotify Front end and Music Player for Linux…

I made this as a guide to get started in 2020/2021…

I made this as a guide to get started in 2020/2021…

OS: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid x86_64
DE: GNOME 3.38.1 …